Sunday, July 15, 2012


7-15-2012 BondLady: Remember what shabs said: When the circulation got down low enough from drawing in all the 000 he would RV the currency; said in billons. Is about 4 trillion paper in circulation to 1.18 billion paper. Possible they are real close or there, 25,000 notes and I think 10,000 notes almost off the streets. If I was going to project it I would say what i have an that’s about .86 to 1.40 and ill say another thing here: Some don’t seem to understand this but the higher the rate you can bet on a lop. The lower the rate the RV chances get 85 % higher so I’m inclined to go the opposite way than the high rate but none of us will know till it happens. The only way I could see it come in the $3.00 range is if it was reinstated.

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