Sunday, October 21, 2012


10-21-12 Phoenix3333: Iraqi Dinar Exchange Rate. Central Bank Governor: We aim to maintain the rate of the dinar and ensure that selling the dollar is eligible. "The governor of the Central Bank of proxy that the current policy of the Bank is seeking to restore confidence in Iraqi dinars and not let down economic is thoughtful. The new administration focused on rearranging auction of foreign currency and ensure that smuggling money or sell large quantities of dollars into non-eligible. Turki said that the meeting of the administrative board and general managers at the central bank discussed the necessary steps to ensure the stability of the value of the Iraqi currency compared with the dollar and ensure the irreversibility of its value.
The subject to delete the zeros are not discussed so far and that the new administration of the bank focused at the moment to re-arrange an auction of foreign currency and ensure that smuggling money or sell large quantities of dollars into non-eligible and later will go to projects central task other. The bank stressed during a meeting of directors of private banks to sell the currency measures for citizens, according to the controls and call for those banks to provide the required documents for people who were selling the dollar for them. The bank will check the names and match them with existing lists has." The Cabinet decided to dismiss the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq Sinan Shabibi and the prime BSA Abdul Basit Turki proxy instead of him. Later on the news the issuance of an arrest warrant against Shabibi said Saleh that Bank Governor Dr Sinan Shabibi, who was attending a conference in Japan did not return to Iraq, but went from Tokyo to Europe, noting that Shabibi told them he would return to Baghdad two days after."  

10-21-12 LoriC: The Integrity Commission confirmed our suspicions this morning in a huge way. There investigations so far have shown that Shabibi was removed because he wouldn't give the GOI $63 billion so Maliki could fund operations with Iran & Syria and that Shabibi was nothing more than a "victim" of those who are trying to take control of the CBI. So, Shabibi is looking out for the CBI (and the country's) best interest and gets temporarily removed and investigated for it. This will certainly prove to be Maliki's downfall, which is a great thing for us. It has also brought a lot of negative attention to the fact that the IQD value remains low, which is hurting the country. Maliki has just made some powerful enemies with economic powers and he will eventually be neutralized so the CBI/IMF can move forward without funding a dictator.

10-21-12 Uncirculd: You have to think how can he continue to take over all entities when he is totally an illegal PM. Because he is not a PM at all, he's a dictator. He does as he pleases and parliament is just a think tank and spy organization for him. If Maliki had any intention at all of a power sharing government, we would not be here waiting 2 years later for the rest of the government to be formed. He would be building. If, they have a national meeting, what will it consist of. Maliki doesn't want pre conditions. Such as, name the ministers, implement Erbil, etc.
He wants to go and have "ALL" the blocs say iraq is a plural government and we are all happy, put money in my country. Just like the idiot did when he came to Washington after the troops left and acted a fool. No incentive for investors, just come to invest in Iraq. Get blown up, and any contracts you sign can be changed at his will. He's a complete idiot. Investors are leaving. There was an article about Exxon wanting out of the region, but I am not sure what they're talking about. No quote here. Maliki said he wanted to replace Exxon with a Russian company. Maybe that is how he is negotiating his arms deals with Russia. Or maybe Russia is going to pull one on him.
Russia has to know what an idiot Maliki is. Trying to buy arms when he knows good and well he needs approval. Oh yeah, not to mention, he does not even look at himself as PM but as the supreme to be able to buy arms as he wishes. He is the supreme not the parliament. That article came out last week. It does end folks. But ya gotta ask, WHEN? I just hope it is soon. He may spend all the money in the CBI and this RV won't be sustainable. He's that stupid, especially when one of his thugs said it should be 10 more years before deleting zeros. By then, Iraq will have lost all investors and just be selling oil, since he does not have the knowledge to make money just spend it.
So, we see Shabibi knows first hand the ways of a dictator. Saddam executed his father who spoke out against dictatorship. He knows it when he sees it. And then, can you imagine Shabibi in one of Maliki's prisons? Many don't leave, and are tortured to death. Many are arbitrarily arrested who just happen to oppose Maliki, like Shabibi. He's has taken his wanna be ambitions of dictatorship to the level where it will be difficult to stop him. There is no way he can be stopped as long as he is allowed to continue as an illegal PM. He's doing it. He finally did it. He took the CBI over. What is left? He has the oil, the services, the armed forces, a private army, and mercenaries. Everything that Maliki is, he has accused everyone else of. Corrupt to the core.

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