Thursday, August 9, 2012


8-9-2012  Newshound Guru Adam Montana    I already said I see a good chance for it to happen this year. Regarding the rate, I'll tell you like this.  My opinion that it makes more sense to RV at a dime than a dollar was formed a long time ago NOT on rumors - I formed my opinion based on logic and numbers. That logic stays the same, and the numbers are still there as well. There has been nothing but GOOD news in relationship to the things I used to form my opinion, so if anything - I would have to raise my estimate.  To sum it up - .10 still makes sense to me, I can see it going higher than that, but I still don't see any chance or reason they would come out over $1. 

8-9-2012  Newshound Guru SWFloridaGuy   We are seeing not only from Maliki's camp but also from his opposition that they are maneuvering toward reaching (or already have) a consensus on implementing a reform proposition. Of course until we see this actually happen, history has taught us to remain skeptical but the recent tone of the GOI certainly leads me to believe they are at least trying to strike a deal. The stability of the GOI is undoubtedly an appurtenant component to any currency reform project the CBI may be working on. So, if true, this is great news for anyone investing in Iraq and something we should all keep an eye on. 

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