Friday, October 12, 2012

Al-Shabibi threatens to sue those looking for "tskit" Central Bank, 12 OCTOBER

Al-Shabibi threatens to sue those looking for "tskit" Central Bank

ghdad/Obelisk: threatened Iraqi Central Bank Governor Sinan Al-Shabibi, Friday, in his first reaction since the criticisms of his Foundation, to prosecute those looking for "tskit" Bank, stressing that there is "extensive" campaign aimed at damaging the national economy, consider that question the professionalism "false allegations".

Al-Shabibi said "the Obelisk", "there are many who plunged themselves into a campaign to tskit the Central Bank and the damage to the national economy as a whole", stating that "the ECB would sue anyone who tries to speak ltskit monetary policy."

Al-Shabibi said that "the policy of the Central Bank and his moves were intended to preserve the value of the Iraqi dinar and create balance in the Iraqi market to maintain economic stability," the Central Bank's work goes as planned, we indicated our willingness to cooperate in the detection of corrupt files wherever and defaulting accounting ".

Al-Shabibi said that "each affects the professional Central Bank is untrue and unfounded and the Central Bank will bring in competent courts on all these distorted information campaign waged."

He was a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Haitham Al-Juburi accused, on the ninth of October, five banks, General Manager of money at the Central Bank of Iraq were involved in laundering via Central Bank auction.

House speaker was Osama Najafi has confirmed, on 6 October, the Committee assigned to follow up the work of the Central Bank indicated suspicion of corruption in the sale of the dollar, pointing out that there is a lack of clear mechanisms to check money laundering, the Central Bank and private banks.

Parliamentary sources had earlier revealed to the Obelisk on 3 October, to provide a special Parliamentary Commission investigated the activities of the Central Bank of Iraq reveals the involvement of North and Middle East Bank in laundering, smuggling of funds and its own dollar to U.A.E..

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