Friday, February 24, 2012


Subject: Thursday Emergency conf. call by Frank26, 02/23/2012 (& my comments)

From STEPS...

Hi Everyone:
This is for those of you who haven't listened to or watched Frank26's Thursday evening "emergency" cc. You can access the video via Talk Fusion, or the audio via the cc link below. It is approximately 30 minutes long. Thank you to CS for forwarding this and the articles below.

My summary is that the budget appears to be approved and it was actually effective January 1, 2012 (retroactively...although they are not SHOWING the RATE), yet it doesn't appear that the HCL was actually approved on Thursday. We will NOT see evidence of the RV show up on Friday or Saturday...so enJOY your weekend, and get your things in order to cash in! The evidence will start appearing on Sunday or Monday.

Who knows what this exactly means, other than the fact that we are finally near the end of this ride, and IMO it appears that we should SEE this RV "ON or BEFORE" March 1st, 2012. Remember that many other countries will be adjusting their currencies at the same time. 
Publishing Date Effective Date
28 Feb 2012 01 Mar 2012


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