Friday, December 16, 2011


Dan: Our calls have changed because of the news and the media and
 the world market. They are telling us that the Iraqi dinar has a world 
If they have any credibilit, they are telling us Iraq has the strongest 
currency in the ME

Everything is positive for one reason. the rate-It was there before 
and devalued due to terroism and an act of war and a dictator that
 needed to be taken out of office. 

What you are hearing on our calls is fact, media, news, and a few

 things we know behind the scenes. You invested well. We are there. 

Tony:We are not changing. I am still looking for it today. I am still 
hearing good things, the banks are still looking for it. Iraq has 
celebrations planned tomorrow. Last night Iraq parliament took
 another vote on deleting the 3 zeros and it passed AGAIN.
Today shopkeepers are still changing prices in the market place. 
We are still looking for it today.
Everybody thought we would wake up and see it today. 

Read More Link on Right

They have a list of questions from the forum. 

Q: there is a difference betwwen stating a value is strong versus a
 currency is strong.
Dan: The only way a currency can be strong is if it has value. The
 iraqi currency is based on oil. The exagerated value of the Iraqi 
dinar is based on trillions of dollars of oil that has not been pumped 
yet. We know the oil is there. The strength is based on in the wealth 
of Iraq. 

Tony: Strenght and value is the same. All the countries have gotten 
together to value currencies to the assets of the country. They said its
 the strongest because of the wealth of the country.
I agree that strentght does mean the value. 

We will soon see that. 

Tony: They can't continue to hide it. Look at the papers. The
 absoslute last soldier left Iraq and is in /kuwait. 

Tony: I know you were flippin out about not beieng released from 
CH. 7. It has nothing to do with the RV. M. went to Kuwait yesterday.
 and gave them a lot of money??? Missed the amount.

We are in a good position. I am planning on calling you all to
 celebrate tonight or this weekend. We are in the best possition ever.
A member called the IRS and asked to get this form out. They got it 
done. Today is the 16th. They still want to tax you on this money!!!
Noone should be stressing at this point. To much has happenend, to 
many things have been signed, There is no going back. 

Dan: I don't know if this will save our week, or our month-but I know
 it will save your future. I know its over and I beleive the
 announcement is about to be made. I talked to a friend and he is 
amazed at how much news, intel, is out there. 
I think you can now be excited and you wont hurt yourself.
We can see what is in the news, look at Iran, I don't think its holding
 it up though. There are issues of security. 

We are looking at the media stuff. It looks really good. 

About to start Q & A.

Tony: Governments will always have issues, all governments will. 
So anytime you hear or see something it soesnt mean it effects the
 RV. The RV is on a track by itself. It has to happen for the world,
 the Euro, the US, and Iraq. Whatever is going on between countries
 will not stop whats happening with 
the RV!! 

They have a list of questions from the forum. 

Q: there is a difference betwwen stating a value is strong versus a
 currency is strong.
Dan: The only way a currency can be strong is if it has value. The
 iraqi currency is based on oil. The exagerated value of the Iraqi 
dinar is based on trillions of dollars of oil that has not been pumped
 yet. We know the oil is there. The strength is based on in the wealth
 of Iraq. 

Tony: Strenght and value is the same. All the countries have gotten 
together to value currencies to the assets of the country. They said 
its the strongest because of the wealth of the country.
I agree that strentght does mean the value. 

We will soon see that. 

Q: What is the most exciting thing that you know to be true about
 the dinar-not rumor:

Tony: The only thing I know to be true is O and others have
 stated Iraq is saveriegn and independant. LAgardes remarks that 
the IQD is the strongest currency. 

Gary: All the articles from the newspapers, news, all the media, all
 the key leaders on talk shows talking about it. Saying a lot of people
 will become very wealthy. Christine Lagarde, heads of major money
 organizations are talking.
They say Iraq is the strongest currency of the oil producing countries.
 These people are serious and everyone can see this by watching the 

Dan: Gary used exactly my answer. Lagarde is one of the most 
powerful women in the world and to say that is huge.

Tony: Using the law as an example. The eveidence is bringing us 
to the conclusion. They have RVd even though they have not yet 
given it to us-yet. 

Q: Are you still hearing a rate of $4.41

Tony: I got a change from that rate a couple days ago. You will still
 enjoy the rate and I think its still pegged to the gBP. the rate im 
hearing is $3.16 pegged to the GPB so a rate of $7 something for us. 

Tax form 8938 was for 2010

Tax form 4938 is an actual form of about 98 pages NEW for 2011.
 there will be something new for 2012. Info from the IRS is supposed
 to come out today about the 15% flat tax. I am waiting to hear from
 his still.

