Tuesday, April 3, 2012


[BGG] OfCourse13 - Maliki is a very savvy politician....however, he has made numerous grave missteps here lately.
which leaves him in the precarious position he is currently in...
he's not nearly as invincible as he (and everyone else) would like to think...

 [BGG] in fact, just lately - sentiment "on the ground" and around the ME has turned against him (in a big way).
 These guys in the SLC really have the nerve !!!
 they're *****  (complaining) in the media about the IS (Iraqiya Slate) putting too many "conditions" on the NC meeting to be successful - wait till you hear what the "five conditions" the IS is so cruel as to "insist on"...

 [BGG] Here are the IS's demands... amazing... it's nearly unbearable to read

 "Condition 1" - implement the terms of the Erbil agreement (how dare they insist the SLC actually fulfill their promises)!!

"Condition 2" - stop random arrests against the Iraqi people (why do they need freedom??)

"Condition 3" - stop interfering with the judiciary (it's OUR court system - we can so what we like!!)

"Condition 4" - stop the unconstitutional proceedings against Deputy Prime Minister Salih Al Mutlag (we never said anything about free speech!!)

"Condition 5" - end the political dimension of the Vice President Tariq Al Hashimi’s (this one stinks so bad Interpol gave the SLC back their arrest warrant and said "ain't no way we're having anything to do with that ********t"!!)

 [BGG] wealthbytrade - Sorry, to answer your earlier question - yes, I think we'll hear news (legitimate news) about where we're at Thurs/Friday...

 [BGG] There has been a lot more movement everyday for the last 2 weeks than has been out in public (or as being reported)...
 [BGG] So I think we're lots closer than people think and really should have already happened a couple of times recently (if Maliki weren't*****)...

 [BGG] the Kurds shutting off the spigot was pretty big - huge, in fact.
 [BGG] My gut reaction is 50/50 (this week)...

[BGG] Maliki has made too many bad choices lately (even for him) for me to be able to "get a good read" on what he'll do.
 [BGG] No matter what he's said he'll do.

 [BGG] But my gut is, no matter what - either way - even if Maliki has to be removed this will happen fairly soon.

 [BGG] I think his biggest miscalculation is how solid the opposition is against him (which is President Obama's recent mistake as well).

 [BGG] Maliki does not believe his opposition will coalesce against him - he believes they will not form a strong enough alliance.

 [BGG] The one thing I can say I see as a new pattern from Maliki lately - lots of bad choices based on old politics. That may well be his undoing real soon.

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