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Monday, February 18, 2019



Iobey777 » February 17th, 2019

WOW!!! Time to lift those 3 zeros now and give the citizens purchasing power!!! If, not, Iraq will fall and fall hard and fast!!! IMO, they have not done all this work and preparation to fail now!

It's time for us to see the rest of the 2nd article and the announcement of Art 8! Time for Iraq to tell the world openly that they are Art 8 and International with a new rate they are PROUD to show!!

Just DO IT NOW!!!

Samson » February 17th, 2019

Babylon announces the disruption of the attendance in the education and schools of the province on Sunday and Monday our integration with teachers

2019/217 0:46

The Council of the province of Babylon, the disruption of official time in the education and all schools in the province in solidarity with the demands of teachers.

Council member Radhi Jubouri told the {Euphrates News} that "in solidarity with the demands of the legitimate teachers and recognition of their role in building and raising awareness of society, the Council decided to disrupt the official time in the Directorate of Education of Babylon and all the schools of the province Sunday and Monday." 

He added: "Following the decision of the provincial council regarding the holiday for Sunday and Monday 17/18 February, all educational institutions affiliated with the education of Babylon were included in the holiday." LINK

Teachers Association: response rate of the strike reached 95%

17th February, 2019

The union of the teachers' union in Al-Rusafa branch announced on Sunday that about 95% of schools across the country have responded to their demand for a general strike for two days.

"95% of the schools responded to the request of the Syndicate Council regarding the general strike, while Al-Rusafa recorded a response of about 90%," the teacher's head said.

"The demands of the educational cadres are summarized in the appointment of a minister with experience in the field of education, as well as providing decent housing for teachers and teachers and the release of financial allocations to lecturers as well as the provision of suspended, in addition to stop stumbling in the development of curricula and educational process.

"The strike will last for two days (today and tomorrow) and we are waiting for the government's response to the legitimate demands and if there is no request we will have another position," he said. LINK

Kurdistan: for the first in the history of Iraq unite drawings and seek to not affect the income of the citizen

17th February, 2019

The General Directorate of Customs in the Kurdistan Regional Government confirmed on Sunday that the unification of customs duties between the governments of Baghdad and Erbil, is the first in the history of Iraq

The Director General of the General Customs in the Kurdistan Regional Government, Samal Abdul Rahman, told a news conference that "the agreement on the unification of fees is one of the positive in the understandings between the two governments, the federal and the Kurdistan Region

"We are seeking to complete all the other needs in this file, with the Iraqi Customs Authority," he said, adding that "the unification of fees between the two governments is the first of its kind in the history of Iraq

"We have agreed with the federal government that the fees collected should not be high," he said

He pointed out that "there is no country in the world, obtained customs fees from within the country, so it was agreed with the federal government to obtain a unified fee from Umm Qasr to Ibrahim Hebron LINK

The White House sends a message to Iran: The future in your country can be bright

17th February, 2019

The face of the White House message to Iran, he said that the future of the Iranians could be bright. 

"America's message to the Iranians must be clear and audible," the White House said in a statement on its official Twitter account on Sunday.

"After 40 years from now, things can change fundamentally. Great democracies and economic partners are born out of the ashes of imperialism." "The future in Iran can be bright."

On Monday, February 11, Iran celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Iranian revolution. US President Donald Trump commented on Twitter, saying: "Forty years of failure, corruption, repression and terrorism." 

"The Iranian regime has produced over 40 years of failure over the past decades," he said. "The Iranian people have long been suffering and need a bright future." 

Other US officials have attacked the Iranian revolution in recent days, notably Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeo and National Security Adviser John Bolton.LINK



Red:  I get a picture of Jed Clampets old hunting dog laying on the back porch when the bankers say get ready for any minute it could happen, the old coon dog raises 1 eye lid then lets it drop, he is ready so he dont have to get ready lol

Tishwash:  Italy is preparing to hold an Iraqi investment conference in Rome

Italy's ambassador to Iraq, Bruno Pasqueno, announced on Monday preparations for an expanded investment conference in the Italian capital of Rome in coordination with the Iraqi Embassy, ​​the National Investment Authority and a joint commission on joint government relations.

"The Italian embassy has invited the Dhi Qar province administration to participate in this conference by offering investment opportunities to encourage Italian companies to enter the local market," said Pasquino to the governor on the sidelines of his meeting with the governor of Dhi Qar Yahya al-Nasseri in the governorate office. He pointed out that this conference will be a first step to develop The Italian government supports the strengthening of the work of Italian archival missions in Iraq in the presence of ten foreign missions currently operating in a number of locations throughout Iraq.

For his part, the governor of Dhi Qar Yahya al-Naciri said that the local government is interested in the work of Italian investment companies in entering the province, stressing the existence of many investment opportunities in various fields, including the oil industry and services, infrastructure and other sectors, pointing out that the province hopes that the Italian investment conference to encourage Companies wishing to work in the province of Dhi Qar during the coming period.   link

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