Tony has a good speech about how the rates will be good from the 
banks. he is talking to fast to get. 

Dan and tony must be very excited-they are talking really fast 
and I 
had to give up. You will all have to listen afterward. 

This is crazy how fast they are talking. 

Tony is explaining how the bank managers are LYING to their 
tellers and employees so they dont all quit because they are rich
 after buying IQD. They are delibratly lying to the bank employees
 so they have them around to cash us out!!!

(Personal note: If I was a teller and found out how bad I was
 lied to-If possible, I would seriously love to sue that Bank and 
the Management) Just IMHO 

Tony: It still could happen at any time. Still expecting it today.
 If I were you-I'd be happy this thing is finally over.

Dan: Everybody have a great Friday. If something happens-we 
will be back

Grip: people were wondering about your overseas call?

Dan: He heard today that the Erbil agreement was announced 
in kuwait. In Kuwait-is where his contact heard. Probably in the 
rest of Iraq as well.

Tony: This is great news.


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[mort] i just talked with my international lawyer & again & he said they cannot believe its not done-but he got a call today at 9:30 am and they told him we would’nt see it today-but after midnight when all the banks are closed all over the world into sat -sunday-but everything again is done that needs tobe done.


Poppy3] THE LAST 10 DAYS ?????? NOW WHAT WOULD YOU THINK Here we go, This past week has just been unbelievable:
BAM 12/12/11 Pres Obama & Iraqi PM Maliki make announcement “Iraq is sovereign, self-reliant and a democratic country”
BAM 12/15/11 Def Sec. Panetta “Declares Iraq War Officially Over”
BAM 12/15/11 IMF Cheif Christine Lagarde , national chamber of commerce director – states that “Iraq is a sovereign and democratic country” All week we’ve also been hearing that “Iraq is the strongest currency in the ME. As Jerry McGuire would say “SHOW ME THE MONEY.” THEN TONIGHT!!!
BAM, BAM!!! USCONGRESS DROPS A BOMB SHELL!!!! Tonight: @ 9:54 estCNN Reports US Budget Deal.. CNN reports, DC Sources: Agreement reached to prevent shutdown. Negotiators signed off on a MASSIVE SPENDING BILL that funds the government through October 1, 2012.http://www.cnn.com/2011/ ··· pt=hp_t2
The US Congress hasn’t been able to work out a budget deal all year, NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN THEY CRACK A DEAL? Where did the monies suddenly come from????
DO I HEAR DINAR RV…. guys i am very encouraged and things I am hearing today are all very good. when they are confirmed i will email all of you again. poppy3


ArizonaHeat] bama i dont have the link in front of me, i have read it several times, according to the UN and the IMF, Iraq must have a tradable currency of at LEAST 1 to 1 to have chapter 7 lifted and to be concidered for entry to the wto
[PaPaJack1952] GM Family I Just talked to Jonny and no new news yet but all is still ago no changes we are just waiting for it to show all is done is wahat we are hearing and we pray that it shows up some time today so lets pray hard that it does and I’m waiting on a call from across the pond I’m hoping to hear
[PaPaJack1952] I expect some awesome news from that call. lets hope I get this call today
[PaPaJack1952] you all are more than welcome I will update as I get it today


3:53 PM CST [jonnywg] Had lots of info come in and it is all good: IRS forms issued yesterday for 2011, RV in 2011 or USA loses 1 year of TAX REVENUE, DINAR SALES in Kuwait from 2 banks are $3.75…. and yes, cash in is still at the old rate. When asked, the banks state, “we know there will be a RV so we are not prepared to sell dinar.”


RUMOR ALERT! 4s0f1ne (BSP Member): 4s0f1ne: this is what he just said again: I am telling exactly what I was told and I have known this Man for awhile, he is a very strong Christian and I know he would not make it up. I just hope it was not a mistake like he cashed in Kuwait Dinar or something, but he was coming out of Iraq, we will see soon. :) It’s Ironic that the thing I hate the most is Rumors and yet here I am spreading one! :lol:
4s0f1ne: thats word for word.. his friend has the nephew that is or was in Iraq…
4s0f1ne: he said the Nephew that cashed out was actually suprissed when he found out it was worth $3.50. They transferred it via a Wire to his US bank account. He had xxxxxx Dinar that he cashed in and his wife back in the states is on cloud nine..
4s0f1ne: … i believe this happened yesterday and he mentioned it earlier but didnt have all the details and he just posted he spoke to him again…. all i know is what i posted.. trust me we are excited as well… not sure where he cashed out whether local or military but it did happen.. i will see if she can get a snapshot of her account she may not however…
4s0f1ne: ok here is what he just said after I passed to him the concerns for gossip… Maybe so. They gave the one’s leaving Iraq the option to cash out or keep it with them and he decided to cash out, after that is when they told him the rate and he was shocked. I guess they didnt tell those that chose to hold onto it


