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Wednesday, September 26, 2018



 Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Tonight is interesting because a lot of information came in over the weekend, yesterday, last evening, and this morning. By lunch time we got what we got and not much since then which is okay. One thing that is cool where we are now is you noticed how we start with Iraq almost every call? Sort of like what is going on in Iraq and how it is effective. Finally we are at the point what is going on Iraq is accomplished. What that means is that for once we got Iraq agreed to do everything they need to do.

Bruce: We have the Parliament, Abadi for a period of time of years, they do not even have to publish in the Gazette, and they just need to make their rate known internationally. The word is they are supposed to do that tomorrow for Iraq for the Middle East and we are suppose to learn about it on Thursday. They have pushed this out and pushed this out every time we turn around we think we are going to get something in the Gazette either Saturday or on Wednesday, or on Saturday or on Wednesday. We are at the point now we are so far along in this process with all the currencies, GCR, everything we no longer have to focus on Iraq. It is done from our perspective. It is no longer a factor. Yes, it is great they are going to have a new rate, but we really do not have to be mindful where they are any more. That is new and that is something we found out today.

Bruce: What is going on with other countries we do have Zimbabwe having announced their gold back Zimbabwe dollar. This is gold back currency that they will use to spend. Not our gold bonds which are also gold back. This gold back currency is known as the Zimbabwe dollar. Yesterday we were in touch with a bank that gave us a rate as the Zim itself was being traded higher. It started in the .20 or .30 cent range. Then it went up to .53 cents. Then up to 70 odd cents. Then we were given the impression this morning the Zim would be at $1 on the front screens on par with the USD and with the Canadian dollar. I know that sounds strange how could they be par with the Canadian dollar when the USD is more valuable than the Canadian dollar. I cannot answer to that exactly right now. I do know it is a very positive thing.

Bruce: What does that have to do with the Zim bonds that we hold? It is not exactly a direct relationship, but there is some collation. No, it does not mean we will have a $1 front screen rate on the Zim bonds that we hold. It is so important you understand you are redeeming your Zim bonds as to oppose to exchanging them. It is a gold back bond that has very high value. You know the denominations of the notes are very high and you know that a rate even a front screen rate is going to turn into a lot of dollars. It is going to be worth a lot. So that is really cool.

Bruce: I understand the new President of Zimbabwe, Mnangagwa, is supposed to speak at the UN tomorrow around 10am. Does that mean anything in terms of our timing? It could. I have heard it both ways. I have heard this thing we are going through the RV, GCR is not event driven. It is sequential. Certain things have to happen. When they occur they move onto the next subject. It is sequential. It is not even driven. Whether someone makes a speech or someone else makes a speech, it has very little to do with what we are waiting for. That is encouraging because I believe from all the different sources I got today we are in a very good place for this to go through for us in the next day or two. I am trying not to call it. I am doing my best. I am just telling you all the information I am getting is pointing to that. I feel confident about it because I feel confident about the people who are providing it. In this case some of them are just exquisite contacts, and they are right smack dab in the middle of the process.

Bruce: Most of the banks have gone dark, gone quiet. They are on NDAs, gag orders, whatever you want to call it. Occasionally we get one or two things from our bank contact that gives us pretty good idea on the timing, and that is what we are getting so far is a pretty good idea on it.

Bruce: As far as Tier 3s that seems always to be out there. If they are not done they are about done now. It doesn’t mean Tier 3s have received liquidity. They could be staged. Their accounts could be staged which means they can see money in their account, Paymaster has the money allocated to the various recipients of Tier 3. Then they will receive their liquidity the same time we receive our liquidity as Tier 4 either when we set our appointments or literally at the time that we go in for our redemptions.

Bruce: We know the Zim Platforms are in the same boat. Zim Platforms heard being paid out Friday night. We heard over the weekend. We heard last night. They haven’t been paid out either. We believe they will very short order and probably that will also coincide with our start. Really nobody gets an unfair advantage and everybody gets sort of a shot gun start regardless of the aspect of currency you are involved in whether it is Zim Platforms, Exchanges, certain groups in Tier 4, etc. Essentially we feel we will all get liquidity about the same time. That is our shot gun start. We have that type of information.

Bruce: There is a large amount of clean up on aisle 3 as I call it that is ongoing. However, at around lunch time today I think we hit 100% marker on certain number of cleanup and that was very positive for us. Whatever is happening out there they have reached a level where the wording is all systems are set, we are ready, all systems are ready meaning ready to go, and with any success in the next 24 to 36 hours we will be getting the green light to proceed. That is as close as I can say right now, but what is happening is regarding security, security is vitally important for us. We know that, and everything is moving along in very good order. Is that everybody? I not necessarily know that is everybody, but we believe is everybody that needs to be handled before we start. That is going to be important. Anything I can add to that will just be unnecessary. I think you get the impression of what I am trying to say.

Bruce: Sue did a wonderful job painting the picture of what it will be like for us to come out of the Redemption Center, and take what would be an AH OH Moment and turn it into an Oh Boy Moment. That is what I want everybody to feel. I am looking forward to it. I have been working for months now on our projects and how they are going to come together. I mean actually doing the strategic planning for those projects to come together. All I want you guys to do is to stay tune to your email so that when we send one out to you and let you know what it is we are planning, when, and how. It is still in planning stages and we will for months. However, we will let you know early on so you can find out how you can participate in Rebuild America and how you can participate in the Veteran Retreat Network that we will do. There will be overlap with both of them. We planned it to be that way on purpose.

Bruce: One thing I want to put out to the Administration who are listening to the call is the concept of us helping to rebuild America with the infrastructure. The infrastructure could be roads, bridges, internet, cabling underground, all that stuff needs to be done in a lot of areas in the country to make us more self reliant. What I am going to suggest is what I mentioned briefly couple weeks ago. That was if our government can help us to help them by giving us, we don’t need an interest rate to pay us some type of bond, but what we do need is a way to have a tax credit for the amount we donate or utilize for infrastructure so whatever we are able to put together as a private/public partnership infrastructure in each state, could we also get a government especially federal tax credit in kind.

Bruce: I think that would be very helpful and it would encourage a lot of participation from Big Call listeners all over the country to help in that area, because we are going to do it with Rebuild America with homes, schools, clinics, food domes, community gardens, etc, but what would really help the government so that we have a private/public partnership is infrastructure. However you want to define it, but if we could get that type of tax credit, I think it would be huge encouragement for us. We will have interest income from our investments here that would provide income for us that we need to expense against. No I am not a CPA, tax attorney, nor do I play one on the Big Call. However, I know enough about that to know that would be very helpful, and I think would be encouraging to get more involve with from the country.

Bruce: There is a way for you guys to figure it out. I love to see it. I think the entire country would benefit from it. Just take the idea and run with it and see what you can do with it. If it makes it way all the way to the President, I know he gets it. He is on top of the economy and us rebuilding America and making America great again. That is what we are going to do. Not only going to rebuild America but other areas to. We will start here at home, and when we get things rolling and we feel comfortable we will take it to South and Central America, Mexico, and other parts of the globe. I think we have the where withal and liquidity to take this thing and clean up the entire globe. That is what our goal is.

Bruce: Other than that guys, it is just a matter of time. We are right where we need to be, and I look forward to shortly what should be happening. Thank you very much everybody. Thank you Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven. Thank you Big Call listeners. Thank you for your faithfulness over these almost 7 years now, and we look forward to working with you on our projects after the fact. Good night.


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