Thursday, July 19, 2012


7-19-2012 SteveI: Ray said one of his contacts got back to him today. Here is what he said: Just got this update from one of my contacts. He heard it on Iraqi TV yesterday and he said it was in the newspapers too. 

I didn’t ask which TV station or which newspapers. If people want proof, they can research it themselves. I don’t care. This contact has never been wrong yet. He said that four large international banks will be opening offices in Baghdad in late August. One of the banks is Citibank and the other three are from other countries. 

Here’s the good part: They are going to be operating with strictly the new dinar only. Not the current dinar. That totally fits what Shabibi has been saying all along. He also said that family members have told him that the local banks are ready to start exchanging the currency. They have the new dinar in stock and they have De La Rue machines too. The bank personnel are saying September 1 also. I will pass on more info when I get it. Have a blessed day. 

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