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THEME FOR TONIGHT:  "Oh What a Night"...Of Incredible News!
Shabibi is ready to go and Pretty Loud & Clear He Speaks!!!  

"Straight Talkin" Mike summarizes tonights News:

What an incredibly Bold Statement from Shabibi...He is Ready.....He came out and point blank said ITS NOT IF I AM GOING TO RV THE CURRENCY...ITS WHEN AND IT IS UP TO ME AND I AM GOING TO BE DOING IT SOON....IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS....WOW!!!!

What happened today?  Really it didn't happen today...
He wanted to talk about the counterfeit and statements in the media
He wanted to assure the people that the counterfeiting was not as bad as the media is letting on it to be
its not severe..please don't worry about it.. we have it under control and OH BY THE WAY WE ARE GOING TO BE DELETING THE 3 ZEROES FOR YOU AND WE ARE GOING TO BE DOING THAT SOON...IN A FEW DAYS...this is a quote from Dr Shabibi not from Straight Talkin Mike
He said don't have any fears...dont worry about it..its not going to hurt the economy...your money is going to be worth more...hang on to it...please do not stop using you dinar...please use your dinar..hang on to it....I plead with you ..these people are fools that are telling you all these things out there

Then we talked about the banks wanting to get involved in the investment banking end of the business
they want to be able to participate in all parts of this economy
because it is going to grow and its going to grow very quickly
we've seen the numbers...we've seen what they said
they don't just want to bank....they want to become investment bankers like here in America
We had a law that separated our bank from our investment banks awhile back...we took that law down..some can say all hell broke loose then..and that could have caused all of the problems we have now...I dont know...that is a different conversation for a different day
but I can tell you this they became more profitable when that happened and thats what the banks want to do in Baghdad..they want to be able to be a part of this growing economy

Then we talked about an artilce that there is a bill in front of Parliament and they are afraid just like some of the dinar people are afraid that it is going to hurt the economy..it s not going to help the economy and Saleh came out and said no no we have this under control... we're not going to hurt the economy...we're not going to affect anyones net worth...we're not going to take away from anything..we are going to keep the things status quo
and then eventually we will raise the rate after that so don't worry about you walking in taking a 25,000 dinar and walking out with a 25 dinar...thats not the purpose of this....the purpose of this is not to do this...other countries have done this and we know what we are doing...sort of a semi quote unquote is what he said...do not worry go ahead and vote on this...move forward
they want to conduct a study...Dr Shab said 3 days earlier we know the study is already done
alot of what was referred to in that article...Dr Shabibi had already talked about 3 days later stating HE IS GOING TO DO SOMETHING WITH HIS CURRENCY SOON....WITHIN A FEW DAYS was his quote..the translation was from that paper...whether its translated to be that or whether it is longer than that he certainly is going to do something with his currency soon
soon can be anywhere from 3 days..to 3 - 4 weeks ...dont know
but as we are watching things click off the ticker here they are geting these things done
So the news was absolutely fantastic 
Then we read about the electronic payment systems over there and how the banks have all this modern equipment and they want to invest in all this modern equipment...cellphones, electronic payments, credit cards that get people all this stuff
basically it is already there...IT IS READY TO GO..IT HAS BEEN
What they have to do is educate the people...
the people are afraid of the banks in what we have seen so far...even some of the articles we didnt read today that maybe you came across out there...the people are afraid of the banks...they are afraid of losing their money..afraid of losing what they put it to them.....they don't understand it...they need to be educated on the process of how these things are done...look you can use your cell phone to bank..you can use this ATM to get money out to get money out of there...and oh by the way the guys are saying we want to stuff these ATMS with more money because we have to put 25000 notes in there and Shabibi is kinda laughing saying well I already told you we are going to give you a currency that you can walk around with thats going to be better and then in order to that we have to kinda increase the value along those lines and then you guys will finally all get it

Moving forward into the Government
National Alliance...The Nationa Meeting...2 articles came out that the agenda is done....are agreeing to move forward..it is my opinion they are waiting to use this a strategy to kinda pull people together and move forward
maybe they are waiting for some sort of event to happen before they have this that they think is going to happen soon and then they will go ahead and put this out but it looks like they've got the meats and potatoes of the meeting done ready to go ahead and move forward getting this meeeting and everything solved..they want to use the constitution..thev've got the groundwork
If you ever worked for a large company and did one of these meetings they are doing what they are supposed to be doing.......not fun watching...but things are getting done...we are moving out of that realm and moving forward

