Wednesday, October 31, 2012


[1+1] BWM question for you, have you heard anything about any officials criminally indicted for having willfully released classified national security. I wont call any names.

 [BWM] 1+1 hear something to that effect every day... but do we ever actually "SEE" anything come public in the mainstream media... even with the biased news it seems there would be someone to turn the story

[BWM] mamari4 does it make sense that he would agree agree agree and then say no... and continually risk the anger of Sadr and other clerics? I mean this is a country where bombs occur daily and celebrations include AK47's as firecrackers... if someone were really "upset" it seems bullets wouldn't just appear as "strays"

[BWM] so if a dollar is worth 1100+ dinars... what would a dollar be worth if you couldn't spend your money and it was the only form of currency you could use

 [oucrazy] BWM. . . yup!

[dietcokeandice] then what is the motivation toooo revalue
[BWM] if you could buy dinars by the millions at "auction" or another venue... and then you decided to give say 3000 to 1 for a dollar with dinar... and there is no money left in your country... would you take it?

[oucrazy] BWM. . . BINGO!!!!

[BWM] dietcokeandice at the end of the day... they still hold dinar... which is worthless outside THEIR country internationally except for some black market dealings... you can't run a country by black market... it's just too much economy to try to hold together... hence, the inflation

[dietcokeandice] BWM but are they not paying peeps outside the country

[BWM] dollars are only worth something because of the international value they possess...

[mamari4] BWM how long do you think they can limp along like this? I guess that is the Big Question

[BWM] dietcokeandice precisely... because no one wants to take toilet paper in a MAJOR international deal...

[BWM] mamari4 well the problem seems that if IRAQ wanted to solve their problems all they have to do is revalue their currency... simple enough, countries do it everyday. SO, why would we continue to think that Iraq has ANY control over this if they haven't done it yet... it sure seem someone, Shabibi or Maliki would pull the trigger on this just to show they could... but they don't which continues to tell me that they don't have control over their own currency at this time... heavy emphasis on "at this time" as I have stated before at some point it will look like they had control because everything will fall into place... but the final decision did not come from them, they will just be told to proceed

[BWM] mamari4 not like that... I think they are taking advantage of the situation (Iran) since they are under such duress with their needs and the problems they have encountered with sanctions... even with O's new "promises" to Iran they don't have the options

[HeIsFaithful] BWM it's just astounding to me that this has NOT happened!!!

[BWM] HeIsFaithful it's well past astounding...

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