Monday, September 17, 2012


[BondLady] but falls within the new monetary policy  the sale of bonds and gold to home will not be a substitute for foreign currency, but falls within the new monetary policy

[campdav] That is huge   " New Monetary Policy"    As in new rate IMO

[BondLady] yes
[Shredd] sure is!
[campdav] part of

[BondLady] and they sent out the instructions
[campdav] Oh boy

[dinardoe] so exactly what is the new monetary policy? RV or free Float
[campdav] dinardoe Flip a coin  I hope a free float
  [BondLady] He explained that "the Central Bank is granting called / leave, investment funds /, a company issued its instructions, and function to promote financial transactions of gold bullion and bonds to the citizen, and this company is non-banking financial institution."

[BondLady] a company issued its instructions,  we all paying attention?

[campdav] I know I am

[sisterbreen] yes

[dinardoe] yes at attention

[player46] yes I can't stop reading it...

[BondLady] dd its not going to tell you the new monetary policy until it happens entirely  its sayin there is 1 an info has been sent out  good chance the info will come out at the conference  but we dont know we know pieces of it

[Shredd] for a non-banking institution to be involved in the selling of bonds, this is huge also  this implies to me...  that much more behind the scenes has been done already  yes come out at the conference i agree

[campdav] Yea I have to say we are lookin right down the barrel of this thingy

[carpentersr] Shredd How much time you think it will take for the conference this week to pitch the buyside that Iraq is OK and invest?

[BondLady] but insider trading plays here so be patient an study your investment

[Shredd] yes  carpy....they are coming with expectations.... for this to even be held means Iraq is ready in so many ways to welcome investment they aren't talking about investing in their local McDonalds this article is talking about govt bonds huge   HUGE  and.......many of you may not know this.....

[carpentersr] I think a conference like this is always an opportunity to " say something" or present something... sort of like a companies earnings conference call where you will find out something new the company has been working on or a new contract of some sort

[Shredd] but for many financial institutions to invest or participate in a govt bond  they gotta have an internationally traded currency

[campdav] WOWZA

[Shredd] doesnt have to be "strong" necessarily

[campdav] Huge

[Shredd] but internationally traded thats a fact jack

[grashopa] convertible

[Shredd] right see, many of our accounts at the bank trade mutiple currencies and multiple denominated securities bond   stock  trusts  equities and so on  and they can legally pariticipate in iraqs govt bonds  but only  and ONLY if it is an internationally traded currency  huge

[Shredd] this conference  will set the global investment expectation and the possible gains are huge ] i mean look at what backs it  oil  the reserves we've seen grow the monetary strength is there

[Shredd] that's what investors at this conference are looking at and already know exists in Iraq and they have confidence  and thats when we will see them eat up these bonds this article is talking about it.

[Shredd] Also, do you understand what a bond is....i mean behind the scenes? It's Iraq selling it's debt promising to repay interest.....that's gravy to the investors bonds have been getting a bad rap for quite a while especially sovereign (country) bonds so, for Iraq to be issuing govt bonds is huge

[Shredd] also, in the bond market in most cases bonds aren't brought to market until the underwriter and the issuer (in this case, Iraq) know there is appetite for the bond so, again, this is huge

[Shredd] why? cuz the interest has already been expressed!  investor interest, demand and appetite steer the economby  economy  don't believe me? take a look at the global financial crisis  more specifiacally, the housing market  which most say is how it all started in the first place

[Shredd] what drove that insane mess? it wasn't the banks  it was investor demand ] investor appetite they were seeing amazing returns I was paying many of them! I know this! they were getting 14% + that is insane

[Shredd] so, my point is investor demand and appetite drives investment  and before debt comes to market like govt bonds there has to be faith in that demand now, bring us to this week's conference it all comes to the table, right?  look at the agenda


[Shredd] buyers are looking at the showcase of Iraq's investment opportunity so, that article above is great, it really is

[Shredd] i always knew that when Iraq was about to break out into the market, I'd know what to look for since I've worked with this kind of stuff for over 10 years. So nice to see it in the news!

[Shredd] Shredd - out

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