We talked about everyone agreeing and compromising
we haven't seen that happen for awhile but everybodys talking..remember that months ago they were getting yelled at by Hillary Clinton and the US and everybody else saying get yourself together - move it forward
looks like they took that advice and did that

We read an article about Kuwait..Port of Mubarek
Kuwait likes what they are hearing
Iraq wants to build an Embassy in Kuwait
They want to have relations
I think that Chapter 7 is a mute point at this time
they are doing what they are doing diplomatically to settle this
It is my opinion they will settle this issue very quickly
They will have it done - have it at the UN....it will be released 
we will not hear about it..we may see small article saying it is done
and then there will be some sort of announcement from Maliki
when he goes over there..a picture ceremony
and then maybe they'll come back to the Arab Summit and that will be what they announce there or maybe that will be the kickoff...Look Kuwait is freed us out now you all can deal with us at the Arab Summit... Lots of political choices...the ball is in their court to make this a HUGE event for them for the Arab Summit 

Deb & Mike discuss there beliefs on when they believe this can happen
Deb - it is my belief all of these things are done...thats my opinion
we have Shabs coming out with this incredible statement today and all of the other incredible news we discussed
I believe it can happen in a couple of days..not saying it will...but I believe alot of things have happened behind the scenes and it could happen any time now...

My belief is once they got the budget passed this RV could happen at any point in time from that point forward
My personal belief is I really feel those ministers are important
Based on what Shabibi said today... I believe Shabibi is under alot of pressure right now
this counterfeiting stuff can destroy everything that he has done
it can just rip it apart...the 8 years he has put together trying to make sure that his people like their currency in a one fell swoop in a week..people not liking it.
I mean I think everyone kinda wants to tend to look at the end result
Whats the date and the rate...as opposed to looking at the journey as we go along
He told us in one article we read the people will go to bed..they will wake up and things will be different...
thats what is going to happen..
Thats how we are going to hear about the RV.....We are going to go to bed and we will wake up one morning and it will RV or you will get called in the middle of the night...I look forward to that call...and you are going to know that it has happened and you are going to get up and everybody is going to look at each other and throw your hands up screaming and yelling...and then it is going to hit them
What do I do next?
What do I do next?
so yes things are happening
based on what Shabibi said...i dont know if it is going to be a couple of days...I dont know that he is going to come out and say it and then do it...We know he is pretty truthful about what he does
He has to have a little bit of Magic behind the Old Wizards Mask...
he has a couple of things left that he will do
he'll still do it when he needs to do it on his time and on his terms
basically its there...the pressures are building for him to get this done....but the pressure is also building on the Parliament to get the things they need to get done too...we are certainly combining together
I personally feel that the security minister is really an important part and piece to this whole thing
and we may never hear if that gets done...it may be after the fact....
it may RV and then after the fact find out the security minister was seated 2 days ago...I just think that is a very important piece to this pie and I dont think we are ever going to know how close they are on that type of stuff..that could be why they are putting off the natl meeting...they are kinda postponing it...postponing it.
maybe they want this stuff to be done before that point in time
but we are certainly there at a point in time where things are coming together and these many things have not happened
I guess we need not to concentrate on so much the end of the journey as enjoying the journey as we are in it
Be happy with the info we get...everybody wants to time it because everybody wants to go out and do something special
its going to be terribly hard to time anything...its a fluid situation
this week everything can be good and then something could happen to set it back...internally... externally...because we dont have all the pieces to the pie...we are not privy to all the meetings everybody is sitting in and we dont know what is missing and whats not done ....we are guessing at that from what we see

You start to wonder where are the rumors come from
if he came out a couple of days ago and said this and now it is just hitting the papers
and He spoke to the people in Iraq a couple of days ago
kinda do your backtracking and maybe you can see where they might have got there information...you can kinda see where they might have jumped the gun
if they just would have waited til he does what he does...
But if he spoke to the people in Iraq and he did as we just read
that could have sounded like he was ready to pull the trigger that day...You have to be patient and wait for it to play out...That article came out a few days ago...
Think about that in the whole scheme of things......

Shocked he came out with his statement and that he could be that blunt...it hit me between the eyes...Thats as close I guess that I can get to somebody saying...Take a look at what I am doing...he validates the whole process of what he is doing....He is going to do something with the currency...and Deb says NOT in September guys!!!
Probably why he looked like he did in his picture...very tired..stressed...under alot of pressure to get this done....


There you have it.....INCREDIBLE NEWS from "The Straight Talk Express"

The I.Q.D. Team, Ltd.'s News Articles Coverage
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