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Friday, July 28, 2017


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7/15/2017 01:03:25 pm
​Good dey Dr. Clarke,
Well, a lot of the gurus are thinking we are in the homestretch! I have to say, Gia, Sandy and I are getting a little bit excited!
DR. CLARKE (7-27-17): Ellie - Thank You. EVERYTHING we wrote in our July 7th Post, has come TRUE. (LINK)

EVERYTHING. Re-read it.

We never wrote that Iraq would RV their currency this weekend, the 28th & 29th.

Well, have you been floating down a Lazy River since our July 7th post, taking it easy - WAITING, like we suggested you do? Chillin…..?

Our Theme Today: “In the Coming Days - Think Waaaaaay Outside the BOX!”

​- Do you SEE the PHYSICAL RELIEF we talked about?……how bout some Big-Time A/C in Iraq!

- Do you SEE the MASSIVE amounts of Money moving, we talked about - The Trillions. Bonds. Loans. Reserves. OIL. Trade Deals. Budgets. Corporations. Taxes. Debt Forgiveness?

- Did you see the CBI website get “Crazy Woo Woo” a few days after our post, like we talked about?……more Wizardry is on the way.

- Do you SEE the O-I-L…..the $$$$$$$$$$$$? The REQUIREMENTS? The NECESSITY?

- Have you SEEN Dennis Rodman anywhere?

- Have you SEEN what’s been happening in Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia & N. Korea, as we wrote about last post?

Since the 17th - As we wrote - Have you SEEN things Really “Take Off” Boom Boom Boom, one thing right after the other, since the 17th?

Didn’t we write that the DATE of Mosul’s Liberation, was NOT a Factor? Here we are 3 WEEKS LATER.

FYI: We aint no stinkin “Guru”! That term is held out for the “Elites”……not us.

Watch VIETNAM closely, the first HALF of AUGUST.

Remember what we wrote about AUGUST (HOTLY HISTORICAL. * You’ll Remember this AUGUST 2017 the rest of your Life!)

An “Important Ruler goes Down”

President Trump makes “The Decision”.

The IMF is “Done”

The “World” gets a Massive, Historical “Shocker of Shockers”

Get out of the Stock Market, with your skin, while you still can…..you have a few more days.

Who’s your Daddy?…..it’s NOW, President Trump. Bingo!…..your BEST Friend. TRUMP WINS BIG!……Now, and in the end.

800 #’s & ATM’s…….never mind. (Think “airborne”…”digital”….”transparent”.

The United States makes “History” with a complete, unexpected “Reversal”. (It’ll be OK….)

The “Weather”……suddenly speaks LOUDLY…..and might just rain….. “Money”.

Pray for Peace “Everywhere”.

REMEMBER. When Iraq says, “In the Coming Days”, it ALWAYS historically means -

FROM 30-60 DAYS FROM WHEN THEY SAID IT. Remember this. It’s consistent….

There’s a big difference between “In a FEW days”, and “In the COMING days”….

“A FEW days, means next week”. “In the COMING days, means a few Weeks”: 30-60 days.


ANAL-YSIS: We rolled our dice. We threw our cards. We peered into our Deep Purple glass ball. We looked into the Cosmos. We swung our pendulum. We muscle-tested the Experts. We took a journey into another dimension. We asked the Holy Man-Woman. We channeled a Master from the Future. We had a long discussion with the Eagle. We texted Sean Spicer. We implored the God of all Gods, as well as, the immortal Zeus, We shot tequila with some of our Enemies, We colluded with a band of trickster renegades hiding out in the forgotten oil fields of the middle east low-lands with low-lifes, We sent an “Urgent” telegram to the RV gods……..and then we ran out the back door naked, through the backyard and jumped in the water, for a cool, refreshing summer swim with the Dolphins……and here are the Sexy Solutions, Timeframes, Opinions & Guesses we came up with:

We’re NOT going to give you “a Date”.