LoveJoy: OK so this is JUST something I am bringing over BUT someone ELSE left me a message and said the SAME thing. They have contacts in the Embassy too SO THEY say
[LoveJoy] Igtennis just posted that SMART CARDS OUT SUNDAY. MILIKI NOW NOT IN POWER ALLAWI IN. 3RD READING OF ERBIL 3rd reading of the erbil took place this was actually about 4 or 5 hrs ago….
hard to believe that’s for sure..lol Chief V: Parliament met. GOI FORMED MINISTERS DONE PER IGTENNIS JUST NOW REPORTED this also, same about 4 or 5 hrs ago…
anyday: LoveJoy have seen ig’s posts many times…I think pretty reliable
truckerbabe67: LoveJoy ive seen that name somewhere before i think at mig
LoveJoy: anyday truckerbabe67 I don’t knw anything about him but I did zoom in when it does match what this other person said… but again I am just repeating so we HOPE
Bobbyb: Is chief v our chief?
LoveJoy: Bobbyb It is but it did not come from him…. he was just repeating it too and I took it from him :lol:


Like a groom standing at the front of the Church, we are anxiously awaiting our beautiful bride to walk down the aisle. We stand, like the groom, in anticipation of starting a new life that will be so much different than it has ever been. Hoping for the most wonderful future with this new found blessing and looking forward to the blessings that will come from this union.
We are on the threshold of this new blessing and we await the outcome. So many things have us pointed to the RV happening in the next few days or maybe even the next few hours. What are we going to do next? How do you top this? Are we really ready? I don’t mean about trust and LLCs, but are we ready for this kind of wealth?
In order for Iraq to emerge from Chapter 7, the RV must occur NOW so that all of the things listed on the denial they received yesterday can be taken care of before January 1 which is the date scheduled to implement the release provided they have done so. With the holidays coming up and so many people writing the balance of the year off in all government agencies, this has got to be taken care of NOW…
So, in talking to my sources that have so graciously provided intel for many many months and with talking to many of your favorite information gatherers on several different sites who have become friends over this journey, I have concluded that we, indeed, are ready to see this released between tonight and Monday as this is the timing, in my opinion, that works out the best. This RV release was to have happened earlier and has went through several delays. This particular one, which was to go down yesterday was reported to have been caused by some technical delays and that we have reasonable confirmation on. So, if that indeed is the case, then we should have no problem in feeling comfortable that we will be cashing in by the first of the week!
Too much money is being distributed out to the banks and to other countries for there not to be at least a credible understanding that this is coming down. The cost of moving money is very expensive and having it go back to where it cam from is also expensive. After moving this money around several time on RVs that have been called and then delayed, Banks have become cautious and would not be doing this unless they felt that this is the time for real.
The event at the palace tomorrow is significant to Iraq and to the World, but not necessarily to the RV process as it has already been handed over for release. We pray each night for the people of Iraq along with the families of all of the fallen soldiers on both sides that were effected because of the war in Iraq. Hopefully there is some satisfaction that this war was not for nothing and will bring many good things to our country and theirs.
While you wait, please, as always, remember your promises and GIVE FORWARD! YOU WERE CHOSEN to be in this and how you handle your 90% of this blessing is a responsibility that we will all take seriously…


12-16-2011 Guru Purplehelmet300 All my guys…say we are on an hour by hour watch now! I am waiting for more confirmations of what we already know. Everyone is looking for this at any time now! I’m still getting $7-$8 plus – that is in USD.



12-16-2011 Guru Doc two key issues have not been completely resolved. Despite rumors chapter 7 and HCl have not been fully resolved. In fact the UNSC denied the lifting of chapter 7 on Thursday and HCl is not been published in the Gazette. What does this suggest – that the political wheels are still turning and all the babies have not been kissed. Remember the big picture – the RV is but one of Iraq’s leverage points to get what it wants in the world arena. We maintain our opinion this will press on into 2012. Get real excited when the UNSC announces the lifting of chapter 7 and not before. We report, you decide.

