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Saturday, February 17, 2018

IQD Breaking News (RANT# 90)


Feb. 17th,  2017 
Update on Returning with Newsletters, Radio Programs and Workshops
Dear Friends,
A few weeks ago I was asked to go quiet, in other words I needed to be off the currency exchange radar screen for an extended period of time.
Later in the newsletter I will give a time frame for returning.
As things are progressing behind the scenes for our benefit, a great deal of opposition has arisen to our endeavors.  For security reasons I needed to go totally quiet.
Please understand that did not mean that issues were being totally shut down, for my safety I needed to go quiet.
Nothing on the progress side has changed.  At the end of the day we are still waiting for the banking system to be safe to move the funds.  As of now there is still some individuals in place who could steal the funds off the money wire transfer system.  Please understand this is not the same as you and I transferring or wiring funds from our current bank accounts.

The exchange funds are off ledger accounts that use an entirely different system of codes and transfer protocols to move the money and there are professionals that can hack into and steal the funds when they are moved.  It takes time to find out who those players are and how deep they go.
Only a handful of people know who those people are and what it takes to remove them from the process and those handful are not talking to anyone unless they have a serious "need to know."  None of our top funding sources know the time frame.  That is why I say it can take 2 weeks to 6 months, no one knows.
I will be back with the radio program in about 6 weeks.  As of now I will start with the newsletters and radio programs the first week in April.
I will also re-start the workshops at the same time.  
New workshop schedule:
April 7th, Santa Ana, CA
April 21st, Sedona, AZ
May 5th, Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
others to be scheduled:  Toronto, Canada, Oakland, CA, Orlando, FL, Baltimore, MD, Amsterdam, Netherlands, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Seattle, WA, St. Louis, MO.
Thank you for understanding and we will see you soon!!!

Bus. Trust Conf. Call w/Carol Werelius




A few years ago I had a contact at my local bank and when I would ask her about exchanging the Dinar and the reval she would laugh and tell me that it was a complete scam and they did not exchange it. Well after hearing Tony on the last call stating that the bank tellers now knew about the currency and exchange process, I decided to call in and check.

So I called my local branch and asked about exchanging the dinar. The lady put me on hold and brought on another lady, she told me that they did exchange the Dinar but I had to call the number on the back of my card, this was strange because previously for other currencies they would quote me over the phone.

So I had my wife call into the customer service number and she spoke with a lady and was asked was she trying to exchange today which was Thursday or this weekend.

We thought that was interesting because the bank is only open for a few hours on Saturday and closed Sunday. Then she put us on hold and quoted us a rate 3.79 and sounded confused while trying to convert it, she then told us to do the conversion on there website put us on hold and then the phone mysteriously hung up.

When I checked there site Iraqi Dinar wasn't one of their listed currencies.

It's National BOA

Foot Forward Dinar Update