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[Adam Montana] let's have our weekly chat...   Topic: official chat NO TYPING

[Adam Montana] First - I hope you all had a wonderful and safe holiday and holiday weekend

 [Adam Montana] now on to the current Dinar situation  There is no specific "date" that I can nail down, but I have to say.... things are looking very interesting And I mean that in a good way

[Adam Montana] I am constantly in touch with people (bankers, politicians, investors, etc) that are HEAVY hitters, and some of them are very involved in the Dinar

[Adam Montana] while I don't have anything concrete to share, I'm starting to feel a vibe... have you ever played Bingo? You know how when the ball pops up on the screen, and suddenly you hear a "buzzing" from one of the tables across the room? And you know they got BINGO... that's kind of what this feels like right now

[Adam Montana] I hate to even insinuate that one of the "Gurus" out there might be right about a DATE, but I sure won't be disappointed if one of them turns out to be right this time!
  [Adam Montana] ok, questions... kcw, ready when you are!

 [kcw] RodandStaff Hello Mods and Adam... I haven't posted a question in a while cause it's been hopeful but pretty quiet lately. I have read several post's over the weekend that Iraq has finally passed some important laws to better protect their currency and therefore making it more secure for global trade. (……) What have you heard in that regard? Some feel that this has to be done in order to be included in the WTO and complete several of the other hurdles you have mentioned needing to be addressed before they RV….

[Adam Montana] Good question  Here's the thing. Although it's easy to point at the HCL and Chapter 7 as the "reason" the RV is delayed, there are obviously smaller parts of the situation that have to be taken into consideration. In fact, Chapter 7 and the HCL and other things DEPEND on those "smaller" matters

[Adam Montana] It's never been a question of "Why isn't it done yet?", it's always been a question of "What remains to be done?"  and at this time, the answer to that last question is "Very little!"

To specifically answer the item you mentioned is tough because we should all agree that it would HELP, but is it REQUIRED? I'm going to say "No" - there are quite a few ways to skin this cat. Posted Image

 [kcw] Blarex, I understand the importance of having a certificate of authenticity and/or a receipt of purchase when buying from dinar brokers or banks. My question is "Will there be places to cash in substantial amounts of dinar obtained without receipts of purchase or certificates of authenticity---for instance by those who were gifted dinar by other investors or for dinar purchased from people who invested and decided for whatever reason to sell any or all of their dinar and what type of difficulty can we expect as long as there is no question of counterfeit currency? Thank you Adam for all you do for all of us.

[Adam Montana] If your dinars are authentic, then they will be traded with or without a Certificate of Authenticity or Sales receipt.  If you take Euros or Dollars to the bank, they don't ask for a receipt or Certificate - they verify that they are not counterfeit and they make the transaction. End of story

 [kcw] vanillaAdam Montana] And that reasoning is shared by many of the investors I associate with, and I think it extends to the decision makers in Iraq as well.  Which is good for us

[kcw] TexasMike1958 Packers and Lions both got beat....but Pack got steamrolled. Lions only got robbed. I read recently the CBI stated that new currency would be printed in Nov 2012 and issued in Jan 2013. Is that still on track according to your sources???? Also article posted today stated Saleh said zeroes to be deleted in the near future. What is the definition of "near future"????? Thanks again for your great work.

[Adam Montana] Thanks for rubbing it in

[Adam Montana] The definition of "near future" is the same as the answer to "how long is a piece of string"    they have stated that they would redenominate by X date so many times I don't even waste time on those dates anymore

 [kcw] George2351 Adam, I getting concerned that the RV is slipping away. It just seems like nothing is happening. Nothing seems to be popping. Is this a reality or am I wrong about this? I have been here for a while now. Also some friends say not to get involved in the Off Shore investing because it is really illegal and President Obama is coming after all of the offshore investors from the US.

Can you give me your thoughts wafer Hello Adam and Dinar Family: We can all feel the tension as the big day draws closer, and I know you are really cautious about voicing your opinion or giving us your gut feelings on an RV because you know you're dealing with a bunch of knuckleheads (smile).

With what you've heard from your inside contacts do you anticipate a possible RV before the end of the year or the first of the year? We all know nothing is concrete until an RV is announced and I try NOT to read anything into all the hoopla that's being speculated about Dec. 2nd.

When I think about it I have to laugh because we are all on the verge of losing it so when there is an announcement it'll take a couple of days for it to really sink in and for us to react. I sleep with my phone by the bed waiting for the text so don't disappoint Sir Adam - you know you are the MAN! ! !Vanilla Wafer

[Adam Montana] Hey Vanilla Wafer Ok... you lumped a lot into there. Let me tackle them one at a time  The date December 2 - I'm not going to commit to that date, but like I said... I feel like someone's about to shout BINGO, and a lot of others feel that way too.

[Adam Montana] This thing has been going on for a LONG time, and they have made great progress.... so before year end, shortly after the new year, or just "SOON" in general - I feel good about that.

