Thursday, August 9, 2012


[Josey Wales] Good morning Dinar family……Here we sit on another Thursday waiting for some real movement toward our goal. IMO, this is one of the largest and most difficult undertakings the world will ever see. Most of us are just looking at the IQD and the VND to Revalue. There is so much more going on here. The global financial system is so bogged down with corruption, it is taking much longer to weed out the bad blood. 

Think of it this way, you start doing some remodeling on your home, when you tear up the carpet, you see that the floor is in bad shape, so you tear it up, only to find more damage to the structure below. This example is what many feel is happening right before our very eyes. The layers of a corrupt system are being peeled away, and it is/was much worse than anyone had expected. 

We should all realize that the process to get the IQD reinstated as a globally recognized currency has been done for some time. What we are waiting for is the cleansing of the system, and timing. The Wizard behind the curtain is pulling the strings and levers, and is in control of the entire process. So, until our time comes, my suggestion is to carry on with our lives as best as we can, get your life in order, spend quality time with your families and friends, and help thy fellow man………JW

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