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Monday, January 20, 2014



1-20-2014   Intel Guru Studley
    The misinformation has reached a fever pitch, read between the lines, for security reasons, and so certain groups can't sabotage the momentum. THE RATES AND DATES WILL NOT BE RELEASED, GIVEN HINTS ABOUT, OR SHOWN UNTIL THE VERY LAST MINUTE.  Be very encouraged at this time, we have the perfect financial and political environment for what we are looking for... and know prosperous times are coming very soon!   [post 2 of 2]

1-20-2014   Intel Guru Studley
   This global reset is progressing as it should be. The process is painstaking and tedious, there have been many adjustments and corrections along the way. Are there setbacks, and roadblocks, of course, but the people in charge have addressed and corrected all issues in their way so far. They have been able to detect and correct problems a lot quicker, which is a great sign!  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

1-20-2014   Newshound Guru Millionday
   they need a date too --- it is hard to plan out a business plan if you only know change is a comin`...this is great news...moving to opening up the economic market and the stock market.  [DO they need to have an international recognized currency to open up the stock market?yes,  they do.  [so they are sharing the plan, but not the time frame?]  yes,  that is right -- the plan but not the date but they have said that they need the date released.   [post 2 of 2]

1-20-2014   Newshound Guru Millionday
   Article quote:  "the state administration economic adviser in the Prime Minister Dr. Abdul Hussein Al-Anbuge between the "efficiency lies in the private sector, not in the state administration"    remember the heart of a healthy economy is the private sector -- this is noting that they are moving it forward fast.  they are prepared and have a plan they are following as written.  ...other experts from outside of iraq have helped them in getting everything set for placing themselves on the stock market and to activate it all as it is planned.


