Saturday, August 25, 2012


8-25-2012 Dalite: I think you will find that the rate was determined by the amount of debt owed, the amount of production anticipated, consumption and the Dinar in circulation. So, it may be viewed as a balance between Debt, Currency, Inflation and GDP.

In one of the IMF reports, they suggest that the rate may have been overvalued, but I believe that was before the CBI had the inflation reduced below 10%. The rate steadily improved until the inflation rate hit single digits, then it stabilized.

Many of the initial investors have already seen the Dinar more than double it's value since 2004.
  When the inflation crossed below 10%, and stability was proven, the CBI started making public advancements toward Currency Reform. They may be able to get the IMF and Paris Club to ease up on the expectations to fully back the exchange rate while Iraq's remaining debt is outstanding.

The expectation of backing the exchange rate 100% Is where the periodic updating of the Foreign Reserves comes in. The most recent figures I saw published by the CBI showed they could back the exchange rate 130% at that time, and that was recently.

It boils down to whether or not one believes the info the CBI releases, or the numbers they are reporting to their creditors. At 130%, the exchange rate could be increased 30%. Again, this is all contingent on trusting their numbers, and cooperation of the GOI. Presently, those two "ifs" are the 800 pound Camel in the room

8-24-2012 JWJW11:
This entire event has been planned for much longer then we can imagine and let me say this if it doesn't go down the way it needs and we are way off, then OMG people the world is really bad trouble.

Quite honestly the only way out is through an RV of this magnitude and the only reason I follow this game daily.

I bought several thousand dollars worth of dinar and put them in my favorite spot and now they don't even really exist in my mind.

If this doesn't RV I would still not cash them in anytime soon if ever.

The money is gone to me. We all know what it will be when it does RV. I'm cashing in ASAP. Bottom line is this event is necessary. As far as the gurus....everyone knows the gurus are garbage. That part of this is over. Move along look at the big picture.

Not all are capable of that, that's clearly evident. Some only believe what's right in front of them.

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