12-16-2011 Guru ButchB [long time, no see] We were told , repeatedly that this was a scam, and that we were throwing our money away! The IQD would not re-value, and it would remain worthless! The PTB (power’s that be), didn’t know anything about it (the IQD), banks stopped selling, blah,blah,blah! Now! We have heard the Head of the IMF state that the IQD is the strongest (or most valuable) (paraphrasing), and the Leader of the Free World , the Prez.,among others, stating that Iraq “IS” a Sovereign Nation! So, my opinion is that the RV has already taken place, and I fully believe that these “PTB” , have made the only announcement that any of us will ever hear, by means of describing the value of the IQD, and that they are a Sovereign Nation! The RV plan “IS” in motion, and there is NOTHING that can stop it! 

12-16-2011 Guru The Currency Newshound This [article] is a clear explanation by France…on the remaining issues which Iraq must achieve prior…full relief from Chapter VII sanctions…
  • the marking and demarcation of the borders
  • compensation
  • the archives which were stolen
  • the question of the disappeared Kuwaiti citizens
  • statement by PM Maliki saying Iraq will not attack Kuwait in the future (not mentioned below)
12-16-2011 Guru Lojak around the world, there is an expectancy for this to occur…I was just told that there is a big meeting of the political blocs at talabani’s castle tomorrow…known as the Peace palace…to settle all differences…generally, when they meet there we see action, mostly good. I have heard that parliament has been working in full force to get whatever loose ends tied up…I heard that maliki showed up in iraq ready for action–which is good. Every contact that you speak with is in the go mode. I am not saying not today–heck no one knows…it sounds to me that things must be getting mighty close…the meeting tomorrow at the Peace Palace could be a celebration feast for all I know

12-16-2011 Guru Poppy3 Channel 4 tv in Nashville, Tn reported today the American flag was lowered for the last time today from Iraq. Of course all combat troops where gone from Iraq on Dec 5th and the remaining cargo and training troops where told they will be home for Christmas. All is looking progressive for the rv to be completed??… chapter 7 has been lifted all but three sanctions and the key to lifting them is the rv…Chapter 7 is not the hold up at this stage…vp biden said this very thing himself…i dont think it will be in the next 36 hours because i think this group of dignitaries will be notified to be in attendance before they will release the rv.

12-16-2011 Guru BWM it doesn’t matter the day or the hour at this point… many of us have “days” that we thing of as better than others but I’m not limiting it to any of those at this point…but I will point out that …it’s FRIDAY in Iraq.


]Dec 16 11:41 AM [CAP1] [Precious] Friday, December 16, 2011 Iraqi Banks and Chapter 7 ~ Director of the Industrial Bank of Iraq: from financial sector item VII granted freedom to deal with global banks ..Abdel Wahab (News Agency news) Friday: secure exit from financial sector item VII granted more freedom in dealing with the World Bank,[Precious] where confiscated funds traded internationally, indicating the possibility of adopting all global banking systems in General, our banks are involved in developmental courses in associate all alakhtsasat to increase the efficiency of banking executives, and stand on the latest findings of the global banking sector and its work and its dealings

Dec 16 11:41 AM [CAP1] [Precious] Friday, December 16, 2011 U.S. Treasury says Europe crisis "serious risk" to economic outlook ... Snip ~ "He added that Europe's problems were a "serious risk for the U.S. economic outlook and said that President Barack Obama and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner were "actively engaged" with European counterparts to help them deal with the crisis"

Dec 16 11:41 AM [CAP1] [Precious] Friday, December 16, 2011 France expected to go into recession in 2012 

Dec 16 11:42 AM [CAP1] [Precious] 12/16/2011 France expected to go into recession in 2012 PARIS, The French economy is expected to go into recession at the end of 2011 and early next year as the European debt crisis and low growth drag down trade, investment and activity, but the recession should be short-lived, according to a report by the National Statistics Institute (INSEE).

Dec 16 11:42 AM [CAP1] [Precious] Friday, December 16, 2011 December 19-20-2011 ~ GCC Summit: Mystery over Egypt agreement Related articles ~ Iraq and GCC Summit Dec. 19-20-2011 ~ The GCC Summit, Iraqi File ... and .. New Libyan Currency By Year End ~ new currency will be brought by the end of this year and exchanged with the older one as soon as it arrives in banks and ... December 19th GCC Summit

Dec 16 11:42 AM [CAP1] [Precious] Wednesday, December 14, 2011 December 15th Decision ~ Ban Ki-moon: fulfilment of the obligations Iraq toward Kuwait promotes opportunities for emerging from Chapter VII related articles ~ Iraq and Chapter 7 ... Making Progress .. Next UN Security Report Due No Later Than January 1st, 2012 ... *** Iraq and Chapter 7 ~ Confirmed Washington has promised to help Iraq out of Chapter VII ... 