TNT Call 20-Jan-2014
There was chitchat before Tony came on – Pam and RayRen, I think.  Pam asked people to go to the radio broadcast if possible rather than the conference call lines (which are full).
Pam asked for those watching the chat NOT to type during the call.  The Mods are transcribing, and they will ban you if you type at the same time.
Tony: Pam’s got me up late this morning after a great time last night!  So I’m not really awake, and this may be a rough call.
Good morning, TNT!  It’s the 20th of January, Monday morning.
Once again, I wasn’t going to make the call today.  It’s MLK’s birthday, and he and JFK are some of the most respected people in my lifetime.  Both had more concern for the people than for their own agendas.  It was all about equality for everyone – all for one and one for all, us together, the UNITED States of America, not the privileges states of America.
We’re going to have a  plan of action and od the right thing.  I got phone calls over the weekend and this morning saying, “Hey, can you just calm everybody down.  Stop threatening.” I agree with that – nobody should be threatening anyone.  I don’t want you to do that.  I did ask you to contact people who should know, so that we could remove all excuses of “I don’t know”.  However, it doesn’t make sense to call people and threaten them/their families.  That doesn’t make sense to anyone.  That is not how you do business.  You are going to be millionaires, and that’s not what you do.
What you do want to is to get across a certain message.  All the three-letter agencies have people who are supporting us, some are whistle-blowers and they will be protected.  I don’t want it to come to that;  I hope they will do the right thing.  But I can tell you what we are looking at:  they’ve had their money since Thanksgiving, and when they started telling their friends and family.  They had a superfantastic Black Friday and Christmas. They’re not hurting any:  they got new cars and houses, they went on vacations.  There are no Bentleys left, because they bought them!  They went out there and made sure they gave their friends the money and bought what they wanted.  They’re not hurting – but we are.  It’s not right or fair.  Even if they aren’t going to give you the $32, they could be giving you something for your sacrifice.
I asked you to call your Senators and congressmen and let them know how this is hurting you.  Word is coming back to me that they don’t care!  They don’t care how sad, tired, sick or unemployed you are.  But they do want to hear what you plan to change the world if you get the exchange.  They are not going to spend any of their new money in this bad economy, how you are going to change the world, but they are not going to spend their money.  They don’t want to hear your crying, but what you are going to do.
If you are on an airplane and the oxygen mask drops down, you need to put your mask on first before helping others.  How can they expect us to help others when we need help first?!  You should hear about the suffering because the people we want to help are suffering.  It makes no sense that they want to put that message out!
The right thing is that we need to receive the $32 so that we can do that good.
I now for a fact, from bank people, that they are still people out on Saturday;  they are still paying out, but they are not paying YOU.  I hate doing these calls.  This is a good thing.  For three years we have been looking forward to a good thing, and seeing what we could do for our families.  The IMF fought for this, saying we wanted to give this to the American people, and now we have to wade through this nonsense… it’s not right.
Here’s the deal:  they are going to come out with something.  With Who Moved My Cheese, one after another moved the cheese.  They were planning to offer it at $3 and all the funds would jump on it, and the rate would go up, and eventually go down again.  They are using these rates and the timeframe to abuse you.  They cut down the rate and the time, and that is not right.  Someone has to do something about this, but all they are doing is having the meetings about the meetings about the meetings.
It’s a holiday, and no one is in their office.  Hey, it’s only 50,000 dinarians on the call, and they can handle those calls.  You need to show them who you are.  However, we do not need to go public. I heard a group of people are getting ready to picket the bank – DON’T DO THAT.  Don’t talk to the press or TV personalities, please  Just don’t.  We are not looking to do that here.  We are not there.  Something is happening, but we don’t know what it is. 
However, three dollars is not right, and we need to get that message to the banks, bank employees, etc.  Talk to everyone you gave dinar to, or plan to give dinar to.  We are going to hear something, but if we don't, we need to call them one at a time until we get a million people talking to them.  When MLK wanted change, he did it peacefully.  They marched down the street, and it swelled and swelled.  Remember the Million Man March?  We’re going to have a million phone calls and emails so that they KNOW how many are suffering and how this is affecting their lives.  I’m not talking about going in the streets and going public, but calls and emails telling them how this is affecting us.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing this morning, that they didn’t care how we are suffering.
We know that we are going to do the right thing.  We don’t need your advice to do that;  we’re already going to do that.  What we need is for you to be fair.  If we don’t see something tomorrow, I will have another call.  They obviously don’t care because they keep doing it.  Before they were trying to be sneaky.  Now they know we know, and they continue to do it, and that is a slap in the face.  We helped them do this!  We brought people in here for the last few years, keeping everybody interested, just like they did!  This is a global event:  it’s not just affecting us but a lot of people.
Just do the right thing:  if you can’t give them $32 dollar, give them something, but not $3, that is just not right.  Don’t do it for eight hours only, that is not right.
DC:  MLK is a wonderful American who shows the right way to end a horrendous part of our culture.  He did a wonderful thing;  he stood for equality, for people who didn’t have the right sized bank account or even the ability to vote!  He did so in a peaceful, professional matter, on a global scale.
We know what is going on.  Starting December 1, many politicians and connected people exchanged.  It was just supposed to be for a day or two before it was announced to us.  Most of them are appalled that this has happened, but now they are part of it.  Then all their friends got involved, and the administration let 50,000 people cash out.  They let it drag on, then a few weeks ago someone said that to bring the next tier “as a test”.  That was supposed to be a thousand people, not 50,000.  Even that was already, but tens of thousands of people cashed out, and these are the people who don’t need it!  Most are quite wealthy already and don’t need it, and it’s blocking us from exchanging.