We ARE going to give you “DATES” & circumstantial circumstances. (Yes, we’re throwin it all up against the wall & seeing what sticks).

“Rates” are against our Religion…. (Secretly, they’re like Popcorn)

*** Iraq will OFFICIALLY & Substantially raise the value of their currency, make it Public, and make it Internationally tradable, so that you can go down to your local whatever, and exchange it into other foreign currencies, such as the U.S. Dollar, some day. WHEN?

Here are our Probability Factors of occurrences. (We’re NOT going to Prove or Justify WHY we’re giving these fictitious gobble-d-goop Prophesies, for you can READ & LISTEN to all the “Facts” from all the other Guru’s & Experts in abundance, post after post, call after call, etc. - they’re all over the place)

HERE WE GO: (In honor of: HereWeGo)

ON A SCALE OF 1 - 10….(10 being the band Nirvana) :
JULY 28-31st: On a scale of 1-10 for Iraq to RV their currency this weekend - We give it a “1.8”
AUGUST 1-7th: -9.9 (s@$%! hits the fan)
AUGUST 8-15th: 0.5 (Recovery & New Openings emerge. New Stuff. NEW.)
AUGUST 16-23rd: 8.8 (New FACTUAL Light is shed from the shadows & smiles are everywhere. But there’s still a Fly in the ointment)
AUGUST 24-31st: 9.9 (Get this Party STARTED! There’s somebody NEW in town)
SEPTEMBER 1-7th: 9.99 (who’s payin what? WHAT? You’re Kiddin me?)
SEPTEMBER 8-15th: 9.999 (Wait for it)
OCTOBER - PARTY on the Patio!
NOVEMBER - Who cares?
DECEMBER - You’re “Santa Claus” (or something similar)

We would like to THANK all the other “Money Chasing Guru’s & Pontificating Information Spewers” out there, for their Hard work, Perseverance, Tenacity, Patience, Dedication, Grit, Failures, Concern, Magic, Leadership, Education, Condescending-ness, Love, Confusion, Mistakes, Egoism, Facts, Proof, Convincing-ness, Spirit, Greed, Godly-Goddessness, Effort, and CONTRIBUTIONS to this entire Experience. Who are we talking about specifically right now?:

Simon Black, Rex Tillerson, Frank26, IQD Calls, Breitling, Mountain Goat, Currency 365, Rayren TNT, Delta, Caller 865 (404), those who have passed on, and those we mistakenly - purposely missed or left out.

* We especially Thank Dinar Recaps, for being the “Pinnacle” of all pinnacles in Professionalism, Integrity, Balance, Hard Work & Humanitarianism, in this fun rat race, called “Dinarland” - “What’s What, Who’s Who, How Much is How Much, and WHEN’S WHEN?”

We’re ALL more “Learn - ed”, as a result….AND evolved….(not to mention that most are pretty Pissed Off, and have been for some time.”
RIP everyone.

Remember the “Subliminal Man”, from Saturday Night Live, in days gone by? (See?)

Did you enjoy your BS for Today?
We know you’re reading our garbage…….all you sneaky “opposite flip-floppers”.

Party on Garth……the money will fall on you too, indiscriminately, as well as, some other things, and rightly so. We’re Not in Charge……of Everything……that is.

​We aint done……and it aint over yet, (we jus love sayin “aint", for some reason)

Could we just get a Big, Healthy AMEN!


P.S.: We’ll probably Change some things by tomorrow.

These are voyages of the starship “Dr. Clarke”…….and our Holy Opinions, Views, Nonsense, Beliefs and “Everything that means Nothing”, as is written herein.

Serious-lessly Folks, it aint DONE yet, till the $$$ is showing on your Bank Screen, with your name at the top……and even then, get the majority of it OFF those “Bank” screens, ASAP!

Go Forth and make those solid Vacation plans, NOW….in our Blasted Opinion.

(Re-read all this BS over again, 101 times, till you Dream it in your Dreams.

It’s been our Pleasure. You’ll see “Nirvana”.……(not the band)
(Go back and add up all the NUMBERS, all you calculator-button-pushing, geniuses).