Dec 16 11:43 AM [CAP1] [Gacavegirl] on the phone with jonny now he is driving the last 30 miles to his home in Canada and will come in around 1:00 to give a full update . everything is still in place keep the faith. 

11:54 AM [papatom] CAP1 if you have any in country contacts...can you ask them about the reported "in country RV"? that has not been strongly confirmed yet...as far as I know.

11:55 AM [CAP1] papatom - Yes, it has been strongly confirmed.

11:56 AM [CAP1] papatom - For one, smart cards were issued on Sunday of this past week 12/11

11:56 AM [dhw] CAP1 papatom also jonny just had GACavegirl to post for him that he was on the phone with a bank in Dubai and they are SELLING IQD for $4.00 but NOT cashing in yet.

11:57 AM [CAP1] papatom -I have other sources too.

11:58 AM [papatom] dhw dhw CAP1 ok...thanks, and I'm not trying to be a wet blanket...but in the years I"ve been watching, i've had to learn to hold my excitement....know what i mean?

1:58 AM [CAP1] papatom - I know exactly what you mean.

11:59 AM [gillsdinar] CAP1 IF we RV and I say if before the end of the yr Ill cash in one note and then wait till next yr for the rest

11:59 AM [CAP1] gillsdinar - Your reasons for waiting?

12:04 PM [CAP1] papatom -yes, I was thinking with respect to gillsdinar holding until next year to cash in. You are right. If you cash all before 1/1/12, all taxes are due for this year.

12:03 PM [billuke] gillsdinar CAP1 [lojak] hey, when my group spoke with the IRS, they are supposedly viewing our currency as a foreign asset...and used the words "for anticipated windfall currency "...we are working to follow up today

12:05 PM [CAP1] billuke -good find

12:06 PM [mrsred] ngodstrust] Follow me - I want you to see how smart these guys are.

[ngodstrust] Most of the informaton in iraq from the government is distributed after morning prayers.

[ngodstrust] Bottom Line - Shabbs was not going to release the RV until ERBIL was signed (I wonder if the US told him to handle it that way) hmmmmmm.

[ngodstrust] kettle7 I am told it is a DONE deal.

[blessedseed] ngodstrust so Erbil is signed done...what about this meeting now on power sharing ?
[elaine schembre] ngodstrust ... so if the erbil is signed... what is the delay.... or is it all smoke... and the day is young.

[ngodstrust] elaine schembre i would just say that patience is a virtue.

[papatom] who runs our political machine...and many other's. 

9:53 AM [holistichealth] elaine schembre Capt Crunch roseofla kettle7 Tradewind if anyone listened to the 11.29 mtt call there is a great deal that is happening behind the scenes that is not being discussed for obvious reasons - do your research on your own and learn the truth... 

9:53 AM [ngodstrust] papatom the US is not the Fed Reserve.

[holistichealth] roseofla they pulled it and read this article to understand more...http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/995-lawsuit-end-tyranny

9:54 AM [skysthelimit] chickenplucker u mean vitamins/

[holistichealth] papatom the 7 families

9:56 AM [kettle7] holistichealth Been researching for many years...learned of all of this in the 80's Been following Lindsey Williams...all of it ...Agree with you...That's why .

12:09 PM [ngodstrust] 10:47 am [Gacavegirl] ok jonny wanted me to post and tell you that he is currently on the road driving the last 30 miles to his home in canada. He will be in around 1:00 pm est to give a full update. 

12:09 PM [integact1] papatom to avoid penalties you have to pay 100% of prior year tax liability ( ie w-2 w/h + est pymts) or if your income is high ( we all hope) 110% of prior year tax liab. or 90% of current year tax liab.

12:09 PM [ngodstrust] He has been on the phone with bank in dubai and they are currently selling dinar at the mid 4.00 range BUT.. They are not cashing in just yet. He will be in to give the full report everything is still good keep the faith.

12:11 PM [CAP1] Now, let's see . If they are selling dinar at $4.00 in Dubai, and Dubai is not a part of Iraq (which they are not) it would seem to this old southern boy that we have an internationally tradeable currency, i.e. an RV.

12:12 PM [CAP1] We just need them to start buying!!

2:12 PM [sweet.tator] Im bookin a flight to dubi.

2:13 PM [CAP1] sweet.tator -they are selling, not buying right now.

12:15 PM [gramps77] *$3

12:16 PM [CAP1] gramps77 - They probably have an order that says they can't, but I understand your thinking.

Sweet.tator, fire up the jet son.....we're heading to Dubai!!! 