There are contract rates for a FIRST group of people.  The international agencies encouraged the banks to give it to the ordinary people.  They said, “Okay, we get it, and we will…” but it keeps on cashing out the wealthy while holding off the official revaluation!  We know that everything works, but they still hold off with the official RV, which is affecting the entire world and especially Iraq.  Just because we are not in the connected class, our dinar don’t count!  There comes a point when privilege becomes oppressive, and you know that’s not right.  We understand tests, but the way this is going on is unbelievable.  STOP IT!  The people doing it, this is going to bite them in the ass because it is not right.
If you think you can sweep this under the rug, you’ve got another problem.  We’ve been talking to agencies, government, banks at all levels.  We have memos and written proof, and if we have to take it to those legal levels, then you will lose.  People are so frustrated that they are ready to take it public.  But if we go on CNN, then it will most likely get paused for a very long time.  We don’t want this, we want it to be officially announced so we can exchange.  The $3 rate is a slap in the face to all of us who have been waiting, especially when your friends have cashed out at $32.  All around the world, my friends are saying “this is dirty”. 
Guys, do the right thing.  Just go forward and get it done.
Tony:  I don’t know what else to do.  We have been supportive, we have done exactly what the agencies told us to do.  We bought dinar years ago, and done what they asked.  Why should we do all the right things so that they can do the wrong things?  To start out at $3 would be a total slap in the face.  They know this is wrong, but their position is “Well, what are you going to do about it?”
I’ve seen some crooked stuff in the military and government;  that’s how they operate.  But to do this again to your own people, to the same people who will be putting the money in their banks.  They want their rich friends to be richer, not because they need it but because they will give it to the bank to look after.  The bank wouldn’t have spit out their names unless they already had millions in the bank – they don’t need more!
First caller:  We are the people!  We want what’s fair!  I want to say to all of you at TNT how all this affects me.  I’ve given dinar to my family and friends;  they don’t believe the government, and I don't want to go back to them and tell them what is happening.  I used to work as a fund-raise and organizer for my state, and I saw what goes on.  I dropped out of that because it saddened me what I see in government. 
Tony:  I agree. This is the worst thing that could have happened.  Their families sacrificed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they are still sending them.  I guarantee you they’re not sending their kids over there, but they are benefiting from our sacrifice.  It’s going to happen.  And they are not going to have to pay that money back, which they will if this has to be investigated.  We have the history documented from the last three years:  we have documents and people, and every one will tell the story.  The question is:  what rate will they do it?  How fair will they be?
An east coast banker called me at the weekend;  he said a guy came into the bank to talk about dinar, and he tells them about dinar (he has dinar).  The bank told him to inform those people about dinar, then suspended him for telling them about dinar!  How stupid is that?!  That is what the banks are doing with their own employees right now.  You don’t fire people for telling the truth, or for getting the dinar that the customers have already got!  There is so much corruption going on, and the banks say “It’s just business.” 
The last three calls should never have been made.  It’s just not right.
Caller:  A suggestion:  if they come out at the street rate, I’ll exchange at the dealers and keep my money out of the banks.
Tony:  But you still have to put the money somewhere, and that is usually a bank.  We’ll do the right thing afterwards, maybe set up our own bank.
New caller:  My first time ever getting through;  it’s a blessing.  I’m so glad we have someone like you helping us with this.  I’m appalled with how banks/government is handling this.  I know if you are in a corporation you don’t necessarily knowing how everyone else is working, but how can Obama not know about this?  And if so, how can he let this happen?
Tony:  I’m puzzled about that, too.  His platform is supporting the middle class, and that is us!  This is a great opportunity to do just that, because the newly rich will use their money to take care of each other and our communities.
Caller:  They have benefited from all this, but still cutting funds for poor people.  They are pocketing this while others suffer!  We need to remember this at election time.  The American dream is that you can come here, even if you’re poor, and that is not happening here! 
Tony:  I agree.  When is enough, enough.  The bankers can all go to jail and we can swap out the politicians;  there is a time in November when we can take action on this.  You’re right:  they are idiots.  They could have stopped this already, put some kind of money in people’s pockets.  We can argue about it later. 
Next caller – 210 – good morning.  The line is open… turn your speaker off!
Tony:  What is your secret to getting on this call every time? 
Caller:  I don’t get on the call every time, but I do frequently.  I appreciate what you are doing, understand everything you are staying.  My family needs this very badly, but my focus has always been on St Jude’s Hospital, Wounded Warriors and the money that will go to the churches.  This will affect thousands of people, not just my family.  Most of us feel the same way, it’s not just self-serving;  it’s about the homeless, the hungry, the abused.  The exciting thing about this is that it will affect multitudes, not just my family.   Ms. Lagarde, just pull the trigger, even at the international rate, so that I can help these people.
Tony:  People are hurting when the don’t need to be, because of greed.  We are going to be affecting so many people who don't’ even have dinar.  If five thousand people start new businesses with this money, we are affecting so many people in their lives, why are they holding this up?  It’s just not right.
Caller:  The part that gets me the most is that I see so many people who are sick and pass away before this comes to fruition.  That saddens me deeply.  My biggest fear is that something happens to me before I can put this into play.  Let’s get this done, Tony!
Tony:  That is true for so many of us.  Up until 1 December there was nothing we could do about that.  But since then the bankers have paid out all those people, and we could get paid and we haven’t been paid… and people are sick and dying… that part is wrong.  Knowing that people are sick – my mother is sick, sitting in hospital, my family is going through the same thing.  Many parents are older, they are hurting… I understand and feel that same pain.  It’s not about me, at all.  It’s not even about my kids, because they are spoiled rotten anyway.  It’s about two things:  My parents and what I would love to do for them, and about my next 2-3 generations, how I don't’ want them to suffer the way we did.  It’s about the people whose lives we can change with this money, all the kids I want to give a super Christmas too.  I want every kid to have their dreams, be able to do things, and all that is gone because of their greed.  We could be affecting people’s lives every day, but we’re not because of their greed.


