Saturday, January 14, 2012


8:32 PM [bluwolf] everything ok folks

8:32 PM [bluwolf] sorry but i do not give dates
8:32 PM [bluwolf] so they say

8:33 PM [bluwolf] same 

8:34 PM[bluwolf] all i will say if so just remember the system

8:35 PM [bluwolf] no margie I just came in to say 

8:35 PM [Lady Meme] bluwolf good to see you here

8:35 PM [bluwolf] listen I have decided to go silent

8:35 PM [shala5] Bluwolf: I am new...what is the system???

8:36 PM [bluwolf] for silence is golden at this time

8:37 PM [bluwolf] just a message to all if all goes silent you will see your rv

8:38 PM [bluwolf] which they would I have been saying this for any moons
8:39 PM [miabella] bluwolf you are respected here and your decision to go silent is and should be respected as well. Blessings
8:39 PM [pygmalyn] bluwolf... or are you saying that when the news / intel goes quiet....
8:39 PM [margie] wow bluwolf that really makes sence
8:39 PM [bluwolf] jejeje

8:40 PM [sSTAR] bluewolf, you sound discouraged
8:41 PM [bluwolf] star that has never gone through my mind

8:42 PM [bluwolf] aloha
8:42 PM [bluwolf] ho'oponono
8:42 PM [bluwolf] this I will say, ''with the dawn of the new day and after the sun settles to the west then and only then will this promise be complete''

8:43 PM [bluwolf] say it and bring it in

8:48 PM [bluwolf] well get back to me when you figure it out

8:48 PM [bluwolf] and no one is stupid

8:50 PM [bluwolf] raptor remember there is a system

8:52 PM [bluwolf] system= closes on friday at 10:15 pm pst,,opens on sunday 5:15pm est travels around the world reaching the USA at 9:15am est after that anything can come to be

8:53 PM [bluwolf] if all info is true you shtould be seeing this thing monday,but since its a national holiday we then move to tuesday

8:54 PM [bluwolf] and Shabibi loves Tuesdays

8:55 PM [bluwolf] get that I can't say
8:57 PM [bluwolf] this system has been made to avoid any double dipping and its cost was that of 100 million dollars

8:58 PM [bluwolf] yo no dije eso puede ser

8:59 PM [bluwolf] this ladies and gentlemen is the BIS system

8:59 PM [bluwolf] yes this meeting was always going to be on Sunday. I saw it on cnn two days ago

9:02 PM [bluwolf] well China was chosen to bail out all these countries but they spoke with Iraq and ask it to rv so they can cash out and lend the bailouts to the world fine and simply
9:03 PM [bluwolf] just for the record your time to live well and be prosperous has come to be with that said good night all bluwolf out

9:04 PM [bluwolf] huha I think very well look at where we are now wooo hooooooo

9:07 PM [bluwolf] Lord please bless all who are here and let their dreams come to pass, give them health prosperity and wisdom and show them the way to your Kingdom by Jesus blood I declare amen 

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