Saturday, August 25, 2012


8-25-2012 SWFloridaGuy: There is still no solid date for Talabani's return. I've read all the rumors that he's already arrived and that is of course a possibility but I have a hard time believing that people in chat rooms actually have a contact that hangs out with the President. If this were the case, we'd receive far more accurate reports out of Iraq. It's possible, but I will wait for more confirmation that he has indeed returned.

There were some vague references that alluded to the beginning of September for his arrival in Baghdad and others that said possibly sooner but nothing concrete as of yet. There is a meeting tomorrow between Maliki and Najafi regarding the new reform paper and the naming of the Ministers, that I am hoping produces something positive.

It may be a preparatory step in anticipation of the Presidents return, which is hopefully laying the groundwork for the upcoming National Meeting. One of these days, what I hope will happen and what actually does transpire is gonna line up. I really don't put much weight into the rumors of "big announcements." Especially in terms of relating to anything remotely resembling a revaluation of their currency. If indeed that is their plan (which I believe it is), they would never give the world a heads up. 
I'm just looking for general progress and hoping that one possible "big announcement" could be a date set for a National Meeting where Allawi and the Iraqi List are in attendance. They will continue to boycott unless power-sharing is addressed and if they are on board with the proposals, that's a great sign that all the blocs find the reforms agreeable.

The National Meeting would then be the perfect platform to make it public and put them into action. That scenario is exactly what the Iraqi reports have been suggesting, which is of course a great sign. The CBI has already told us that they will make their move with the National Economic Project (whatever that may be), once the GOI ends the crisis by forming a power-sharing government where the necessary Interior and Defense Ministries have been appointed.

I think there is an excellent chance that things have finally turned in our favor and we may see evidence of this shortly.

These are just my opinions, which may or may not be correct.

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