713, good morning
Caller:  I honestly believe that this is not the underlying thing.  It’s none of their business how we spend our money;  it’s another delaying tactic.  I’m blessed, but I really need this, too;  I'm a widow and a senior citizen, and I need it, too.  It’s so disheartening. 
After this is over, will Ray have seminars on trusts and foundations?
Tony:  That’s what he tells me.  He loves doing it, though I think he’s out of his mind!
Caller:  I am praying for you and your family, and that your mother recovers really soon.
Tony:  tomorrow we will be out in force, letting our congress people and bankers know that it's not right.  Three dollars is just not right, and it upsets me even to think about it.  But again, we are not going to threaten them or their families.  We need to be professional, and let them know that we know what they are doing.  Call or email, and have those around you do the same.
718, good morning
Caller:  I’m very frustrated.  We are just the beneficiaries of a great thing but it seems we are being locked out from the benefits of it.  A lot of us are hurting, with sick kids and no money to pay for treatment.  My son needs a blood transfusion and I cannot pay for it!  They are just playing with our lives and being greedy.  It’s ridiculous.  They need to do the right thing and meantime we wait.
Tony:  We know they continued to pay people out over the weekend, so clearly they haven’t heard us yet, so we need to turn up the volume.  They are going to do it eventually, so why should we continue to suffer while they cash out all their friends?  If you know what you are going to do anyway, why not do it now?  Or a month ago?
Caller:  I understand that there are certain levels, but they need to let the people have something.  There are people who died for this process:  give them something.
Tony:  It’s not like we are asking for something we don’t deserve…  When it comes time, we’ll talk about how to do this thing and what to do afterwards.
New caller 404:  good morning
Caller:  We are the people and we will be heard!  When will CL come back and say “enough is enough”.  Also, how will this impact the international financial meetings at the end of this month?  Do we know if the UST has exchanged the dinar they hold in reserve?  Because that will affect employment, etc.
Tony:  We got a message from Iraq yesterday:  throughout the country, all the people have money on their cards.  But they still want to stand up and say our money is international.  They are upset about, and other countries are as well.  It’s not even our government holding this back now, they have released it to the banks, and now THEY are holding it up.  The BIS and the IMF expect things to happen tomorrow, or else.  I hear things all over the internet, because they cannot shut that down.  So if this goes viral, this will be over.  I don’t understand why they are letting it go on like this.  It’s like snow going downhill;  once that becomes an avalanche, you cannot control it any longer.  So don’t let people roll that snowball down the hill, especially if you can prevent it.  The BIS and IMF have highly recommended that something be done by tomorrow, as I understand it, yes.
I’m trying to read some texts as we go along.
DC:  More positively, I know we have been concentrating on this incredible injustice, just because we are not political donors or already rich.  It’s just to wrong on every level.  On the more positive side, let’s focus on what it will do for us personally and around the globe.  Many are just heart-breaking in their financial troubles.  Since December, this has been in our hands to solve a lot of those issues.  Once this gets moving, it’s going to be incredible.  Many people will turn in their notice, and that will free up those jobs for others.  Many will buy a house, a car, and that will help the economy.  So it will help those needing jobs, plus the salesmen and shop keepers where we buy things – they will have more money, too.  This will have a tremendous effect on the economy – it’s breathtakingly amazing in terms of how unemployment will go down, and the economy will go up.  What does an 8% increase in GDP look like?  There will be plenty of money for everyone, most of the employment issues will go away, and the skills gap will diminish because companies can afford to train their people.  In every state, in the country as a whole and in many foreign countries, this will have a tremendous effect.  Iraq will be a beacon of stability and capitalism in the Middle East, because they are ready for reconstruction.  This will be an incredible benefit for many who haven’t even heard of dinars.  Why do we have to wait for any arbitrary?  You’ve got the staffing, security, systems and it’s ready to go… so let’s go!
