Thursday, March 29, 2012


soonerfan62] Good Evening everyone What a day, intel since 7 am this morning/. 
Hopre everyone is in a really good mood tonight. Very busy day trying to stay up 
will all the intel

[txred] Folks if you remember as I said earlier Shabs likes to make BIG announcements after morning prayers at the Mosque.That is around 6:30 Bagdad time. Also remember that the lifting of Chapter 7 was already announced on the BBC.  Many confirmations that they ARE released from Chpt 7 for sure!

[SGD] txred Well its 5:18 am over there. Prayers should be going on....
xred] SGD i do not remember how long they pray at the Mosque.

dinarmaven: According to the BBC  txred I've had the BBC on all night.... no announcement that I have heard.... 
txred: dinarmaven It was announced earlier today is what my source advised me

jorel] soonerfan62 hey good buddy, do we have an international RV with the lifting of Chap 7 ... share you knowledge, oh wise and all-knowing one
[soonerfan62] Jorel Yes we do my friend

[mshaddie4]soonerfan62 - please tell us what you think about RV tonight or 
[soonerfan62]mshaddie4 Yes or Yes

getterdone] soonerfan62 Hi, when do u think we will be at the bank?
soonerfan62] getterdone Fri/Mon IMO

soonerfan62] Guys if you only knew half of what has happened today you would not sleep tonight

cib: soonerfan62 it isn't that important, but is the vnd in this basket to rv or not 
Soonerfan62: cib Maybe a day or two behind 

Shalala: soonerfan62   Do you think Ch7 was really released today? 
Soonerfan62; shalala I know it was Guys Statement: WE'RE THERE 

Moonroper: soonerfan62...are we going through another weekend or have you got us some great intel???
Soonrfan62: moonroper No more weekends, oops have I said that before 

pokerplyr] soonerfan62 think at banks open?

[SGD] soonerfan62 Friday is the Biggest RV day.....

[soonerfan62] pokerplyr Yes

msjeta1] soonerfan62 do you think we will have a few days at the high rate or not now? Thanks for coming in tonight its reassuring to many of us
soonerfan62] msjeta1 5 to 10

[trueight] soonerfan62 Since this is all done and it shouldn't matter whether you tell us what you know, why not share? Thanks
[soonerfan62] trueight Nothing to share common knowledge

[Petrotex] just for luck.., I'm going to sleep in my rv tonight

FIREFIGHTERGIRL] soonerfan62 soonerfan62 is this the night we should stay up for news:: blowkiss hugs 
[soonerfan62] firefightergirl no you need to rest

[dwanna] Soonerfan62 I pray you are correct. 
soonerfan62] dwanna Me too but not just me our team of providers

[cantwait]soonerfan62 Good Evening - Have you heard that the VND has been removed from this basket? Thanks
[soonerfan62] cantwait Yea but no problem China will handle

cantwait] soonerfan62 Meaning within a few days/weeks? Will that be talked about here when it happens? Thanks
[soonerfan62]cantwait Yep

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