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[cruiser] Guess we are all scratching our heads right now. Wondering what is going on? I know I am. Things are happening. Markets are reacting. Just watched on CNBC where Kramer just referred to the ECB as doing the same thing as Lehman Brothers, we know how that turned out.

[stevhens777] cruiser Its a great day for a RV!!!

[cruiser] stevhens777 Yes it is. Has to be someday. No time like the present.

[stevhens777] cruiser Who do you think is resposible for pushing the RV button?

cruiser] stevhens777 I think this is a very complex issue, currency realignment, and has to be 100% ready to go. Once it does, we will all know :)

[stevhens777] cruiser So many fingers on the RV button, I see.

[lynncool] cruiser Been listening to Glenn Beck lately and he feels the current admin isn't going to let the ECB go down b/c the world is a Global economy and that in turn would being us down, so not going to happen before the election...your feelings?
[cruiser] lynncool I do not think it will go down either. It would have already. This has been going on for over 2 years. Just keep putting band aids on the lost limb.

[cruiser] Currency traders did not like what the ECB did. The Euro flopped very dramatically. This is not a stock, but a currency. That is crazy.

[Papa Bear] cruiser Buy rumor sell fact is rule of the game

[cruiser] Papa Bear Hi you are correct.

[hog1] Papa Bear : can you explain rule of the game??

[Papa Bear] hog1 In commodities buying the rumor which was buying of bonds which was rumore 2 days ago and when actual news comes out today the fact was known so sold

[Canadinar] cruiser I read where you mentioned about dinarians retiring, and thereby creating new jobs - I disagree. If 100 people quit, and 90 people get hired, it is a net LOSS of 10 jobs. However, I believe the Dems count it as 90 new jobs. New EMPLOYEE, but NOT new job. BIG difference!!

[cruiser] Canadinar Beats 100 people collecting unemployment. Means you have 90 more people paying taxes instead of sitting home doing nothing.

[cruiser] Canadinar remember the new buisnesses that will be created also, for those who wish to build their dreams with this new found wealth.

[raptor22] Cruiser how we looking for today, thus week

[cruiser] raptor22 Could happen at any moment. That is my understanding. When the moment is, Beats me.

[Princess M] cruiser So do you think that we will have to wait till the elections are over or will we see something between now and election day????? Gm

[cruiser] Princess M There is alot of talk of this month being it. Just have to wait and see. I know it sux, but nothing else we can do.

[Canadinar] cruiser agreed, but when I retire, my replacement is not getting a newly created job, unless it takes 2 people to replace me (lol) then 1 new job would have been created

[moonchild] it seems to me that when the ECB is buying bonds with money it does not have, since it is basically a blank check, this amounts to printing money so the value of the currency would need to drop.

[moonchild] .. No idea as to when the RV will happen. The last date I got from my sources was June 30, 2011, and they have not wanted to give me a date since, saying that there is no reason for it not to have occurred then, at least from the iraqi end of things.

[Stitch] moonchild I remember many intel providers who believed that as well...

[Ribeye] Canadinar it seems that today when old guys retire, creates 2 new jobs for same money! lol

[cruiser] Ribeye You could be right. Never thought of it that way. So let me think about that for a minute.

[cruiser] Canadinar You are correct, but now you have 2 people paying taxes. One with a higher bracket rate, and another in your old tax rate. Thus giving the governments more income.

[BigB] cruiser Canadinar The reality is they will hire 180 people because of the quality of the people that will leave. Many of these are quality employees that do more than most of their counterparts. Remember, there is about 5% of the unemployeed that are unimployable - can't work or won't work.

[Canadinar] #2sister if there are the same number of people are working today, as yesterday, no NEW job was created. Attrition does not create new jobs (positions), it just creates new EMPLOYEES.

[BigB] cruiser Canadinar The reality is they will hire 180 people because of the quality of the people that will leave. Many of these are quality employees that do more than most of their counterparts. Remember, there is about 5% of the unemployeed that are unimployable - can't work or won't work.