Tony:  You’re right.  I hate making these calls.  I used to love them because I could give you information about the dinar, government, banking.  They were a great opportunity to educate the people… but now all I can tell you is how you are being cheated by people who don’t care.  If we have to send that sad message, then… at some point you have to do what you have to do and see where that ends up.  It makes me sick to even think about doing that.  They are making the decisions, and they can still make that decision but instead they keep having meetings.  It’s not Groundhog Day, but people just meet to have meetings, with no action coming out.  Meanwhile, the money is being collected and the richer are getting richer, while they have meetings.  Eventually they will get it that people aren’t as dumb as they think.
New caller:  told my mom about this at the weekend. Both parents have been here since the Mayflower and the Revolution, and this make them sick.  My mother suggested contacting our Congress people.  Otherwise, is this mainly WF or are they only a part?
Tony:  Don’t want to single out WF, but yes, they are a  part of this.
Caller:   DC, when you said for us to let it go, that mainly spoke to me about the GCR rather than just the dinar.  What are you asking for?  Let all four currencies go at once, or what?
DC:  It’s all ready to go at any minute and everything’s been taken carry of.  All they have to do is let it go.  There are no problems, it is just sitting, and this for all currencies, not just dinar.  [Tony agreed.]  It’s my understand that all the currencies will go together, so let this thing go!
Caller:  We’ve got a lot of people hurting.  My momma also said to go to your local veteran’s association and get them organized.
Tony:  We are not trying to shame them in public, we just want them to be fair and do what’s right.  I hope to God that the time never comes for that.  We need to have our voice heard;  we will try that tomorrow, and if they don’t listen, we will try the next step.  Going public is the last step.  They obviously don’t think enough people know.  {DC agreed.]
513:  We are the people!  An observation:  everybody’s got to know that there are bank and government people who are going to stand up.  The people doing this to us won’t get away with this.  The people on thei s call can’t be scared to call our Congress people.  Some are caller us whiners and making US the problem for speaking up for ourselves.  We just want to be treated fairly.  They want us to call and tell our sad stories and who we are going to help, as if it’s all about me-me-me.  We need to call and tell them that we know what is going on.  Don’t call just one time;  call every day, or twice a way.  Be respectful and act like you’ve got sense, bu call!  We just want to be treated fairly.
Tony:   Tomorrow we will do just that;  that’s the purpose of this call.  Call them, email them and let them know.  They should be talking to the people who put them in office;  they are supposed to be looking out for us.  “You probably cashed out already, and now you are letting the bankers choose who to let cash out, and not us?!”
Caller:  We can’t let them scare us into not calling, saying that is won’t help the situation. 
DC:  Fundamentally, bankers and politicians work for everyone else.  That’s the bottom line.  Policitians work for their constituents, otherwise they voted out.  The bankers, same thing.  They work to create profit for their shareholders, and if they don't make profits, they get fired.  Don’t fear the system – you are the system. 
Tony:  We are the people, absolutely.  There are more of us than of those piling up money in a vauilt to make daily interest.  That’s a slap in the face and it’s not going happen.
New caller:  On the blog, people have been asking for proof people have been paid out.  I used to be in a group, and I got kicked out, but I know that group got paid out last week. What is this meeting in Switzerland next week?
Tony:  The meeting is about the global economic resest.  They want to do this at the end of this month, just after the meeting.  We’re just waiting to see if they do.  If it’s all done, why are you still holding it?  Because the banks want give it to their privileged clients?  Because of greed?  I don't’ think that’s the message they want to sent out.
Caller:  My attorney said that if you want to make money, you have to follow the rats, meaning the politicians. 
Tony:  We are doing the right things for the right reasons;  we have to do it the right way.  Don’t threaten anyone or their families:  that is not the right way.  The right way is to take away their deniability.  Nobody can say “I didn't know” because there will be records of emails and phone calls.  Any time you can get a million people together, somebody’es going to pay attention.
JUST BE FAIR.  We had so many good things to look forward to, to help… it doesn’t make sense that we have to go through.
