Monday, February 6, 2012


Bluedog Chat  2/6/12

[bluedog] Sources from inside the cabinet, told news Shatt al-Arab that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has to monitor the amount of $ 20 million to establish a committee (SSD) is a journalist associated with Bmscharh Media and mind favorite Ali al-Moussawi, functions to support the positions of Maliki's political and determine how each of the opposing approach and Mtbuniath party .  

[bluedog] Yeah right he got this to handle the Media about whats going on .....but they say something else

[4:08:35 PM] Jamie (ks_dad): [bluedog] The sources added that Ali al-Moussawi began a short time and based on the tables of the names of journalists and owners of satellite TV and newspapers, magazines and news agencies and political analysts who contact them to buy their net worth and convince them to catch up with supporters of the policies of al-Maliki

[bluedog] The sources said that al-Maliki intends to control media on the joints in the country after being able to control the most important aspects of the state and the judiciary and the military and the economy, and prepares himself to stay in the prime minister for a consecutive sessions

[bluedog] todays news ......control
[4:13:31 PM] Jamie (ks_dad): [bluedog] Zaha Hadid signed an agreement to design a building, the Central Bank of Iraq's
[4:13:56 PM] Jamie (ks_dad): http://almowatennews.com/news.php?action=view&id=35185
[4:19:27 PM] Jamie (ks_dad): [bluedog] well I see defense dept will be handed over to the Minister of Interior next july                                                            http://www.alsumarianews.com/ar/2/35934/news-details-.html

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