Wednesday, November 28, 2012


11-28-2012  Newshound Guru Kaperoni   in order for them to "delete the zeros" the dinar should be 1 to $1 or greater.  IMO, the float will begin soon which will begin the process of raising the value of the dinar.  If they are going to start 2014 using the dinar on the investment side of the budget, this gives them ample time to float it up until that day.  Just a reminder that both the WB and IMF expect Iraq to be a Donor state in 2014.  Hard to see that if they don't start now making economic changes.

11-28-12 Footforward: Iraq has done everything that they need to do. This is not about Iraq. The entire world is basically at at financial stand still waiting for this to happen. When will it happen? It should have happened last year. I am sick of saying this will go any time as much as you are sick of hearing it.

Who is holding this up right now? Bigger financial interests that control the entire financial system that we currently have is holding it up. It is about control right now. As soon as the control is gone, we will have our RV. It's much bigger than Iraq. This can go anytime as soon as this is done. We need this and the world needs this. Still waiting for this to happen before the New Year. It can go anytime.

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