Saturday, March 17, 2012


On Saturday, March 17, 2012, HAMMERMAN: 

ok freinds 3-17-2012 iqdnospinzone.com , sound like they heard my call at 3s an caps place ,yes first of all rates are not live at all , we are hearing rate 12.86 to 14.38 , we are working with banks today at this point only wf an chase in 7 states have gotin the suff signeters to negotiate we very well could get over this rate not sure yet , not sure of anything Who knows we could be being lied to but at this point do not think so ,i was told as i said on the late nite call should see before monday but could go into thursday , [could] be we are ahead of this rember iqdnospinezone.com hammerman an planetdinar.com blaino brought yall this late nite news , we have had good soild intel from ust ,imf , iraq ,kwt ,dubi , london ,sydeny ,hong kong , bis ,i have gotton this info from all theses places , made crertain before we came out with it ,we got alot of this comferned on wedsday ,but held it was to soon to put out , best imfo i can to all safe ,do not buy dinar are dong ,do not buy reserves ,you should have what you need all ready ,plan on the rate being 3.00 , plan on going to banks week after next ,all this stuff will protect you from heart ack this wat your safe anthing sooner are higher look at it a a blessing ,send info know last call for cash in help , hope this helps keeps a wise head on you , an just so al now,FREEFALL ,WINALOT ,GEOFFRY ,AFLFOLK ,MICKEYFAN ,PUTTY TAT ,JAGGIRL ,LADY LEE LEE , TASCOT1 WHERE ALL ALL THE PRIVARTE CAL LISTEN TO BANKS ANUST LAST NITE THWEY HEARD THIS IMFO FIRST HAND , ANGAIN HOPE WE CAN YALL MORE LATER TODAY ,LIVE LOVE AN LEARN.


  1. 7-15-2012 Hammerman: The rumors about the IQD showing up on the London exchange at 7.65 is correct. I had that information on Thursday but didn't say anything. I did show up for several hours on the exchange. Tier 1 level cashouts have already started and there are rumors of Tier 2 cashouts but we can't prove it yet. Tier 1 has definitely started though. Someone is walking into the bank to handle my Tier 1 cashout, that's how it will work for me. 90% of the people at Blaino's site came there for me. That might sound cocky but I believe they all came there for me. So, I just want everyone to know I'm no longer there and at Hammerchat.com. The rate for the IQD is over $7 right now for Tier 1. I'm hearing around the 24th that they will hold the National Meeting. I got word last night that Iraq was cashing in a transfer of IQD into USD inside of the country of Iraq but I can't prove it yet. I got a text a little while ago from a Iraqi contact that said inside of Iraq the IQD is worth $4.78.


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