Sunday, November 25, 2012


12:04 AM [Gabriel24] still on phone confirming...brb :)    ok, xcan't confirm forex because it's been closed since thursday    Euro is .37 though
12:07 AM [toni1960] Gabriel24 because of the holiday

12:07 AM [Gabriel24] yes
12:07 AM [toni1960] Gabriel24 ok thanks
12:07 AM [westf] so we waite til monday

12:07 AM [Gabriel24] all forex quotes are current as of wed night. Last trading close
12:08 AM [toni1960] oh ok when will they open

12:08 AM [Gabriel24] but i saw the vnd it a gigh of .39 euro on fri
12:08 AM [toni1960] westf duh monday right

12:08 AM [Gabriel24] high
12:09 AM [toni1960] Gabriel24 wow so thats good

12:09 AM [Gabriel24] closed at .367 or something like that   so basically .37 rounded off
12:09 AM [toni1960] wow thanks
12:10 AM [westf] good

12:10 AM [Gabriel24] I'm just wondering why the VN CBI isn't showing anything  that's what I'm trying to confirm
12:11 AM [toni1960] oh ok thats weired if the others are 
12:12 AM [Gabriel24] hve to wait till monday and see what happens  too many typos tonight  

12:12 AM [msjeta1] doesn't Forex open tomorrow afternoon 515p est?
12:13 AM [toni1960] msjeta1 your right i think it does sunday right

12:13 AM [Gabriel24] must be that darn typo virus go around !
12:13 AM [msjeta1] so we only have to wait till tomorrow afternoon and pray we see something then
12:13 AM [Gabriel24] msjeta1 seems that way  but it has been actively trading
12:14 AM [toni1960] msjeta1 i pray we see something
12:14 AM [msjeta1] Gabriel24 that really confuses me but it doesn't take much some times  

12:15 AM [Gabriel24] toni1960 you and me both  
12:15 AM [msjeta1] I don't understand how it can be actively trading in other places and not here

12:15 AM [Gabriel24] msjeta1 because the forex is closed :)
12:16 AM [toni1960] msjeta1 i know thats strange
12:16 AM [toni1960] Gabriel24 ok  
12:16 AM [msjeta1] Gabriel24 if its closed here isn't it closed everywhere?

12:16 AM [Gabriel24] msjeta1 no, every country has their own system :) just like the stock market
12:17 AM [msjeta1] Gabriel24 oh so can they still keep it off our Forex?

12:17 AM [Gabriel24] msjeta1 yes
12:17 AM [msjeta1] Gabriel24 well thats just not fair we need to complain  
12:17 AM [Gabriel24] if you go to netdamia and type in vnd/usd it will say wait

12:18 AM [Gabriel24] msjeta1 I agree  
12:18 AM [msjeta1] Gabriel24 yes I did that

12:19 AM [Gabriel24] ok friends, need to walk the dogs. will try to get back in before chat closes :)
12:19 AM [whosonfirst] OK I don't want to be a Ney Sayer, BUT if its trading at say 5 cents in Europe, or $50,000 per million VND, why is that I can place an order on travelex.com and buy a million for $53.00????

12:20 AM [toni1960] Gabriel24 thank you  

12:20 AM [Gabriel24] whosonfirst .47 is 47 cents not 4.7 cents :)
12:20 AM [westf] Gabriel24 ty gn    god bless you
12:20 AM [happyjack] whosonfirst good question...prolly cause it ain't changed yet....lol

12:21 AM [Gabriel24] .047 is closer to 5 cents  westf you as well my friend :)
12:22 AM [toni1960] whosonfirst thats a good price
12:23 AM [msjeta1] oh well it is what it is and it will rv when its time not until so think I will head for bed now cya tomorrow     

12:29 AM [RicDavis] I don't think anything has changed on the VND. CoinMill is showing 1000 VND for $ 0.047 which is about 21,000 dong to the dollar
12:29 AM [RicDavis] Hi toni/west
12:30 AM [toni1960] RicDavis oh ok thank you

12:30 AM [RicDavis] Oops. It just went up to $ 0.048  Thats going the wrong  way
12:32 AM [toni1960] RicDavis it's moving

12:33 AM [RicDavis] toni1960 not much. Could just be a rounding factor
12:33 AM [toni1960] RicDavis it's to go down right

12:34 AM [RicDavis] Yep
12:34 AM [toni1960] RicDavis i hope it does

12:34 AM [Gabriel24] RicDavis RicDavis from coinmill: The exchange rate for the Viet Nam Dong was last updated on November 23, 2012 from Yahoo Finance. The VND

12:34 AM [RicDavis] NP   Gabriel24 How much for 1000 dong?

