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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR

Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 28 2017

Compiled 12:07 am EDT 28 May 2017 by Judy Byington

A. May 27 2017 10:54 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "Bumpy" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Saturday - May 27, 2017

1. UST raided by Republic forces tonight preparing for RV release (after midnight?).


B. May 27 2017 10:52 pm EDT "The Plan" One Who Knows: "The Domino Plan!" - One Who Knows - 5.27.17

1. Clearly this plan is so complex that it MUST roll out in a STAGED SEQUENCE of events. EVERYTHING that happens, requires something before it to happen, and then leads to something after it happening.

2. In setting up the GCR, there had to be a new Financial system, there had to be gold that was saved and horded for thousands of years, there had to be laws in place, special software, quantum satellites, taking over of the military by the NPTB, and thousands of hours of special training before the first exchanger steps through the door.

3. The NPTB had to take down the Cabal's upper management and remove them. Neutralize all nuclear weapons, change out the Governments, take away all their financing, their money supply, take away their control over the money supply, take away their influence over any governments of the World, build cases against them, and finally bring in the Restored Republic which will now prosecute the all under the new Laws of the land.

4. The "cases" against the Cabal have already been made. I am sure that the arrest warrants are already signed and standing ready for execution. Some sort of Disclosure will have to happen at the same time of just before they are taken down, so that people are not freaked out about it when it starts. Of course there will be "Replacements" standing by to take over their jobs and responsibilities and those are already :"Set Up" and in position when this goes down, so to speak.

5. The exchanges are already going as I type this. Frankly I am in the Last segments and I am expecting to be notified at any time.

6. After I and the other intel providers go, the next will be (the GCR) going Live and the new rates being posted on the official government websites.

7. This will be followed by the remaining exchangers getting appointments and exchanging.

8. The GCR, the Republic, NESARA/GESARA and Disclosure, etc, are already set up as well. While I don’t know the exact order, I do think that the GCR will happen first.

9. Some of these main events may go at the same time, but that has not been revealed yet. All is planned and ready to happen in quick succession!

10. All is well and rolling out as I write this! Nothing to do but sit back and watch the fireworks as they happen in real time. You will either get a personal notification about the 800#s, or you will get it by email and/or off the website. Either way, you are going to exchange!!!


C. May 27 2017 10:19 pm EDT Intel Bluwolf: "Be Vigilant" - Bluwolf Intel Update 5-27-17

The only point of focus for all DINARIANS now is to be vigilant for the 800 number. It should be available VERY SOON NOW. Na'maste Bluwolf


D. May 27 2017 10:32 pm EDT Remember the White Hats who sacrificed for us: Memorial Day: Remembering those Who Sacrificed their Lives for us


E. May 27 2017 6:21 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: GCR/RV Intel SITREP - 6:00 PM EDT - Saturday - May 27, 2017

1. Exchange center staff were openly being told that the RV goes tonight May 27 2017. "Kiss your family's goodbye until it's over."

2. Final screen rates on ZIM have been locked in (not flashing) and are equivalent to CNY as predicted - which makes the (CNY rate of the Zim) the temporary reserve currency of the entire African Union.

3. Similar expectations are for the structure of the IQD, which means the entire Middle East has also gone into fiscal partnership with the Chinese.

4. RV currency platform trade tiers have been pre-set and agreed to by all countries, and go as high as $125,000 for the ZIM (permanent reserve currency of the African Union).

5. Any amount negotiated with exchange location staff will be later sold at a higher price on the sovereign market, or it is a Win/Win/Win situation for all.

6. Because the Chinese Elders have created the new digital, quantum global financial system they will actually make money on every redemption, every currency - over the years - regardless of the negotiated terms, including any sovereign rate for the ZIM.

7. The Iraqi Ramadan extensions were all pump fakes to reveal ISIS, Daesh, Mossad final mass destruction operations.

8. The "bad guys" are completely lost and demoralized we are told.


F. May 27 2017 11:07 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: GCR/RV Intel SITREP - 10:00 AM EDT - Saturday - May 27, 2017

Ramadan was conveniently moved back three days and now will begin around noon EDT today May 27.

This sets up the entire world for a Sat. night May 27 to Sun. morning May 28 release when all banks and markets are closed worldwide.

America is completely distracted with the first summer holiday, Memorial Day weekend.

Banks and redemption centers were told be ready anytime today Sat. May 27.


G. May 26 2017 TNT Tweet:

1. Iraqi TV: Mosul was down to two districts. Full scale assault on Old City and remaining districts, neighborhoods and villages. The “public-based” full liberation of Mosul was expected later this evening May 26.

