Tuesday, July 17, 2012


[RealTree14] I talked to my banker the other day and he told me he feels like this will happen on th 17th and look what today is. i hope he isnt wrong lol

Cap1 all that can be said has been said...we are in a terrifically great place now. Now is the time!! We're almost done! Hang tuff.

[sunny] Just a word about managed and free float regarding IQD. The Yen has been considered a "free float" and trades openly on the Forex. But let it start to drop and the Bank of Japan jumps in and buys it up and drives the price back up. We have to wait and see how the IQD will be handled.

[wittsend] sunny If it free floats, my bet is the CB does not let it get below 3.85.

[WCW] ok let me say this and ya ll figure it out IRAQ S BUDGET IS SET FOR $85.00 a bbl for oil the USA buys the oil for $32.00 a bbl thanks to GEORGE BUSH With that said that leaves $53.00 the UST get s 10% that leaves a rate of $47.70 and Wells Fargo is going to give us as much as $2.50 to $5.00 more.

 [mkay] WCW wow....liking that
[WCW] this RV IS RELATED TO OIL NOT LIKE THE OTHER CURRENCYS-thats why it is taking so long to many fingers in the pie

[MtnStar] Spicegirl actually from my research - NOT intel - China is being manipulated by the elite - PTB - and as monies go there it causes other economies to revalue - this is why I got in.

[MtnStar] Spicegirl the elite on there time, that is why I do not think intel has been wrong - they are just being fed what PTB wants them to know

healthscans] 5:43 pm [legend] Hammerman: news out of iraq is good good ,,so good i was ordered not to say anything just yet ,,,word for word ,,you cant say this info first.. Being watched ,,,wait and filll in the blanks after it leaks out ,,,,,,,ok calling china now ,,then il call switerland and london ,,,, please stay clamm stay calm ,,,no matter nothing can be done till tommorow at the soonest. dont get hopes up to high yet ,,, the fall hurts us ,,, I’m on this

[TIME4RVNOW] 4:34 pm legend: hammerman: alot great imfo since i got in the shower i missed 4 iraq call a 2 congress calls im not leaving just yet but wont be able to chat make import call ,,,sounding good so for tomorrow am is the first realistic opportunity for us to position for .... The surge, considering the clock and the logistics, employees... Etc.

 [sunny] trazy Blaino text: SUBJ: RV ALERT - MSG: IQD may be revaluing now! Sensitive info reveals foreign currency bank officials under NDAs. Standby. ALERT II - More info as things clarify. Steady, please! Not a drill! (me hopes!)

[Precious] Blaino: things are .... Happening.... A senior (bank) foreign currency exec departed last evening to a location where he/she/they may have access to several dlrue machines.... They are awaiting .... "exchange" instructions right now which were due hours ago and MAY.... "may" be delivered as soon as the next few HOURS...

 In which case 'these' folks can exchange at these locations (overnight?) and THEN.... Mebby we get a turn!!! Tomorrow am is the first realistic opportunity for us to position for .... The surge, considering the clock and the logistics, employees... Etc.

[Precious] Blaino: in all honesty, the best case scenario for most of us here is more likely thursday or friday to be in the "window" the cash out window! These institutions will need time to inform and educate all their "peeps" .... Procedures and so on, after having told them for years that this was a SCAM....

[Precious] Blaino: now, to be CLEAR... I'm sharing what i can from what i got from several contacts.... (i don't talk to the emperor of china, the pope or the us CONGRESS......) so   do not get overly carried away just yet! We need to see something develop first, THEN.... We need to ride this wave, not get dumped in the deep WATER.... (sharks in there!)

 [Precious] Blaino: IF.... "if" this comes to fruition.... If ....(THIS time!) here is how the deal will play out on communications: 1st text message will flash, then the room will get the news and then our email base will get it via e-mail!

 [Precious] Blaino: AGAIN... (forty eleventh time) be sure all your contact info is up to DATE....

[poppy3] guys if you haven't read the blog you need to get there and get-r-done it is good and the hammer seems to be falling on the M .... GREAT JOB TOM.. POPPY3

[poppy3] i got to go baby set tonight so you guys hold this thing in the road . I may be back late.. Still no calls today. Poppy3

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