Sunday, August 26, 2012


[clubber3] Does the news look as good as I think it does, or am I on HOPIUM.

[steveg] cruiser - with the gold debate; some say there is not enough gold to cover $15T. Can that be calculated by taking the $15T by the total troy oz. @ $1,600.

[cruiser] steveg That is if the debt is still there. The global debt among certain countries will be wiped out with the change of the new "system". Gold will be going to 5k or as high as 20k.

[BigB] cruiser If I read you right, the price of gold will go up in order to cover the debt or will the debt be forgiven?

[prissynell] cruiser good grief 20 oz even 5k is huge

 [cruiser] BigB Debt will be forgiven and gold will go up. 2 seperate things.

[BigB] cruiser Got cha - thanks

[steveg] cruiser so China will forgive our debt?
[cruiser] prissynell There will be a shortage and supply and demand will be extremely high.

[blessedandhighlyfavored] cruiser bye see you later if not sooner for the RV party!!

[cruiser] steveg In exchange for ?????

[steveg] cruiser ok

[prissynell] cruiser arent we going to have metals and oil back currency,  treasury notes

[cruiser] prissynell gold is a metal. Other metals will also be involved later on. Oil still not sure of? I think it could be, but have been told by some, that I talk with and trust , no.Too volitile.

[prissynell] Basel 3 banking, Treasury Banks, new currency, debt free etc etc

[cruiser] Sorry. I forgot. Basel III Goes into effect January 1st, 2013... Could it be earlier. YES!!.

[BJ] cruiser 8-26-2012 Breaking News: Maliki and Nujaifi's meeting ends. The meeting was fruitful, where most of the outstanding issues were agreed on, and Maliki and Nujaifi will make an press statements to the media. The Prime Minister Maliki received the House Speaker Osama Nujaifi this morning.


[sunsfan] BJ ...do you think that was the big thing that was being talked about

 [BJ] sunsfan not sure..just praying

[jetpack] Those who were concerned to see cbi update don't worry about that it can Update anytime they want

[jetpack] You haven't seen one simply because of their holiday it's happen every year for pass 8yrs I've been in this

[jetpack] But that can update anytime

[SWFloridaGuy] 8-26-2012 HCL: UN Role Constructing HCL law Draft Has Been Approved by MP. The long discussions over the creation of Oil and Gas law blueprint seem to face an end. UNAMI would not be harmful for the country, as according to him, such assistance from UN will help the country to organize its natural resources. He pointed such situation quite identical to the selection procedure of the members of Independent High Electoral Commission, where UN also provided its consultation too. .http://www.iraqdailyjournal.com/story-z6315670

[Sparkles] healthscans healthscans so when does Drake feel this is going down

[healthscans] Sparkles I haven't heard but I know he has a call today.

[heartfelt] healthscans Someone asked Drake on Wed call this past week if he was hearing the 6th or 7th or was it a rumor? His comment was it works in his time frame he gave the week before which I think was approx 2 weeks or close. He commented NOT b4 the Rep Convention & I am assuming b4 the financial meeting on the 18-19th. Hope that helps and don't quote me, it's all on Wed call, fyi.

Angel777Lina: Maybe our Collective Energy................Could Make a Difference .  This may sound crazy...............but what if we all say to ourselves and out loud all weekend............That the Iraqi Dinar has revalued this weekend and I will be cashing in on Tuesday (or what ever day you Pick)...........I just wonder if that could be the energy we need to send out. Don't you think it would be fun to find out?

Taran: Good Idea! "What we think about-we will bring about"

OCJohn: I'm in! Call it what you want, positive thinking, The Secret, Quantum Physics, it works!

Infinity: I say GO WITH THE GO-ERS! Those who have a positive outlook about this process--- JUST DO IT! Why not?I'm in!And cover your ears to the others.... HOLD YOUR GROUND on the FEELING of POSITIVE OUTCOME!

Eviemarie: I truly believe that you can talk someone up. And i also believe that its in the universe if you believe that it can truley happen. Its a very positive note and we all just need to do it. Keep it postive energy keep all negetive energy out. Believe!!!!! God bless you keep the faith and stay strong

Aug. 26, 2012, 9:00 a.m. EDT Investors look ahead to Fed’s Jackson Hole meeting

Final week of August is expected to be quiet with low volume with much of investor focus on the Fed’s

annual retreat in Wyoming, where Fed Chairman Bernanke and ECB president Mario Draghi are scheduled to speak.*

 Investors look ahead to Fed’s Jackson Hole meeting Final week of August is expected to be quiet with low volume with much of investor focus on the Fed’s annual retreat in Wyoming, where Fed Chairman Bernanke and ECB president Mario Draghi are scheduled to speak.*Bernanke says scope for more Fed easing

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke says there’s room for the central bank to take more action in responding to critical questions from a top lawmaker on Capitol Hill.

Steeltoe: Lets hope for them to say no easing needed do to the Iraqi Currency Revaluation...We can hope for the best and prepare for the worst!!! IMO!!!

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