Oh….HAPPY FRIDAY!….Smashingly Exciting FRIDAY’s….to come.

Hey. Quit Feeling Sorry for yourself, and GET BUSY! You’re still BREATHING.
Be Gentle with Yourself, in these times of Question.
Tis the Season.
“ILLOGICALLY” speaking.
Do it NOW!….If you Choose.


(Boston-Read Lyrics please, as you sing along):


It has been reported that the activation of Mastercards and the ATM's will be in the coming days!  They are expecting a major price change for the Iraqi citizen's goods and services due to more purchasing power.  In an effort to increase the growing economy, no taxes were announced for all foreign companies engaging in commerce.

Heather Update #6, 28 JULY

1.27.18  Comment on I UV “I would like to ask the moderator of this forum to rally all our brothers and sisters tonight @ 10PM EST to release our synchronized energy wave to Heather and Randy.
Love is a Divine Currency. Let’s exchange it freely toward another another for the deliverance of humanity. And don’t leave home without it.”

7.27.17  Heather’s Case Manager is Ms. Reid- Please hold her in Loving Energy .

[10:18:40 AM] lisa s: Okay – for a bit of clarity to Bill’s update.   will be providing me with a couple ” good dc lawyers” for Heather’s situation NOW.  He is in agreement that Heather needs an expert in UCC Law – it is Banking.

He said his source – a banker in NY – said that there are not many lawyers on the planet who are well versed/experts in UCC Law – which is the bible of banking.  However, the banker does know one and I confirmed with him my understandings – as follows – to which he answered ‘Yes’ to each one:

1) I understand that you Will provide me a few referrals of good lawyers in DC for Heather’s current matter coming up on Monday

2) I also understand these may not initially include the UCC expert referral – but that your banker friend IS going to give you a name and referral to a UCC expert lawyer

He said he would have this information to me today.

He had seen the updates I posted to him in Skype and I reiterated the Heather’s request was to call ” him” and get her a lawyer NOW.

Yes – He knows.

I told him I would be awaiting his information so that arrangements could be made to hire one of these lawyers while Bill is still in DC, as he has begun to receive funds for Heather’s matters.  Even if the DC lawyer is hired for just a few hours – he would have to be involved with Heather – and that would begin this flow process – until the UCC expert can be retained.

RECAP: Delete Three Zeros = Redenomination, 28 JULY

Mahma Khalil Member of the Iraqi Parliament and official spokesperson of the Economic Committee says an agreement has been reached about the mechanisms of introducing the new banknotes after a series of meetings and discussions with the CBI Governor Dr. Sinan Al Shibibi.

He added the exchange rate between the new banknotes and the old ones would be 1:1,000


 yes Dr. Sinan Al Shibibi  is not the gov of the cbi anymore but Abdul Basit Turki Saeed is


his take on the dinar is to Redenominate aka delete three zeros on  the iraqi currency            link here http://goo.gl/B8VBsH


  Governor of the Central Bank Abdul Basit Turki Saeed said the deletion of zeros is a necessary and useful step to restructure the currency and the economy," noting that "the relevant committees in parliament, called for the need to wait in the project, in order to provide the right conditions and time.

2010 Document - Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction to The United States Congress

Dinar Redenomination

The CBI has announced that it intends to implement a long-planned Redenomination of the Iraqi dinar by eliminating three zeros from the nominal value of banknotes.This process is meant to ease commercial
transactions by reducing errors and confusion that hyper-inflated currencies often cause. Now that Iraq’s inflation rate has achieved a level of stability, the move could serve to bolster confidence in the
country’s currency.