New caller:  I’d like to make a comment.  Thank you to you and DC for all you bring here.  At a certain point, your leadership changed to being a big Papa Bear, protecting everybody.  I have a little dinar and dong, and I have no pension;  this is an opportunity to help people in my life, such as single mothers, college students, my synagogue, charities, etc.  I was a teacher for many years, too.  However, I feel these calls are being a bit counter-productive.  You showed us your emotion and compassion and I fear this might be misconstrued.  When you rally us to talk to and email the bank CEOs and Congress people, many people shoot off without thinking and…  We already see petitions, FB posting, etc.  How are we going to control this?  Many people in our history wrote about civil disobedience;  I don’t think we are up for that, but we are working for a common cause.  So when people write, or call, they are affecting thousands of people in this community.
I don’t often write on the board, but I notice that many live on the boards, networking and such. Others come on the boards for information.  We need to make sure people get what they need on the boards, but we also need to give clear direction, without emotion, so they know what to do and how to do it.
Tony:  All that is true;  it’s what I’ve been trying to say myself.  We’re trying to get a professional message across.  So don’t light the match to light the forest fire, or send that snow ball down the mountain. I’ve done all I can do, and they still don’t want to treat you right, so then what?  I hear what you are saying, and tomorrow we need to create a plan.  You’re saying what we shouldn’t do, but I cannot control everybody.  There are idiots out there with selective hearing, as if it’s on open game.  I shouldn't have to say any of it!  I hate these calls;  this is not what I’ve been doing this for the last three years, to have it come down to this.  The calls were to educate people about this opportunity and how to deal with it once we exchange. It gets me upset, every day walking around, because I cannot believe this!
Caller:  If we are a wave, it can be destructive.  If we are a wave, that had power.  We want to empower our children and give them ethics as well.  As one tidal wave, we as a community can be effected.  However, I see people going off half-****ed.  I’d like to see you and your team take the lead rather than having us take the lead;  that would be less dangerous.
Tony:  If it were a military operation, I could put out a draft email and tell you all to send it.  But they already know my voice and my feelings.  They need to hear from ‘we the people’.  We are talking, you and me, and 100,000 people will hear that.  I am agreeing with you, I want everyone to send out the message “treat us fairly” from 100,000 voice, not just ‘the Tony guy’.  A million people know what the banks are doing, and they need to know that.  People will always hear what they want to hear.  Other boards will tell people to do this or that, but the real point is NOT to get there.  Just do the right thing!
631, good morning!  Hello, Tony and Mr. DC!  Do you know who is ahead of us?  How long will the contract rate last?  Will we get exchanged before it runs out?  I suspect there won’t be much left…
DC:  Basically, you are right.  WE have many different time lines we’re being briefed on.  The earliest is Tuesday morning, then Thursday.  It’s not a matter of the procedure;  it’s arbitrary by some people and there is some gamesmanship going on, just to screw with the deadline.  Quite a bit of the contact is already fulfilled;  it depends.  However, the rest of the world is saying to the US “are you kidding?!  You are treating your people badly!”  We hear that the contract quota may be expanded as a result of that pressure.  The plan has always been to allow that contract rate for three to seven days, but the political/banking actions have changed that situation. Does that answer your question?
Caller:  Yes.  Also, I agree with what the previous caller said, and I want to give a shout-out to Bibi.
Tony:  We can go back to that again and again.  She expressed it very well.  I hope it never comes to that, but if it does, I hope their phone rings a million times. It’s more important that they see a million faxes, emails and calls rather have my saying “hey, this is affecting a million people”.  We need to let them know you are real people and this is affecting a million lives, not just me or Ray or DC or Pam.  I just want to go back to having some good calls, educating people and helping them learn.
510, good morning?  How are you?  I’m doing well, and we are the people!  Make me want to holler and throw up both my hands, what they are doing to us.  I have sad stories, but God is sustaining up and I wish the best of everyone.  Hope these officials and meetings understand that they are causing a lot of chaos and pain., and that really makes them look bad!  There is much corruption in the world today.  All I can say is “please have a heart”.  I love you guys and we are going to stick in here, do what we need to do, and do it the right way.
