Monday, May 14, 2012


2:49 PM [MRP] It was a weekend of ups and downs, thankful more on the up side. We have been dealing with trying to decipher what information coming out of the sandbox is real or just hype, we hear Maliki is calling their bluff, we hear that parliament isn’t bluffing, we hear that they are going to implement the Irbil agreement.

 We hear that Maliki want to step down, then he want to stay, he did go on a public broadcast of some sorts this weekend telling the Iraqi people what he has done, how much he has done for Iraq, bla bla bla. You see he has no formal power with the Iraqi government, but what he does have is the power of the people, there are a lot of Iraqi citizens that love the man. 

Since he controls a major part of all media in Iraq he can manipulate the people of Iraq. Making himself look like the savior and not the bad guy. This puts Talabani, Allawi, and Sadar in a pickle. 

2:49 PM [MRP] They gave him a deadline and now they need to live up to it. They are also using the public in their favor posting the Irbil agreement signed back in 2010 for the people to see. 

There by giving themselves room to go ahead and implement this rule and the people of Iraq seeing that it was truly signed by Maliki and therefore keeping peace among the Iraqi people. 

The last thing they want is a civil war or even civil unrest. Remember they spent the last 10 years trying to put the country in order, so they don’t want to RV the currency only to have it fall apart weeks or days later.

2:50 PM [MRP] Also remember that these people are having to develop a new understanding of what a democracy is all about, they are used to having someone tell them what job they will have, where they will live so on and so forth. 

Now they have choices in some small fashion and it takes time to adjust to all of this. Look how long it took East Germany to exist with Western Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall. I’m sure Gnarz could explain that so much better than I could. 

Plain and simple, this all takes time for people to adjust to. What seems like forever to us is nothing to them.

2:50 PM [MRP] We want the RV for financial gains, they want the RV for a country to prosper grow and have financial gains. Shabibi will not jeopardize the whole RV process to watch the country fall apart if things are not in order.

 The UST has been told to be prepared. Well ok, I can see that, if things are truly that close, why get caught with your pants down if it does happen that fast, be prepared, be ready. 

2:50 PM [MRP] Some people along with myself say this is bigger than Iraq, to a point this is so true, but for me, so much hinges on Iraq as far as how the rest of the world follows.

 I’ll put it like this, doing your family budget would be difficult if you didn’t know how much money was coming in, so you wouldn’t know how much to set aside for the bills. Same thing in a way here. 

The factor of Iraq is the catalyst for other countries to adjust the way they move their currency. So we watch, we learn and we wait. Nothing more to say. Its real, it’s happening, and we aw
2:50 PM [MRP] Ok, that's it for the iPad/iPhone folk!

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