Sunday, September 23, 2012


9-23-2012 Yota691: UNAMI representative, Kuwaiti premier discuss Iraq out of UN Chapter VII. "Kobler pointed out that the UN is discussing with the Kuwaiti side FREEING IRAQ FROM Chapter VII, which belongs to the Security Council to decide. Kobler confirmed Iraq should accomplish all its duties in this regard." 

9-23-2012 Labdog (Dinar Vets): I started buying the ID in 2004 and the dinar was in free float market at that time. I realize that the value was low however; I watched it appreciate by almost 40%. Then the price got pegged at around 1170 and has been there for quite some time now. Iraq will refloat there currency and the value will go up fast and they may RV within a short period thereafter. This will all start at any time now and my sources tell me that any RV will occur in January 2013, after the currency floats (the float could happen in 2012).

9-23-2012 Dalite (Response To Labdog): The dinar was on a crawling peg, as the CBI was decreasing the percentage of inflation and increasing the Foreign Reserves. Once the inflation fell below 10%, the rate stabilized, and returned to a hard peg to the USD. As long as inflation remains in single digits, and Iraq adheres to IMF guidelines, it is unlikely to see a further float like we saw while inflation was being brought under control. There is just enough truth in this rumor to give it some legs as far as past float is concerned. That part has merit. The rest, however, while it may be possible, is not probable.
9-23-2012 Mountainman: Iraq is pushing really hard to get out of the Chapter 7 charter. Maliki is strengthening relations with Kuwait and Special Representative for Iraq Martin Kobler is promoting Iraq's departure from the 7th article because of this bilateral progress. The UNSC is assessing Iraq's case and meeting next week for what we hope will be the final push. We've always maintained that having a tradeable currency is one of the stipulations for their removal.

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