Sunday, June 10, 2012


[Austin-Powers-For-PM] dinadave7 Several articles out there about no Chap 7 release and no WTO admittance. What are you hearing?

[dinadave7] Austin-Powers-For-PM I am hearing they are signed papers yesterday and will continue to do so tomorrow

 [Jorel] dinadave7 let's hope their pens don't run out of ink

 [Austin-Powers-For-PM] dinadave7 So Chap 7 will be released and Iraq will gain WTO atmittance?

Priscilla] dinadave7 so you don't think the UN will wait till the 15th to release from Ch7

[dinadave7] Priscilla officially....yes...unofficially...done this weekend
wango1] dinadave7 I be thinking they will release tonight early tomorrow and than chapter 7 annoucement on 15

[dinadave7] wango1 exactly my thoughts

 [dinadave7] imo

 [linzb985] I thought Iraq had nothing to do with this? Anymore

 [wheezer2] dinadave7 what things are you talking about?

dinadave7] wheezer2 just know they are complete...and we are ready ....and Iraq is ready to announce some big stuff

[wango1] Sprinkles they need rv for release from chapter 7

 [wango1] Priscilla there really isn't anything left is there

 [Sprinkles] dinadave7 I hope they want to announce soon, like tonight!!! lol 

[dinadave7] wango1 there is not

 [Priscilla] Sprinkles they said they had to revalue their currency before they were released from Ch 7

[linsbish] Sprinkles Sounds good to me I second that

[dinadave7] Sprinkles it would be very early in the morning our time

movielife] The next okie post needs to be "the post"!

 [dinadave7] movielife it should be

[youneverknow] dinadave, why do you think it is done? 

[dinadave7] youneverknow lol....and research....lots of research 

 [linsbish] dinadave7 That's ok sweetie, as long as we are at the bank tomorrow.

[Sprinkles] dinadave7 I like early, I can sleep when I'm dead lol 

 [dinadave7] youneverknow uhhhhh....they call it intel around here....lol...just know people who know people who know....lol

[dinadave7] linsbish more likely tues on 

 [dinadave7] Sprinkles like 3 or 4 am pacific time

[emeraldcut] dinadave7 I'm voting for tomorrow!

 [dinadave7] emeraldcut me too

[Austin-Powers-For-PM] dinadave7 This article from a Economic Commission Member of Parliment says that Chap 7 release isn't going to happen. http://ikhnews.com/news. ··· id=44927 Is this true or is this person being misled?

 [dinadave7] Austin-Powers-For-PM I believe they are being mislead....

youneverknow] dinadave, as far as research goes, what say you about the President's letter from Iraq today saying they did not get the votes against M?

 [dinadave7] youneverknow well....that culture isn't really know for being truthful...I believe they say what they have to in order to achieve whatever personal agenda they have

 [tornado] dinadave7 -I would love for this to happen now but I keep saying look 6 months out due to unforseen factors that no one has any clue off...

 [dinadave7] tornado they have been working on this for over two years....all the unknown factors are in the trash can now

[dinadave7] the last big hurdle was jumped friday

[dinadave7] we are headed for the finish line imo

 [diverdown] Dinardave can u share what happened Friday

[dinadave7] diverdown not at this time....suffice it to say when I heard I went "of course" makes sense

[oucrazy] dinadave7 . . . can you share with us what that hurdle was?

 [DINAR1203] dinadave7 - well if all unknown factors was in the trash can we would have had the RV by now!! 

 [dinadave7] DINAR1203 you sure we don't?

 [DINAR1203] dinadave7 - at this very moment we don't! my party hat would be on!! lol

 [dinadave7] DINAR1203 I have mine on

[DINAR1203] dinadave7 - have u cashed in?? lol we have very smart intel guys, but we still don't know a rate or date! something is the hold up

[dinadave7] DINAR1203 oh...something was definitely the hold up....lol...not bad guys ...or politics .....just logisitics of a huge deal

[tornado] dinadave7 -IYO,are we looking into july??

 [dinadave7] tornado no....this is our month imo

 [DINAR1203] dinadave7 -i like the "WAS"! always good to be positive!

[dinadave7] DINAR1203 it really was

[tornado] dinadave7 -Do they really need this event to move on with global economics,iyo. seems like it..

 [dinadave7] tornado absolutely

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