Tony:  I agree.  The other boards are saying we’ll all get in trouble, but no one can get in trouble for calling their Congressmen and telling them how you feel and how you are being affected.  WE don’t want this to go public, we just want this to be fair.  You’re right, and I’ve said it.  The guys from the agencies and banks, the people with the documents, they are all behind us.  For three years we have been putting out information, keeping it smooth. They have been concerned there will be chaos, but they are the ones creating the chaos!  That’s the part I don’t understand. 
203:  good morning! 
Tony:  I want to say ‘superfantastic’, but…
Caller:  We live in CT, the constitutional state, and in America – do you hear that!  My husband and I are middle class, and I read the board, and thank God we’re not going through some of that.  But we have bills, kids in college, I’m a foster mother and I volunteer with hospice.  We want to create college scholarships to support kids with talents and gifts, and their parents cannot afford it.  If they can have compassion who have an animal with a splinter, and you can’t have compassion for that woman who is hurting, then something is wrong with you.  You can’t NOT have compassion when you read what some of our own dinarian family is going through.  And they are saying they don’t want to hear about it?!  Get real!  My husband is from 14 kids, and I’m one of 22;  this is not for us, but for our families.  My son wants to go into the Marines – I don't’ think so, but it’s his choice.  I’ve always felt blessed to live in the US, and I am so disappointed to hear what is going on behind the scenes.  It’s ugly, I don’t like and it’s not right!
DC:  There is a special place in heaven for foster mothers!  Foster parents are incredible people.
Caller: It’s a blessing for me.  We have had 21 foster kids, and they have changed our lives!  Those foster children have changed my children, my husband and my life.  I wish the PTB would just look at the children and how stressed they are… Just have the same compassion as you have for you pets, that’s all I ask.  We are the people.
DC:  We are now in the 30-day window, we just don’t know when it started.   I got a text on that.
Tony:  423?  Good morning!
Caller:  I love your talk on the call, but this makes all of us sick to our stomach.   I hope the 30 days don’t expire before we exchange.  We’ve waited all these years…
Tony:  Nobody will let that happen. That would definitely bring in lawsuits, investigations everywhere, and no one will stand for that.
Caller:  I appreciate all you do, and hope this gets done soon.
Next caller: We are the people!  I’m a retired AF officers.  This is about We the people 
We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.
Tony:  this is supposed to be for the PEOPLE, not the bankers, politicians and all their buddies.  That is what I don’t understand about what’s going on.
Next caller:  If we don’t get the contract rate and don't’ sign the NDA, what will keep our mouths shut?
Tony:  Nothing;  it will be up to us.  We just have to see what goes on.  They know what they are doing, what position they are putting people in.  Even with the other sites, who don’t know what they are talking about, we are talking to ‘them’, letting them know what they need to do for the people.  There are ways we can do this.  When the other boards saying what we are doing this wrong, they no clue about the agencies we are talking to.  We have done everything they asked us to do, and the banks are still doing it.  Why don’t you just release something to the people?!  If you are going to be crooks with buddies, so be it, but give us something!
Caller:  I think they’ll give us 6 or 7 dollars and make us sign an NDA.  I’d rather go for the street rate and NOT sign an NDA.  [I missed a bit here.]
Tony:  This good rate is not going to last forever, and we know that.  Is there a way to counteract what they are setting up?  Yes, and we will do those things.  I only told you what was right, and I want to help people to do what is right. We are caught between a rock and a hard place, but I think it will change in the next 24 hours.
DC:  My company is trying to send pictures of the lower denoms.
Tony:  Our time is over.  DC?
DC:  Bottom line, we have got to be so close this is driving us crazy.  Everybody knows what they are doing is wrong, even they know that, and they can change it instantly.  Everything is right there, and I believe that, if forced, they will do the right thing.  If we get forced into blowing the whistle, that will be the worst thing, so just do the right thing NOW.
Pam:  What’s right is right, what’s wrong is wrong, and we’re glad you are here to help us Tony.
Tony:  Let’s give it 24 hours;  we have a plan, but let’s hope we don’t have to put it into play.  Whatever you do, be respectful.  Don’t abusive or being threatening.  We are still here to help you guys.  We want to do the right thing and for everyone else to do the right thing, too. I hope my call tomorrow will be one of the good ones.



