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Sunday, October 13, 2019



...It [protesters] actually has an advantage for our investment. Because it's putting pressure on the Iraq government to add value. So not only are the oil prices going down, not only has the reserve been depleted, now you have people rioting because they are not being taken care of and they need to add value to their currency. So it advances our investment. It advances our speculation...

Frank26 (KTFA)

NDA's are a bunch of garbage. It's the gurus way of exaggerating what they think is valuable to give to you...and to make it look like they're special...


The guru's have been making silly statements about oil in exchange for dinar at a reduced price for years. It could never occur because Iraq is 90% dependent on oil and their annual budget is based on a oil dollar amount. Circumventing would prevent them from meeting that budget...I don't think Iraq will ever pay China in oil, I think that was only a guarantee to help facilitate the market economy. But even if they were, it is not the same as what the guru's have been talking about for years when referencing oil credits.


"Parliamentary Finance: Delegations form the region arrived in Baghdad to pressure the government to pass the 2020 budget"

...This article is very important. It's telling you that a Kurdish delegation is headed to Baghdad to recommend to them to approve and complete the 2020 budget...this is huge...this budget has everything to do with the rate change...



Even before Hussein came back into power the IQD was about 2.80 and all they had was oil...So saying they can’t just use oil to RV is not true. Point 2 the only reason the rate is what it’s at now is because the CBI took a program rate from the IMF... As for those who think the IMF is controlling the CBI they are flat out wrong. As some of those who know me on here, know I have spoken to the IMF and was told flat out that the currency rate of any country is in the hands of that counties central Bank. The IQD was never traded by Banks in its history. Things can change on a dime and as with anything could be for good or bad. I am in it to win it...As always we wait.


My contacts at redemption centers are on call...they have not been called in yet. Iraq does not have a new published rate yet...they still expect it to happen by Monday...

Francis Albert

There are more "loose particles" that are ostensibly good arguments why Kap's [Guru Kaperoni's] opinion that 40 Trillion Dinar "out there" make it impossible for any significant up tick in IQD is not a show stopper. The main one is the argument...that oil credits, which are not just guru non sense IMO, will soak up a bunch of Dollars/Dinar. Also 3 zero notes will have a 10 year shelf life and banks can manipulate how quickly they cash in. Here's the thing. IMO Banks, all big banks that are owned by the Dollar Inc. Boys where at the top of the food chain to even do this "war" with Iraq. They drive the agenda for most things. Remember these are the very same that run the IMF, World Bank, BIS and U.N. And the people they meet and sit with are also big players in defense etc. The people who love war.

So, on the Dinar and outstanding Dinar IMO the big banks want Iraq to succeed because they are in there with bases, protecting their oil and they are salivating over fertile land and water in Iraq. They will do all they can to keep Iraq peaceful and yes, happy and financially successful. So, since banks just create money, money is not an issue for them. It is about control and protecting Dollar Inc. Kap may be close to the 40 Trillion outstanding, I don't know..would not be surprised if that's accurate. But, you can't look at something in a vacuum. Who owns the notes? What is their agenda? It is like looking at an organ of the body without looking at the whole person...

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