2:21 PM [CAP1] The only call that would top yesterday's intel is....."Go and cash in NOW!

12:25 PM [raptor22] [bookings] cheesehead yes i had 2 calls at 8am saying watch between 12 and 2pm today.

12:29 PM [tdv75098] http://www.imf.org/exter ··· rep.aspx Last night the numbers were all populated today most are blank. Do you think they are getting ready to repost with new numbers?????????

12:32 PM [Toldyaso] CAP anything positive?

12:33 PM [CAP1] Toldyaso -Still looking for it to happen at any moment. Bookings had a great post earlier. Got 2 phones calls and they told her to be looking at between 12 and 2 today. Jonnywg stated that Dubai is SELLING dinar @ $4.00, not buying as of yet.

12:35 PM [CAP1] 9:19 AM [PaPaJack1952] Family I Just talked to Jonny and no new news yet but all is still ago no changes we are just waiting for it to show all is done is what we are hearing and we pray that it shows up some time today so lets pray hard that it does and I'm waiting on a call from across the pond I'm hoping to hear] some awesome news from that call lets I get this call today.

12:37 PM [CAP1] Posted Today, 07:55 AM Director of the Industrial Bank of Iraq: from financial sector item VII granted freedom to deal with global banks He said Abdel Wahab (News Agency news) Friday: secure exit from financial sector item VII granted more freedom in dealing with the World Bank 

12:39 PM [CAP1] Posted Today, 08:38 AM 8:28 AM [ArizonaHeat] A few things i want you to at least look at, you dont have to agree with me, but take a look..................... 1. Forget bank screens. The only time we need to worry about those is post RV. 2. O has nothing more to do with this. 3. All the Chapter 7 nonsense has nothing to do with the RELEASE of the RV. The RV has everything to do with Chapter 7. 4. LOOK at the sudden progress with troop removal, Maliki being here, speeches being made. 5. Take caution when you hear "My brother's cousin's aunt that's a.......you know what i mean. 6. Banks dont know anything at this point. Those that do are invested and follow it like you. The higher up may know some things but not the whole story. But most of all, Maliki wanting US companies to invest in Iraq. Along with several other companies already on the books to start up Jan 1. Don't over analyze this. Look for the lifting of the three zeros, look for contractors to make plans to go, not to just sign a contract. but

12:42 PM [CAP1] CONT'D: Look for the lifting of the three zeros, look for contractors to make plans to go, not to just sign a contract. but to push into Iraq to start business - all before the 1st. I said BEFORE THE 1st, not on the first. More has been done in the last 60 days then in the last 6 months.

2:40 PM [CAP1] happyfeet3233 - 1 dinar equals $4.00 mid range

1:28 PM [CAP1] HomeOur BlogArchiveUser Q & AWise WordsRecap EmailsWhat People are Saying NowSmashing Twitter Help About Us Contact Us Disclaimer more...MEMBER CHAT - Post By Highhopes PTR Forum 12/16/2011 _ [jimmy] that has to mean something good is happening!!!!!!! [[bonedog] clintonya they are selling at that rate--not buying [willietrader] Watch the dealers they could follow next [AndieZ1] WOW - a buy rate of $4.00 - what does that tell ya, you guys? [gomavrick60] they are selling in the 4 range 

1:30 PM [CAP1] [AndieZ1] foundbetter - but its a good one unless the Bank of Dubai is lying [peacewoman] Gacavegirl ty for that update. BUT does that mean that there will be no RV today because the bank said they are not cashing in yet? [tc0043] RapidRoyP Has anyone reported that the IMF currency screen is showing a rate for only four countries when yesterday they had a value forall and that CBI reported the dinar has fallen in value against the USD in the last two days froom 1117 to 1245? Gacavegirl] peacewoman DOES NOT MEAN THAT AT ALL [Gacavegirl] COULD BE AT ANY TIME ... 

1:31 PM [CAP1] [Lauren305] ?most exciting thing heard this wk that makes you know it's here, factual, not rumortel?T/US saying they are sovereign, Clip from 680 canada radio saying they are strongest currency. Gary/all papers and tv, heads of financial institutions, talk show hosts making statements, that makes it real. Dan/LaGarde represents stongest financial institution in the world, IMF, if she says the Iqd is strongest, that makes it real for me. So to us it's still 1/10 of a cent, yet, IMF Lagarde said it's the strongest in ME, yet kwd is at 3.50+

1:24 PM [CAP1] [island woman] “Having hope is a personal decision, a bold conviction—a choice. Hope is something worth holding onto with the same conviction you would a child to keep her from being swept into a rushing river. A conviction that comes from gut purpose, and a clear understanding of what drives hope in you.”—Giselle Fernandez

1:25 PM [CAP1] island woman -That says it all right there!

