Sunday, July 15, 2012


Central Bank: currency exchange will 
reduce the risk of errors accounting system

Central Bank: currency exchange will reduce the risk of errors accounting system

BAGHDAD / JD / .. Central Bank of Iraq confirmed that the process of printing a new currency with the deletion of three zeros will cost the state less money sad re-sustain damage because of the current currency and economic expansion, noting that the new edition will reduce the risk of errors accounting system. The deputy governor of the Central Bank of Iraq the appearance of Mohammed Saleh told / JD / that "printing the new currency would cost the state large sums of money but the fact that the current currency and because of the high value and liquidity will cost the state more simply by typing denominations themselves of the same coin because of the damage and the expansion of the economy." "The cost of the current more because when replacement will be the categories of large Vtakhtsr Cache We have now 4 billion securities traded out of 34 Tleraon amount of cash if exported large groups 50 dinars and 100 dinars and 200 dinars, equivalent to 200 thousand dinars, the 4 billion banknotes and shorten billion of which to one billion and a half billion of these banknotes Falclfah be relatively less at the same time shortened (Cache) Cash too ".. He added that "there is also a shortcut numbers The country is dealing with (10 S-12) a trillion, but when replacement deletion of the country will deal with 10 S-9, and this is a big difference, explaining that the switch will reduce the risk of currency accounting system errors.

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