Monday, August 6, 2012


8-6-2012 Tony (PTR): The banking system is still saying it is today. The dark side (guru) people are saying it will go international tomorrow. 

From boots on the ground in Iraq right there today, I was told that the ministers have been seated since February. It has nothing to do with what we are waiting for. Iraq has done everything they are supposed to do. We are just waiting.

 I got a call this morning from someone in their (Iraq’s) government and they said, “It’s done. It’s all done. We are out of it. It has been released to the banking system (not meaning Wells Fargo; could mean the BIS, World Bank, etc.). 

We signed everything; did everything. We are waiting just like you are waiting. If I ever had any doubt about this happening, it’s all gone. This is definitely happening. It’s going to be the change we are looking for.” Maliki, the National Conference, etc., is just noise. 

I do know Iraq wants their ministers to be paid somewhere after the 15th of this month which I think is supposed to be with the new currency.

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