1:25 PM [CAP1] island woman -that 's what keeps me in the game. That passion to achieve the end result......the RV.

1:32 PM [CAP1] [Precious] Friday, December 16, 2011 Saturday Ceremony, Iraq ~ NATO Assesses Tomorrow the Closing Ceremony of the Training Mission in Iraq 

1:35 PM [CAP1] Romans 8:18; II Corinthians 4:17-18 Romans 8 18 For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. II Corinthians 4 17 For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory, 18 while we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal.

1:40 PM [CAP1] [Lauren305] ? we hearing the 4.41 rate, are you still hearing that? Tony/ did get change of the rate in the last couple days. Do't know what it will be. May be 3.60 or 3.75 but it is to GBP, so that's abt 7 USD

1:42 PM [CAP1] [Precious] [AJ33:3] 12:35 PM [Lauren305] Both Dan and   getting calls from overseas...

1:48 PM [CAP1] [Lauren305] Dan is back... Advises waiting. It's been this long for a reason. It will be good for a lot longer than 20 minutes. It wont be the highest rate at open so take what you need to get through rest of year, take the time to become educated and informed. Rate will go higher so wait a couple of weeks... IMO

1:50 PM [CAP1] [Lauren305] ?on form 4986? forms ending dec 2010 stated change forthcoming for capital gains in 11-12. Tony/8938 was for 2010. for 2011 its 4938. Was told it was 98 pages. Something new. Today IRS should come out with info on 15% flat tax, was told ysterday it would be available today

1:51 PM [CAP1] POPPYE - Post By Highhopes PTR Forum 12/16/2011 _ More Poppy-He's chatty today!! [poppy3] it is now 3pm in iraq. Details sometimes start coming out around 5pm their time till midnight. I hope we hear some good information on details beng discussed behind the sceenes. Poppy3 i will be back this afternoon late but will be monitoring from my droid throughout the day and you guys stay busy making contact for the confirmation and remember together we will stand and divided we fall. I will stand with you poppy3 [mona lisa] poppy3 ty -- have a great day 

1:54 PM [CAP1] [Lauren305] ?just 15 days left in year..... so what happens.. how could they possibly expect the number of ppl they want to cash out to be able to in the last 14-15 days of the month. If you're going thru DB, they can only go so fast... Tony/ T/First of all, govt doesn't want you to go through DB because that goes straight back to Iraq. Can't tell you not to do that, but I can come out with a certain rate on 16th of the month and you could say you're gonna make appt w/DB and go next month. Then govt says they didn't get enough ppl to come forth, not enough ppl cashing out, so I'll drop the rate back down to $3, then everyone cashes out, because they don't know if they'll drop it more. Everyone can walk into a bank and cash out w/in a 72 hour period. Believe me there is a plan in place

1:55 PM [CAP1] [bookings] at this point and time, you let the rate come in at 3.00 i'm on the way to cash in all i got, and never look back.   just announced on fx news a trillion dollars bent sent to gov. There will not be a gov shut down. 

1:56 PM [CAP1]  just announced on fx news a trillion dollars bent sent to gov. There will not be a gov shut down. 

1:56 PM [CAP1] [bookings] watch fox news, will be more to come on this. 

1:57 PM [CAP1] [sandman3126] House passes spending bill for $1 trillion...goes to Senate...per Bloomberg

2:02 PM [CAP1] 1+1 - Is kina confusing when Europe needed their $1 Trillion too.

2:04 PM [CAP1] soontoberich - regardless of the rate, I will cash out enough to pay all of my debts and become completely debt free, cash out enough money to live on for the next twelve months. and cash out enough to pya my taxes and my 10% gross tithe.

2:04 PM [divinegrace] 1+1 CAP1 Doesn't that mean the 1T was sent to Euro?

2:05 PM [CAP1] divinegrace -that was done this past Monday.

2:05 PM [CAP1] This Trillion is for our budget.

2:05 PM [Capt Crunch] CAP1 so if it pops out between 3-5 usd, you wont cash out 100%

2:05 PM [CAP1] Capt Crunch -no, because it will go up.

2:05 PM [Capt Crunch] CAP1 will you hold for next 12 mos?

2:06 PM [CAP1] Capt Crunch -no, probably 30 - 60 days.

