Monday, August 6, 2012


8-6-2012 Jeepguy : The CBI confirms the deletion of zeros and changeover 2013. They (CBI) had the means and were ready to hit the switch then (Sept 2011) but the idea I have is 2013 first quarter is go time. They have had 1 and 1/2 years to get the banking and citizens to understand what is about too take place. 4 + more months to show time. The Iraqi Central Bank announced Saturday that 2013 will delete the zeros and the currency switch, noting that current currency formed block big cash worth 30 trillion dinars. Saleh said that "the Central Bank strategy of deleting three zeros and switch the currency will be at the beginning of a new year and a new budget for the Iraqi State", predicting that "the currency is altered in the new fiscal year to 2013." Saleh said "zeros added to the currency led to the deterioration of the currency in Iraq, leading to weakness in the monetary exchange efficiency", stating that "the Iraqi monetary institutions currently errors in accounts and their records due to the high numbers of currency that is difficult to read."  Saleh said that "the deletion of zeros and the currency changeover is the process of administrative reform of the Iraqi currency and therefore does not affect the value of things or change of per capita income," he said, adding that "the fear people from deleting zeros is a psychological fear, since the deletion of zeros and the currency switch applied in 53 countries including Turkey when six zeroes from its currency were deleted and Romania which had been deleted four zeros."
 Adviser to the Prime Minister for Economic Affairs (Hussein Anbuge), take it in (25 August 2011), to raise zeros from the currency is the biggest corruption in Iraq if during this period, under the title economic absurdity, warning of "Division" is preparing to falsify trillion Iraqi dinars to replace them in the light of the forthcoming changes. He accused the Central Bank of Iraq, on the 12th of September, Government of obstructing the monetary reform and vowed to prosecute, blaming those responsible for endangering the financial interests of the country at risk. Some economists believe that Iraq is not formatted for the time being to delete the zeros of the Iraqi dinar, noting that the deletion of zeros needs political stability and security as well as economic stability. And the Iraqi Central Bank Governor Shabibi, independent bodies at a meeting with Prime Minister Maliki held in (19 June 2011), ready to initialize all supplies to replace the Iraqi currency.

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