2. The leaders were saying that Mosul would be liberated before Ramadan, and that would start national reconciliation and economic reform.

3. Iraqi TV: Reforms were being discussed yesterday May 25 and today May 26.

4. The Iraqi lower denomination notes were supposed to be distributed this week.

5. US: The banking community was on an all-time high with expectancy. Their train of thought is this will “probably” lead to some type of private exchanges over the weekend and then possibly a full public exposure after May 30. (?)


H. May 26 2017 Bluwolf tidbit: Expect Dinar @ $30.00


I. May 26 2017 WSOMN AdminBill "RV has slowed down": BREAKING~ AdminBill Says RV has SLOWED DOWN! 5/26/17

There appears to be another possible slow down (not confirmed) that will move the event initiation to the middle of next week.


Cole:  imo, all we await for Mosul is A's announcement. Anything else is full of half truths and old news (imo) watch for actions only at this point folks that's what I've been doin for about a month now.

Frank and iTeams. Fabulous job recently! And I understand why you have no new files. We just await activation and study what they don't do/say... their actions... and that's all there is left.

66GTO:  Before I went to bed last night I was listening to fox, the guy said that president Trump just returned from his global  reset.

Samson:  Trump: We have brought billions of dollars from the Middle East

2017/5/28 0:03

Conclude US President Donald Trump on Saturday, a foreign tour lasted nine days to the Middle East and Europe, the most prominent axes of the economy and the fight against terrorism and NATO.

He wrote Trump tweets on his Twitter that his visits brought billions of dollars to the United States from the Middle East, and that this would mean creating more jobs in the country. "
US economy grew faster than expected in the first quarter of the current fiscal year by 1.2 percent, because of the significant increase in corporate spending and consumers.

and the acceleration of the growth of US jobs in April and dropped the unemployment rate to its lowest level since 10 years to reach 4.4 percent.

the Trump visited Saudi Arabia last Saturday and attended the summit on American - Islamic.

US President signed during a visit to Riyadh agreements and deals Tate Oz worth $ 400 billion between the United States and Saudi Arabia include 110 billion defense sales to the queen.



Bglight3:  Is Iraq testing the electronic banking and payment system to make sure the system works to see if there are any bugs in it before the switch is flipped???!!! 

Don961:   Iraq announces salary payments

5 hours ago economy 38 Visit

Rafidain Bank announced on Sunday, for the directorates of education Rusafa first employees pay the salaries of the first and second and third and Karkh in Baghdad.
The Information Office of the Bank said in a statement, "that the bank has to pay the salaries of the staff of the directorates of education after the arrival of their instruments."

The statement noted, that "the exchange has been through one of the electronic payment tools."


Sirenfire:  Look there were only 3 neighborhoods left and here you see that they stormed them all!

Army forces stormed three neighborhoods and a hospital in Mosul Ayman

Announced the commander of operations are coming , O Nineveh , Lieutenant -General Abdul Amir Yar God Saturday for breaking into three neighborhoods and a hospital in the right coast of the city of Mosul.

Yar said God , in a statement received by the agency N. news reporting, a copy of it, " The army forces stormed Shifa district hospital and the Republican right in the coast of the city of Mosul."

He added Yar God, that "federal police forces stormed Zndjeli neighborhood and anti - terrorism forces stormed the first health district on the right coast."

Security forces have been locked in nearly seven months of fierce battles in the province of Nineveh to liberate them from organizing "Daesh" who spent it on the left coast ,while still exists in some areas of the coast right.




SUNDAY, MAY 28, 2016 @ 8 PM CST (9 PM ET)

DIAL IN: 641-715-3865 PIN 894786

PLAYBACK: 641-715-3868 PIN 894786 (after the call)


TNT: Elmerf123456 "From Across the Pond" 5/27/17

Elmerf123456:  From across the Pond....A call with one of the Iraqi Counter Terrorism fighters in west Mosul ended quickly. "This is zero hour, this is the end, gotta go bro"

DollarBill9:  ELMER who said this is ZERO hour please ......you or the contact

Elmerf123456:  Contact of course…. I'm only the messenger! But in terms of the defeat of their enemy, I couldn't be more excited.....what follows next? We shall certainly see.

Elmerf123456:  It's officially over when in your hands you see a deposit slip. Then the work really begins.

CharlieOK:  CNN reporting that the GOI is saying the 100 percent of Mosul imminent and will report when they are ready to report it…… saying that the 100 percent liberation.... Getting exciting when CNN is reporting it.