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7-17-2012  Intel Guru Hammerman   news out of iraq is good, good so good i was ordered not to say anything just yet...word for word...you cant say this info first...Being watched...wait and fill in the blanks after it leaks out.  ok, calling china now, then ill call switerland and london...please stay calm...nothing can be done till tomorrow at the soonest...dont get hopes up to high yet...the fall hurts us...im on this.

7-17-2012  Intel Guru Blaino   may be revaluing now! Sensitive info reveals foreign curr bank officials under N.D.A.s standby...rv alert...more info as things clarify. Steady please! Not a drill (mehopes!)—Today 6:37 pm.  A senior (bank) foreign currency exec departed last evening to a location where he/she/they may have access to several dlrue machines.  They are awaiting "exchange" instructions right now which were due hours ago and MAY,  "may" be delivered as soon as the next few HOURS...In which case 'these' folks can exchange at these locations (overnight?) and THEN Mebby we get a turn!!! Tomorrow am is the first realistic opportunity for us to position for The surge, considering the clock and the logistics, employees, Etc.   in all honesty, the best case scenario for most of us here is more likely thursday or friday to be in the "window",  the cash out window! These institutions will need time to inform and educate all their "peeps" Procedures and so on, after having told them for years that this was a SCAM.  I'm sharing what i can from what i got from several contacts.  do not get overly carried away just yet! We need to see something develop first, THEN We need to ride this wave, not get dumped in the deep WATER...(sharks in there!).


7-17-2012  Intel Guru Jonnywg     imo this rv is the PTB'S bread and butter if we make a big noise there gonna get real pxxxxx.  IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE FOR ANY RATE TO BE FIXED,  IT IS A CURRENCY AND THE PRICE WILL CHANGE FROM THE FIRST DAY IN MY OPINION...it will not be a managed float but a free float based on demand.   AS IT CHANGES OR GET CONFIRMED I WILL COME BACK.  AFTER THIS LONG WE CANNOT BE NEGATIVE, JUST INFORMED AND PREPARED FOR ANYTHING.

7-17-2012  Newshound Guru SWFloridaGuy   With the issuance of Investment Law No.13, the economic approach in Iraq has transferred from the centrally guided economy to a market economy, which of course is an important change in the economic philosophy. There are many aspects and contributing factors we will never be fully aware of, but we can follow the general progress and recognize that (with a lot of help) Iraq is moving forward economically and their goal (clearly) is not only integration but establishing sustainability. [post 5 of 5]   

7-17-2012  Intel Guru Jonnywg     I admit that I have been involved in trying to resolve issues re the RV but cannot discuss detail per requests.   It is also true that I did get to more than a few other RV strongholds over the past few weeks but I am not cashed in and will do so when everyone else does.  there are no issues left to resolve...there are no IRAQ ISSUES...almost everything now stated as a problem is smoke…the real reason is that the PTB cannot agree as to time to release…greed is also involved…We just must wait and be prepared to react to the announcement.  The monster rates are just not true but cannot be discussed…bank back screens are showing very low rates but they are still not live.

7-17-2012  Newshound Guru Breitling   They said they are going to print the money in September and come out with it in January.  There are articles that are saying they are kicking it down the road, but this is not from the CBI, this if from the Economic Committee.  With all the articles that came out, the CBI hasn't said anything that says it has changed their view right now.  But, I'm not putting in my budget, or hopes and dreams in January. I know how these guys are.  The deletion of the zeroes means they are going to move the decimal over the nominal value, in my view.  I don't know the exact rate, they keep saying they are going to come out at a buck.  Sooner or later they are going to revalue.

7-17-2012  Newshound Guru SWFloridaGuy  Iraq is also looking into global guarantees applied for by contractors and issued by the banks for a given period. For foreign firms they will use guarantees of banking institutions based in their countries of origin, then register with the Iraqi banks.  The Iraqi banking system plays an important role in these transactions. The bottom line is: for Iraq to successfully implement the next stage of their economic reforms, they must continue to consult with representatives from the private sector, bilateral donor agencies and international organizations - such as the UN, WTO, IMF and the European Union - to ensure they are in compliance with international "proviso" or requirements. [post 4 of 5...stay tuned!]

7-17-2012  Newshound/Intel Guru BGG  In an ironic turn – [Maliki] made a veiled threat toward the Kurds. Then telling the police they can’t be like the former regime – however, just this once – let’s crush my political enemies!! This guy is unbelievable. Which his current allies have to be seeing...This may well be his undoing.  By hook or by crook – they intend to get Maliki in front of Parliament for an “interrogation session”. It wouldn’t surprise me if they lure him there under the auspices of him “lecturing” them.  No matter what – he’s not wanting to land in front of the House.  

7-17-2012  Newshound Guru Doc    All-in-all things seem to be progressing in our favor.  We do not see anything happening until after Ramadon since there is little time to get in place those things Shabibi has said he needs to see before currency reform can happen.  Our opinion continues to point to the September to October time frame.  This is based on published information to date.  This information simply does not support imminent (second to second) timing.  We encourage all to keep the big picture in focus and look for concrete events and not fantasy Forex rumors that will disappoint.  We report, you decide.

7-17-2012  Newshound Guru SWFloridaGuy    In Iraq, government procurement plays an important role in supporting the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the national economy as well providing the necessary infrastructure for the development of the private sector.  The goal is to enhance economic integrity, transparency, credibility and prevent misconduct. Actually, Iraq is the one requesting (and receiving) help in these areas. Iraqi officials frequently fail to act for fear of violating new rules and procedures which they don’t understand. However, some of the responsibility of supervision has now been transferred over to the Council of Ministers, which is a good sign.  [post 3 of 5...stay tuned!]

7-17-2012  Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   I promise I am rooting for an immediate RV as much as anyone.   I just don't believe we'll get the RV until Maliki is gone...Hope I'm wrong.

7-17-2012  Newshound Guru Doc     Other news we find encouraging is that Maliki has supposedly nominated 3 persons for vacant posts one being the defense minister.  This leads us to believe he most likely struck a deal to avoid the no confidence vote and remain in power.  Honestly we do not care as long as the government is seated and there is a semblance of stability. We  also speculate that the deal would include a level of power sharing and implementation of Ebril.  One report said the HCl law would be reviewed in Parliament during their next session.  However, that is yet to be seen.  If the deal is true and Maliki actually goes through with his part we maintain these are the last events Shabibi has been waiting on and we would see currency reform fairly rapidly following.  Unfortunately Maliki has a history of not living up to his promises but we are extremely encouraged that the pressure continues to mount upon him.  [post 2 of 3...stay tuned!]

7-17-2012  Newshound Guru SWFloridaGuy   This is no simple task and after decades of war, Iraq alone does not have the capacity to accomplish this. They don't have to. This has been a joint effort from the beginning...together with the IMF, World Bank and countless other government entities, commissions and organizations.  We need to keep in mind many governments and corporations are heavily invested in Iraq and continue to support their reconstruction because like us, they see Iraq's potential and have invested heavily in order to reap the benefits themselves. There are certain key factors they monitor closely and will support (to protect their interests) such as political stability and the health of sectors which can maximize net economic gain. They can increase benefits by improving Iraq's image on an international level.

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