2:09 PM [CAP1] [Precious] sixwings] FOX NEWS One Trillion Spending Bill -http://www.foxnews.com/p ··· e-passes The House has passed a $1 trillion-plus catchall budget bill paying for day-to-day budgets of 10 Cabinet departments and averting a government shutdown. The 296-121 vote to approve the measure represented a rare moment of bipartisanship in a polarized Capitol. Lawmakers are also seeking compromise on separate legislation to renew jobless benefits and a cut in payroll taxes. 

2:17 PM [AZhombre] CAP1 "today", as in Fri 16 Dec, 12:15pm MST thru midnight? Yeehawwwwww!

2:19 PM [CAP1] AZhombre -Haven't been told differently. However, not calling the RV. Just looking real hard!!

2:23 PM [hbhockeydad] CAP1 that info last night about m having to give up 2/3rds of his power was pretty good...that was held quit till the end..

2:24 PM [CAP1] hbhockeydad - yes, for a reason.

2:26 PM [CAP1] [Lauren305] ?question abt overseas call... Dan/ told it was announced in Kuwait, the erbil agreement as it is their agreement with Iraq. Can't confirm it yet. Trust this source. Per Tony/ means what I said stands. Nothing stands in the way of the RV

2:38 PM [CAP1] [bookings] precious that statement goes right alone with another call i just got, saying cash out on monday. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 

2:45 PM [CAP1] [AJ33:3] 1:44 PM [mort] i just talked with my international lawyer & again & he said they cannot believe its not done-but he got a call today at 9:30 am and they told him we would'nt see it today-but after midnight when all the banks are closed all over the world into sat -sunday-but everything again is done that needs to 

2:36 PM [CAP1] The Arbil Agreement or Erbil Agreement has 22 points to it. I'm trying to find those for you now.

3:39 PM [CAP1] dinarchaser - Man, I'm feeling great about the opportunities today and just sittin here waiting like you!

3:40 PM [Toldyaso] CAp have your contacts gotten all the word they could you think?

3:40 PM [CAP1] Toldyaso -One has gone totally silent. The others are giving very little.

3:44 PM [Toldyaso] Cap some people are making sounds like dont bother looking for it before Monday. Any thoughts? What do you think?

:46 PM [CAP1] Toldyaso - I heard "don't bother cashing in until Monday". some seem to think it won't pop until tonight into tomorrow because of some other delay, which I have no idea what that would be.

3:48 PM [CAP1] hotlips - I didn't say we delayed. I said other people were saying we might be delayed. I'm still looking for it at anytime now.

3:50 PM [Believer] CAP1 Tony said Banks are looking for today... Sunday would be worst case scenario

3:57 PM [CAP1] Date: 12/16/2011 10:26:35 AM Subject: YES!!! from 3sintel just now -- [MotorCityGuy] --the Marine Captain who sent the text from Iraq is from metro Detroit and is returning home now, expecting the RV to pop by the time he lands!

:01 PM [CAP1] [Dr.J] purplehelmet300] All my guys (and you know who they are) say we are on an hour by hour watch now! purplehelmet300] I am waiting for more confirmations of what we already know. purplehelmet300] Everyone is looking for this at any time now!

4:04 PM [CAP1] [Dr.J] purplehelmet300] - I'm still getting $7-$8 plus - that is in USD 

4:05 PM [CAP1] Tony: I am so totally looking for it today.

4:05 PM [CAP1] Tony: Celebrations in Iraq tomorrow.

4:06 PM [CAP1] Tony: Shop owners in Iraq are being told to change all of their prices and have them done by Sunday.

4:06 PM [CAP1] Tony: The banks are looking for it to happen today.

4:07 PM [CAP1] Tony: Parliment voted again to have the three zero's lifted. that means to RV.

4:07 PM [CAP1] They voted last night.

:08 PM [Toldyaso] CAP can you explain what this dropping the zeros would mean to us please?

4:08 PM [CAP1] Toldyaso -that's the Iraqi's way of stating the RV.

4:09 PM [dinarchaser] CAP1 Man oh man, do you know how to back up your position. Well done, brother. Well done. Let's bring it home! Whoooo Hoooo! I'm on the RV train heeading for home.

:09 PM [CAP1] Tony: The IRS has been pushing hard this week to get the new form 4938 for currency exchange for this year.

4:10 PM [mrsred] : [MotorCityGuy] Dove GM...fyi, received several confirmations yesterday of other servicemen cashing in IQD in Iraq before leaving this week and last...3.50 - 3.75 range, balance in vouchers to be cashed post RV...Gag Order in Force! Some happy soldiers coming home for Christmas! 

Part 2 of night chat session will be posted once completed.