[cruiser] BigB You are correct, but what that leads to is job training. The newly trained employees will not make as much as the person they are replaceing, plus you will see government programs that will help pay for this. Giving the companies tax credits or other incentives. This is not a bad thing at all.

[stevhens777] cruiser How long have you been following this investment?

[cruiser] stevhens777 in dinar over a 1yr lol other investments tieing to this realignment, over 3 1/2 years. Please do not ask about the other investments. Cannot discuss them. The reason why I say that is others have asked and I will not talk about it.

[Princess M] cruiser So the thought is O will get it done before the election so he can take credit!!!

[Princess M] I have another question: cruiser when this finally happens will the same PTB's that is in control now remain in control??? If so will we have to worry about the Global Economy in the future??

[cruiser] Princess M Think that there will be no politcal party that will gain an advantage off of this. That to me is the problem. Someone wants credit.

Coffeeone] cruiser Did you think the U.S. Delegation over there held things up. It is my understanding from several gurus that the leadership does not like them and they (U.S.) causes more problems than solutions. What say you? :cheerleader: :cheerleader:

[cruiser] Coffeeone Nope. They left and went to China after that.

[oucrazy] My two cents. . . though I want to believe that it is out of Iraq's hands and they are an "occupied" country, it just never made sense to me that they do not have some of the control of this event. Yes, I know some of the articles are dated, but more and more articles are forthcoming. It can't all be smoke. It seems to me that though the US came up with this plan, Iraq plays a vital role in the release process. But, then again, I'm just another shmuck. Thnx

[Readynow] oucrazy think you would be right IF this were just Iraq revalue BUT it's not --It's a world re-set It's so much bigger than Iraq

[blue skies] RdRiver If you recall we were told a lot of smoke just before the r/v so we must remain positive and it will happen..

[Major] So since the gurus have gone underground, where does everyone think we stand at this point? Still anytime, any minute, any hour, any day, or?

[Stitch] Major I think the general consensus is all the above... lol

Major] Stitch, wow, well that certainly leaves little room for error!!! LOL

[whitelions] Major I'm in the in iraqs hands and T is do back in country in the next 10 days when that happens the nc will be called and then we go from there

[Major] whitelions, I think all the back and forth with Talibani, Maliki, Allawi, is all smoke!!! I think the holdup is more global and not Iraq. IMO

[whitelions] Major fair enough but all the intel people have said this and that and none has come to furitwishen and all the iraq people have said this has to happen and that has to happen and and they have never been wrong and as they say it it has been comeing true jmho

whitelions] " I am hoping and praying like a death row inmate that this ride is finally over. "

Major] whitelions, I really don't think the so-called Iraq sources are going tell the truth to someone in the US! I think this is a game to them!

[whitelions] Major I do not listien to sources they have been consistenly wrong as well but if you fallow the news not just about dinar but that the fact that marsadies cars in putting a plant in bagdad constrution to start in nov and all the banking updates and the hambugher joints going in to iraq why would they do all these thing with dead money

[musiccitylady] whitelions but don't they use USD there anyway?

[whitelions] musiccitylady yes but they are takeing it off the streets and makeing the people us the dinar the only way they can get usd now is if they go to the banks all the street venders have been shut down

[Major] whitelions, agree! But all those economic issues have been going on for months and months! They can't keep this up without a tradeable currency. Something has to give. IMO

[musiccitylady] whitelions wow, did not know that

[whitelions] Major right we are comeing to the :toilet: or get off the pot time

DrRod] Well here we are on a beautiful Thursday AM. Don't you all think we have waited long enough? I say that we get this RV/CE or what ever the latest buzz word is for our investment done and over with... It certainly has been a rollercoaster.

[mr_shoemake] gm all i could use a stimulous plan and who knows call it the rv

[mbillions] DrRod Listening to the ECB...

[DrRod] mbillions ECB???

[mbillions] DrRod http://www.cnbc.com/id/24596546

[xyz] thud Breaking News: IMF involvement to be sought in minitoring, setting conditions to EFSM/ ESM program: ECB's Draghi . http://www.reuters.com/finance

[mbillions] xyz What is all the breaking news all of a sudden... makes you go hmmmmmm.....

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