Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Updaters Chat (in CST) 6/05/12

6:17 PM [BGG] taking a quick breeze thru before nap time...
6:18 PM [love it 2] larrykn Maliki is from Iran
6:18 PM [BGG] Love the smart dialogue here at DU!!
6:18 PM [larrykn] BGG I know what you mean when we get older we need those naps
6:18 PM [love it 2] BGG Hi there
6:18 PM [BGG] Iraq could learn a thing or two!!
6:18 PM [BGG] larrykn - sad but true.
6:19 PM [larrykn] yes he is but he is in Iraq with Iraq laws
6:19 PM [love it 2] larrykn true but goes crying there over his problems also ..cant pull his panties up wth out the grand pubaaa
6:20 PM [hurricane] da58 | Groundhog Day
6:20 PM [larrykn] and that is why he needs to go bye bye
6:21 PM [love it 2] larrykn true ..just need a single sharp shooter
6:21 PM [larrykn] I was a sharp shooter when I was in the ARMY
6:22 PM [love it 2] larrykn why yasitting here...get on your carpet and ride...
6:23 PM [satrib] LMBO...best thing I have heard today love it2
6:23 PM [larrykn] If I was 40 yrs younger and in VN he be toast
6:23 PM [BGG] Electrodes: the transfer of the crisis in the court of third parties .. تؤكد تهرب المالكي من تطبيق التزاماته!! وكالة اورالاخبارية Maliki confirms evade the application of its commitments!!

6:23 PM [love it 2] larrykn stop by here and a give ya "genie" bottle too....you can whack him with it ...
6:24 PM [BGG] ^^^^^^^^ what that was saying was Maliki confirms he's not living up to his end of the deal and if he did it would end all crisis - finally!! The truth!!
6:25 PM [satrib] OMG...that's absolutely huge if it's true!!
6:26 PM [satrib] Where's Doubleb with his BAMMMMMM
6:26 PM [wealthbytrade] BGG, do you really think Sadr had his deputies w/drawl their signatures? I'm on my iPad and can't read the article
6:26 PM [satrib] LMBO....been waiting all day to see that
6:26 PM [star] Finally
6:26 PM [DOUBLE B] oh, sorry you had to wait
6:27 PM [satrib] if that article is true it is well worth the wait
6:27 PM [wealthbytrade] BGG, that article from Maliki seems like something someone would say right before he announces a resignation
6:28 PM [letsdance] Parliamentary committee sent two proposals to Finance Ministry about customs lawhttp://www.microsofttranslator.com/b...F2%2F310838%2F
6:28 PM [BGG] wealthbytrade - No - I do not, there are articles saying he hasn't backed off due to Iranian pressure.
6:29 PM [BGG] BBL -
6:29 PM [satrib] Thanks BGG...best news all day
6:29 PM [DocDinar] What news? Just on
6:30 PM [love it 2] DocDinar
6:23 PM [BGG] Electrodes: the transfer of the crisis in the court of third parties .. تؤكد تهرب المالكي من تطبيق التزاماته!! وكالة اورالاخبارية Maliki confirms evade the application of its commitments!! -
6:30 PM [da58] DocDinar (that'll teach ys!)
6:30 PM [da58] ya
6:31 PM [DocDinar] Thanks
6:31 PM [da58] great article..and the BAM was warranted!
6:32 PM [love it 2] satrib could very well be
6:32 PM [love it 2] Baxter1243 http://translate.google. ••• -31.html
6:32 PM [satrib] the man has to be wearing bullet proof pj's to bed!
6:32 PM [da58] could be tryin to save his sorry a@#..
6:33 PM [DOUBLE B] sorry, but Maliki isn't Iranian, his is an Iraqi

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