Is the International Monetary Fund Hinting About An Economic Reset?, 20 JAN


Bandit » January 19th, 2014, 10:00 pm  •   Did you see this family?

Good one Sager …3 weeks from Jan. 8th is Jan. 29th Whoo Hoo................ Hmmmm Maybe?????

Sager » January 19th, 2014, 8:24 pm

Is the International Monetary Fund Hinting About An Economic Reset?

January 8, 2014
It has been rumored for quite some time that the economic powers in the world, namely the Bank for International Settlements, The International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank have been working closely with most of the worlds countries on an economic reset.

The idea behind the reset is to prevent a complete collapse of the banking industry worldwide. When one calculates the amount of debt in the world today, the instability of the whole system is obvious.

....So the main components of a reset will consist of a global currency revaluation, a new gold trade settlement system, and improved banking regulations to increase a banks assets and decrease their liabilities. 
The Bank for International Settlements has been slowly and quietly implementing these new regulations, Basel 1, Basel 2, and Basel 3. 

So banks decreasing their liabilities (less leveraging) means a contraction or reduction in the credit supply.

Since credit is another way of saying debt, we can reason that the plan is to have less debt in the world economy. So what happens when every dollar in circulation is a debt dollar? How do you reduce debt without decreasing economic growth?

Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of The International Monetary Fund, speaking from Nairobi today, said that they will be revising upward their forecast on global growth. This new forecast will be made public in 3 weeks. She stated that it was premature to say anything more.

It was only this past October that the I.M.F. issued their last global growth forecast and it was downward for 2014. So what has changed in the last 3 months for the I.M.F. to revise the forecast upward?

If the plan is less leverage, how can we expect growth when the system of money creation is a debt based system? We can micro analyse endless charts and money velocity forever. The fact is our money creation method is debt based and debt is increasing at alarming rates. So what gives?

A global currency revaluation is one of the main components of an overall macro economic reset. The consensus is that the world’s currencies will become partially asset backed and will be revalued to reflect each countries capacity to produce and bring those assets to market.

 In essence, it will be a bastardized version of fiat currencies and commodity currencies. It will be a Frankenstein monstrosity which will lumber around the country side dreaming of becoming real money, like gold or silver. And like the sad and ill-fated beast, it will eventually die the tortured death of things that wanted to be but never could.

That death will most likely occur 10 to 15 years after the currency revaluation, so we need not worry too much about it right now.

A currency revaluation will also mean a downward revalue of the U.S. dollar, which has been the world’s primary reserve currency since 1944. This will leave a geo-political and military hole in the world. In fact, we are already seeing this vacuum being filled in by Russia, China, and the rest of the emerging economies. Remember how suddenly the U.S. backed down on their Syria threats, and started making peace with Iran shortly after. And there are rumors of secret negotiations with Cuba, Hezbollah, and even North Korea.

This rumored reset would have to be one of the most complicated and intricate systems ever attempted. In fact, if one knows where to look, you can see this new system being created just underneath the surface of the old. And like new flesh crawling upwards to cover the bones of the old, the economic reset will happen. The monster will be given a new body and new life, if only temporarily.

Perhaps the I.M.F. just gave us a hint of what is too come. Commodities may be a great place to transfer some wealth. Especially into the very affordable Silver.