Tuesday, April 3, 2012



[BIGREDDOG] several months ago...when things started to move in iraq... i had to go out of town. i told wife to open acct. @ wf

[BIGREDDOG] she griped for a couple of hrs... and i told her to do it period... well im driving back...

[BIGREDDOG] she calls all xcited... when she went to wf... i told her to talk only to mgr or above,,, when she sat down with mgr she made the statement... " my husband thinks we are going to get rich on this dinar stufff" mgr. smiled brightly and said... " your husband is right maam"!!!!

[BIGREDDOG] when she told him how much iqd i had he gave her his card with personal cell # on back and asked her to have me call !!!

Precious] BIGREDDOG good..when did this happen??

[BIGREDDOG] Precious months ago... lol thats why im soo relaxed

[BIGREDDOG] Kate1951 yes i had to go down to sign papers when i got back... i ve been in 5 star hotels in europe the didnt treat me as well. he actually pulled my chair out for me to sit!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Kate1951] BIGREDDOG That is soo good to hear.

[BIGREDDOG] Kate1951 dont worry ... its here... we just have to wait on banks... mgr said he would call with appt. asap!!!

[Kate1951] BIGREDDOG My Chase bank acts like they don't know what I'm talking about. But I do live in Po dunk Ky.

[BIGREDDOG] Kate1951 that s what they are being told to say.... legally they cant say a thing till it hits the teller screens!!!

[BIGREDDOG] evry branch is different... if you know the ppl... they might tell you something good outside or call you after hours ...you never know... bankers are strange about foreign currancy

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