If you need to know what deleting of the three zeros means look no more i have it all right here.



if you go to each link you will see what all the exchange rate from old to new is 1000 to 1 new     looks familiar  ?      Iraqi Dinar    http://goo.gl/d9CeSH

Venezuela - http://goo.gl/bhNxtF

Indonesia - http://goo.gl/RFyUFb

Mexican peso - http://goo.gl/PzwPlf

bulgaria lev - http://goo.gl/MdyD8V

Russian ruble - http://goo.gl/8N1tva

Israel shekels - http://goo.gl/oNsF16

Paraguay guarani - http://goo.gl/AvsKKg

Brazil Real - http://goo.gl/Tsi2ur

Colombia peso - http://goo.gl/X59Q6I

Zambia - http://goo.gl/2SHK52

Afghanistan - http://goo.gl/m8kXn4

here's just a few examples

Thursday, July 27, 2017


7-27-2017   Intel Gurus Frank26 & Delta   On top of the new CBI website you will see some pictures (illustrations).  ...when I looked at those pictures, I thought those could be pictures of the lower denominations. I went back and found the descriptions. One of the new notes will have a picture of the new CBI building – possibly the 100 dinar bill.  Teams are 99.9% sure these illustrations will be represented on the LD’s.  It is very possible that the LD’s are about ready to come out.   The ATM’s will not only dispense LD’s – but GOLD!  ATM machines are STATE-OF-THE-ART – far more advanced than what American’s have seen.  Education for the citizens is happening.  The software in the ATM machines – that was put into the machines a long time ago … and it does NOT recognize the 3 zero notes! THAT WAS AN IMF REQUIREMENT! They have LD’s inside of them. They are LOADING THEM!!!  ...these NEW machines...will they also dispense coins/fils? YES!   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

7-27-2017   Intel Guru Rayren98
   It has been reported that the activation of Mastercards and the ATM's will be in the coming days!  They are expecting a major price change for the Iraqi citizen's goods and services due to more purchasing power.  In an effort to increase the growing economy, no taxes were announced for all foreign companies engaging in commerce.

7-27-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   13 years ago, in 2004, one week after DeLeRue commissioned to print the IQD, I purchased mine. I understood what was to happen due to another experience with another country.  One day I believe that Iraq will raise the value of their currency – or I certainly wouldn’t be wasting my time.  It’s part of the Marshall plan...  Our friend in Iraq says that the speed of things happening in Iraq are moving SO FAST!   Do you realize that by turning on the ELECTRICITY they TURNED-ON the MONETARY REFORM?   ...the electricity has been turned on...and IMO...the MR has been turned on.  The dinar seems to be “international” – although we don’t see Article VIII.  Many Iraqi’s (that fled Iraq) are now going to be able to receive funds via international banks...which is a international transaction.   

7-27-2017   Newshound Guru Adam Montana   NOBODY is going to be able to call a "date" on this.  We are close. I love... no, I LOVE... where we are right now. But that doesn't mean I can tell you it will be tomorrow, next week, next month, "soon", or never[ In everything that I have read I have not seen any mention being made about the Iraqi assembly voting on the latest version of the HCL...are there other factors which still stand in the way of this critical piece being enacted?]  There really is not any ONE thing that is holding this up... it's just a waiting game. It's confusing and maddening and that's exactly the way it should be, according to Iraq. They don't want anyone to know when they will RV. Nobody will know. Period.  [post 2 of 2]

7-27-2017   Newshound Guru Adam Montana  My optimism in this venture is not waning, nor is it diminished even slightly. We have nothing but positives to consider at the moment.  The cold hard truth is this: Iraq had a long road to travel. They have stood the test of time, they have marched forward through amazing troubles, and they are still heading in the "right" direction. But at no time in history, and at no time in the future, will they EVER tell us the "date" that they will do what they are bound to do at some point.  At some point, they will raise the value. This is undeniable. But if they will do it tomorrow, or next Tuesday, or in a month or a year? We will never know that.  I am going to say something with absolute conviction right now. This is absolute, no possible way to refute it, it is ABSOLUTE just like gravity pulls you towards the earth.  With all my connections, with my decades of international communication and (I don't even know how many airmiles) of travel, my past and present work and friendships with bankers, CEOs, politicians and more... I will tell you this..