Thursday, July 19, 2012


burneyw] thay have said there are no hold ups for weeks now but still no rv so that tells me there is a hold up

[bamanana] All of us have felt like burney. We just hate to say it

[thudz04] burneyw how many times have the intel folks said we are waiting for the PTB to release it? Our  intel providers can't read their mind regarding what their perfect time table is. THAT is the hold up!

cruiser] Americans Hold Dimmest View on Economic Outlook Since January :

cruiser] Index of U.S. Leading Indicators Falls More Than Forecast  http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-07-19/index-of-u-s-leading-indicators-falls-more-than-forecast.html

[highlander65] cruiser how are we looking today??? any glimmer of hope for this week?
[cruiser] highlander65 I truely believe, think, feel, and know all we are waiting for is for it to show. There is so much bad news today coming out and there is a lot of pressure, on those in charge of this, to get this done, and I am not talking of just the rv, but everything. Just grasp the this LIBOR problem, and the size of it. That could ruin the entire finical system and I am not just talking the U.S. but global financial system.

[BLESSME] Cruiser IYO do you think it will show today? Tomorrow? Or next week?

[cruiser] BLESSME I am going to be honest. I do not know. Could yes, but know for sure, can not say 100%.

[linsbish] cruiser Read your post, and without sounding whatever...When we've asked on several occasions we have been repeatedly told the same thing, even as far as the strong can't be possible to go into ??? but if pressure is being put on this to be done, why always another delay. Truthfully please JMO

[showmethemoney] linsbish If we continue to do what we have done, we will continue to get what we always get what we always got ......if u know what I mean. To sensative to give details..LOL

[cruiser] andisgram1 just go to  http://www.bloomberg.com  and search the head lines. 1) Americans Hold Dimmest View on Economic Outlook Since January 2)There was an article that talked of hte LIBOR reaching South Korea( cannot find it). 3) Banks and brokerege houses set to lay off 1,000 s of employees. 4) exsisting housing market sales fell.

[TIME4RVNOW] Cruiser ... In June it was an article from Iraq saying that there will be a currency revalue before the RAMADAN ... Any opinion on that?

[cruiser] TIME4RVNOW Today starts Ramadan, so will have to wait and see.

[andisgram1] TIME4RVNOW I think Ramadan starts tonight there and Don't think it will happen before they start celebrating over there. It is 515pm there and Ramadan starts at evening prayers. I'm not saying Ramadan effects this, I'm just saying it prob wont rv BEFORE Ramadan

[bigdaddytim] IF and I say a really big IF, the global currency is going to be reset, and the IQD is already set, Ramadan won't impact it.

[captaincaveman ] They have been making announcements in the mosques in Iraq that their currency would revalue by Ramadan

[cruiser] captaincaveman I do think it makes perfect sense to have it happen during Ramadan. It is a very Holy time for the people of Iraq ( and they are very Holy people).

[andisgram1] cruiser I believe that is true. I was just saying if it is to happen BEFORE Ramadan it would need to happen NOW!

 [Sprinkles] wango1 Is this really close are we still out a bit, that's all I really want to know? I understand that things happen but things has been happening for almost a year and we are told there are no holdups....If you can respond, thanks

 [wango1] bigdaddytim For sure but if lose lips shink ships than being quiet is a good idea

 [wango1] Sprinkles Darlin we are fine you just have to trust me on that

 [bigdaddytim] With the way that information leaks out of ALL parts of the world, there is no way that something this big could be kept under wraps.

[bigdaddytim] Unless it isn't all true......hhmm.....

 [bigdaddytim] My conclusion is that ANYONE that is invested in the dinar and VND should not put any more in this than they would be willing to lose in a casino. Consider it gone already, put it away and hope that it revalues some day in the future. Period.

 [max13th] bigdaddytim I came to that conclusion last Fall lol

highlander65] cruiser cruiser If this Libor scandal has been hidden for four years - how do you know it has been hidden?

cruiser] highlander65 Because there are documents that show it.

[highlander65] cruiser whose documents and if they existed does this mean it only made mainstream media now cause someone aint paying to prevent it from being on TV anymore?

[presley] Interesting cnbc artiical posted this morning.. What Does It Take to Feel Wealthy? http://www.cnbc.com/id/48240956

Houguy: NY Times Admits: Mainstream News is Basically Censored Propagandahttp://libertyblitzkrieg.com/2012/07/17/ny-times-admits-mainstream-news-is-basically-censored-propaganda/

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