12:35 AM [Gabriel24] Good thing I looked at this before i left the house  
12:36 AM [Gabriel24] RicDavis they take thir quotes from Yahoo. forex was closed for the holidays. The USD rates are irrelevant :)

12:36 AM [RicDavis] This United States Dollar and Viet Nam Dong convertor is up to date with exchange rates from November 25, 2012.

12:37 AM [Gabriel24] RicDavis look at the second last line :)  Anyhoo, dogs are looking at me funny    . try to get back before chat closes :)

12:46 AM [da58] RicDavis what many are missing, and very very possible - is - foreign currencies tend to show 1,000 when it means 1.000. 1000 generally means 1.000 - and..if so - coinmill, which is showing the 1000 - .047 would coincide with the netdania and investingmsn sites exactly

12:46 AM [da58] which clculate to .47
12:47 AM [da58] calculate...sheesh...this wine doesn't spell too well1

12:48 AM [westf] da58 join the club tonight  
12:48 AM [RicDavis] da58 You are probably right
12:48 AM [da58] westf I'ts a darn good club1
12:48 AM [toni1960] da58 amen !!!

12:49 AM [RicDavis] But that don't mean it won't happen
12:49 AM [westf] da58 you got that right and we have a good time too

2:49 AM [toni1960] RicDavis RicDavis hope to see it soon

12:49 AM [da58] RicDavis who knows...but - it's the only way I can explain this discrepency..it's the same with iraq - that zero being replaced by a period.   not zero - I mean comma   not a comma - a commie!!!  

   12:50 AM [toni1960] so is this all good or bad
12:51 AM [RicDavis] You want a prediction on the IQD rate?
12:51 AM [da58] not much - but makes em match.

12:52 AM [westf] da58 its round in here we don't have corners  
12:52 AM [da58] sure - RicDavis waht ya say??
12:52 AM [toni1960] RicDavis sure

12:52 AM [RicDavis] $ 11+
12:52 AM [da58] RicDavis street?

2:52 AM [RicDavis] Any you want to know why
12:52 AM [toni1960] RicDavis that sounds good     sure why
12:53 AM [westf] why

12:53 AM [da58] RicDavis street rate?
12:53 AM [toni1960] da58 street

12:53 AM [RicDavis] Exchange entity rate
12:53 AM [da58] RicDavis at least!!!!!   ok - why?
12:54 AM [toni1960] i believe it will be high imo

12:54 AM [da58] me too
12:54 AM [westf] i don't care just get it done but high is better

12:54 AM [Gabriel24] IQD RV has to meet budget ;)

12:55 AM [toni1960] and i believe we will see this by christmas

12:55 AM [RicDavis] I seem to remember from my old high school civics teacher that there is some Federal Law that the US Government can not make make money from the American citizens.

12:55 AM [toni1960] Gabriel24 true
12:55 AM [Gabriel24] A simple way of doing this is to take the debt owed and divide it by currency on hand

12:56 AM [da58] toni1960 I believe before tues
12:56 AM [westf] 4 min warning                             (till closing of room)
12:56 AM [swampyjackpot] RicDavis They won';t "make" money fromt he americqan Citizens... they will just tax them.

12:56 AM [RicDavis] Also as I remember about 2 years ago before most of the US soldiers left Iraq, Obama made a deal with Iraq to purchase the IQD for over $ 11

12:56 AM [toni1960] da58 i hope so
12:56 AM [toni1960] swampyjackpot so true

12:57 AM [RicDavis] And the US could cash in the dinars they hold for oil at $ 32 per barrel.
12:57 AM [Gabriel24] RicDavis that is correct. this is why the IQD could not RV before. the banks wantd over 10 RV rate

12:57 AM [westf] time to say gn god bless you all and as always go rv

12:57 AM [da58] the higher the group rate , the higher the deposits in wf...(I think it will be a neg thing - laid out on paper, based on what percentage you are willing to leave on deposit.. - the more you agree to leave - the higher your rate...

12:58 AM [RicDavis] So if the US Government (Exchange Entity) buys our dinars they would have to give us the same rate that Iraq will be giving the US

12:58 AM [Gabriel24] RicDavis depends on the spread
12:58 AM [RicDavis] Spread has nothing to do with it

12:59 AM [da58] why? cuz - fractional banking - is based on deposits in the bank ...and - china (wf) wants to desperately use fractional banking before year end..

12:59 AM [Gabriel24] toni1960 good night :)
12:59 AM [westf] gn toni    

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