Thursday, September 20, 2012


[eagleeyes3500] Hello everyone! Are we ready? I am , because I have heard that we will see this within days; the three sides are coming together, just like in my dream and the news is GOOD and we are soooo close -  get ready!

[jolyn6896] eagleeyes3500 You think close like within a year?

[eagleeyes3500] i think close as within 7 days  - I was told a year ago that the lower denoms were real, seen by my friend, and were to be released Oct. 1.  I have NO doubt the lower denoms are real, for I have a close friend, in the sandbox, that saw them

[jolyn6896] eagleeyes3500 I sure hope so. I know that it will come, but when is the question.
  [eagleeyes3500] I have NO doubt that they will release the lower denoms soon - when all three sides come together, as in the three presidencies, you will be at the finish line –

the pretending is OVER, the 3 sides are dropping thier acts and coming together because they have been released to do so - this is moving at fast as lightning now.  let's put it this way, I have enacted my plan and I am getting ready

[jgrines] eagleeyes3500 sounds right, they are moving quickly now like never before Oct 1 sounds right

[eagleeyes3500] I feel the wait is over

[mommam] eagleeyes3500 you really know how to get everyone's hopes up!

[eagleeyes3500] i wish I could help every doubter -  this blessing is HERE

[mommam] eagleeyes3500 wanna believe.....

[eagleeyes3500] but only those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will recieve it.  I would have given up, but GOd put someone in my life eight years ago and this person would become a friend - a middle-eastern person

[mommam] eagleeyes3500 lookin' and listenin'!

[eagleeyes3500] who was there, in the sandbox, and whom I spoke with several times

who spoke the language, who knew the people, who spoke to the leadership, who knows the plan is to RV, who saw the lower denoms, and I am at total peace.  God in his mercy led me to this investment

[mommam] eagleeyes3500 led all of us

[eagleeyes3500] and by His grace, brought someone into my life that could confirm what I hoped was true - yes, all of us; and in His grace, He has given us time to mature, to prepare, so that we would be ready

[jgrines] eagleeyes3500 so you are saying Oct 1

[eagleeyes3500] I know I needed this time, and now we see the release by Oct. 1

[mommam] eagleeyes3500 i think i can handle 10 more days

[jgrines] eagleeyes3500 we will look for you after Oct 1

[eagleeyes3500] how much more could God have opened this up for all to be blessed? he even gave us guaranteed reserves! I mean really!

[Agent 007] eagleeyes3500 hello    and thanks so much for your uplifting information today - we all needed to hear this!!!

[eagleeyes3500] u know I always show up when we are on HIGH alert

[Agent 007] eagleeyes3500 yes and how is your little baby doing?

[eagleeyes3500] guys, I KNOW we have won!

[eagleeyes3500] thank you Agent for always asking about my little guy

[eagleeyes3500] you all are always so welcoming

[Agent 007] eagleeyes3500 anytime my friend - we so appreciate you giving us your information

[eagleeyes3500] in my little way, I just want people to get ready and never give up

[eagleeyes3500] if and when I get more, I'll be back

[Honeybee] eagleeyes3500 you are wonderful.....you have managed to bring this very down room back up where it should stay....but we,re all human and do get dissapointed.....if it appears not to happen when we tink and hope it will

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