Tuesday, March 6, 2012


7:53 AM [DinarWishes] 1biz4u Im hearing Before the 8th
[1biz4u] DinarWishes you still hearing todays the day????? 

[dediperk08] DinarWishes that's only another 48 hours 
[DinarWishes] dediperk08 I guess we will see if it pans out or not....

[9:01:57 AM] (*) [ArizonaHeat] drizz seems Shabibi is pushing the issue to get this situation DONE, by publicly bring out the three zero situation, by bring out that the old and new currency will be used togeter untill all the notes with three zeros are 
removed, that the new currency will be on the street in september, due to the 
fact they will work together, the date of the new notes coming out just tells us 
he wants this done. 

The summit is right around the corner, Iraq was a tradable currency before the 
summit, banking systems are being upgraded and most bankers dont like the 
situation, as the new basil 3 system is very transparent. there by eliminating 
insider banking trade

dsatmhk] ANGELQUEST - I am confused by the statement about the tariffs being implemented. If it's out of Iraq's hands, then they have no control over whether it RV's before the tariffs, and do we in the U.S. care about that? Just confused here 
ANGELQUEST] dsatmhk well my FRIEND........FACT is implementation of tariffs will only happen if and when the rv does as it needs the new currency AMOUNT...............SO this would tell us if it has been DONE....OR rv'd

gators] Lambkin there are a few different thoughts and opinions on how or what is needed for this will rv happen. Some think it is out of Iraq's hands and some think 
there is still some things left for Iraq to do. It will be interesting to see 
how this will play out. Hopefully soon enough for us all

DinarWishes] Well guys and galls I am really hopefull that we get some good intel today... Yesterday was kinda slow on the Intel front... Well, good solid verifyable 
intel.... So, we shall see how the day plays out... I am Hopeful and have been 
told it can show up anytime today till the 8th.... if it goes past the 8th then 
we will look for the intel that will give us a bit more clarity... but so far 
this week has been quiet as a graveyard... which could be a Great Sign!!

hurry] Angel quest why do you think we will not be able to cash in until the 8th?
[ANGELQUEST] hurry i still feel the imf will put the 72 hours to let us cash in could be wrong but they can do that.

sammyb] ANGELQUEST maybe you can bring us something that makes sense
ANGELQUEST] sammyb lol nothing makes SENSE..

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