[Adam Montana] And you sleeping with your phone by your side - don't worry, you can count on the text message from me. Just make sure your phone number is correct

 [Adam Montana] next please!

[kcw] Shabibilicious Adam, as a long term, reasonably numb from waiting patiently dinar knucklehead, with no RV question that hasn't been answered numerous times in the past..... I was wondering if the Badgers have a chance against the Huskers this coming Saturday?  Thanks for your dedication to a wonderful site. GO RV, then BV

[Adam Montana] Let's see... Huskers are favored by 3 in Wisconsin, but it looks like Wisconsin is trending a little stronger than Nebraska... I say Wisconsin has a chance. I'm leaning towards taking the Over  but then again Wisconsin has QB issues... Should be a good game

[kcw] chess Adam: What American or foreign companies, if any, have recently entered Iraq to set up business there? Other than oil....... To me, this is just as important as anything else in effectuating a possible RV...........thank you

[Adam Montana] hey chess, that's a good question  I think it's better suited for a detailed conversation in the forum, rather than a chat room. It's too easy to get sidetracked and lose track of important information in here.

[kcw] Teufelhuden POST RV: If, documents in hand, Passport, BBank, EVERYTHING.... then is any reason why I should NOT book immediate travel arrangements?

[Adam Montana] Teufelhuden, that depends on a few things   There is always a chance that we will have to RUN to the bank and take whatever rate we can get. I feel pretty confident that if Iraq says "Ok the rate is now $1" - they will be able to maintain it and control the situation

[Adam Montana] BUT if they lose control, choas erupts, and the value starts sliding downward - it may be wise to simply take whatever you can get... and you won't be able to do that if you are on a plane or some other less-than-ideal situation

[Adam Montana] BUT you did ask if there was any reason not to BOOK travel... so I will say only the cost of the ticket is at risk. If you decide not to get on that plane, you are only out the money you spent on the ticket.  Hope that helps! next please

[kcw] Tico According to US Estimates we have three trillion barrels of oil and that is not including natural gas. Do you believe by delaying the RV Iraq has a much smaller window for profit? Wouldn’t Iraqis concern themselves that the USD will increase exponentially in value? Thanks you for all that you do Adam.

[Adam Montana] I absolutely 100% believe that the longer they delay, the less they will benefit

[on this? Just need a little encouragement right now. THanks for you input in advance.

[Adam Montana] Hey George, first - don't fret over the "time" this is taking - it's a process, and steps have to be taken. Iraq is going in the RIGHT direction to raise the value of their currency, not the opposite

[Adam Montana] and regarding Offshore accounts or Businesses - they are illegal if they are used for illegal purposes. If someone is evading taxes, breaking the law, then they deserve to be punished. For those of us that are NOT breaking the law, we have nothing to worry about

[Adam Montana] Google. Microsoft. Millionaires and Billionaires all around the world. ALL use offshore banking and strategies. I bet even Obama has an offshore account somewhere!

[Adam Montana] Obviously we all need to determine our own comfort level..... some people are only comfortable being pushed around, and some people are comfortable standing their ground. There is nothing illegal about owning an IBC or having an offshore account.

[kcw] DinarThug Yo Adam ! What Is Ur View On The Iraqi Prime Minister Power Sharing Arangement At This Time ? Thx !

[Adam Montana] Ah, the old "Power Sharing" discussion  My view: They have tried this in the past, or at least talked about trying it, and it never "really" gets done. If they say they are sharing, it is really only in name and not in reality. One side always has the upper hand.

[kcw] M.Duke Hi Adam. My question for you is I have for 90% of my dinars with proof of purchase but my brother bought me the other 10% and I have no proof. will this cause me a problem when I do the cash-in ?

[Adam Montana] As long as they are real, you should have no problem

 [kcw] vietnam1969 Good morning Adam, staff and fellow DV members. With all the corruption, mismanagement of funds, border entry problems, unemployment of people, non-agreeing parties of the different sects, and the overall disagreement between President Talabani and the Prime Minister Maliki on the HCL implementation, do you really think that the country of Iraq is indeed set up for and ready for the RV to happen now? Thanks as usual and what are your feelings on these things?

[Adam Montana] Yes I do  Corruption is not unique to Iraq, and corruption does not PREVENT profits from being made or successes occuring

[Adam Montana] Maliki and Talabani may have a disagreement, but like every other disagreement - there is room for compromise. This is simply part of the PROCESS that we are part of - disagree, argue, delay, compromise, move forward.

[Adam Montana] obviously we don't like the first 4 parts of that process, but nonetheless - the 5th part gets done and eventually we will get to the finish line... depsite the delays, corruption, and disagreements

[Adam Montana] And at the end of the day... as long as our runner gets across that finish line, who really cares how many times he tripped on the way there?  that's it for this week, unless of course the RV is announced... then there will be more  everyone, have a great day and stay sane   

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