Friday, March 2, 2012



Studley] Freeway Bill and I are analyzing this event and we believe Larry, Moe, and Curly are no longer in charge of this financial event, so we believe there is an excellent chance of us seeing this go through shortly. 

[niftyfifty] Studley how shortly? as in tonight? and thank you!! 
[Studley] niftyfifty hold on, I will ask Curly for you 

[Studley] Again, all, I put this out as a reminder to not micromanage this event.... there is a reason I say these things. I have 20 years experience in currency.... we are close.... DO NOT ASK HOW CLOSE.

[Studley] one.love still depends on what exactly happens over the next couple of days.... they definitively tried to release it... which means to me we are on top of this happening+

4 PM [Studley] I would be very careful of the info being released right now, 
becareful of the rates or dates, and info that it is released in countries in 
Europe..... it is not true period

[Studley] KYRV39 good, still working.... I am seeing lots of circular info that is 

[Studley] KYRV39 here is a statement: Don't believe rumors until you see it live, it is not that hard to check a live rate at www.oanda.com, they don't release rates in 
parts of the world and not in others, it does NOT work that way

[Studley] rates and dates are extremely classified period

Studley] thanks for support of everyone, use common sense, and stay level, I have to get back to work, take care everyone

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