Sunday, November 11, 2012


11-11-12 Hoosier1470: "World Bank offers to Iraq three analytical reports related to economic policy." However you look at it, and no matter how it is worded, the WB along with many others are pushing very hard for them to get their act together and make themselves, as well as everyone else rich! It's as if they're being told go on and move on this, we can work the details out later. Right now we need money!! We got your back, don't sweat the small stuff!! LOL JMHO, God Bless!

11-11-12 Roadrunner: "World Bank offers to Iraq three analytical reports related to economic policy." Not real sure where this is heading, but it sure sounds promising. At least there seems to be more interest in their economy than before. I like this part; "He said a Foreign Ministry statement that the World Bank is to be implemented in Iraq and cooperation with the Iraqi institutions in the areas of agricultural, industrial and service and investment."

11-11-12 Mike: Everybody is entitled to their opinion out there on when and how it will happen. You can argue about free float, managed float whatever. But if the basics of the economy are not set its all for not. That's what you need to look at because once they add value to this you have to get the people to put the money in the banks the banking system has to work like the Central Banking System is supposed to work.

11-11-12 BGG: "Najafi chaired a meeting of the heads of blocs to resolve the five laws Off and discuss the ration card." I believe this meeting has happened and they have the agreements in Parliament to get things done. This is a movement of the Parliament members themselves to solve the issues facing Iraq no matter what the big party bosses are doing. It’s about time!!  

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