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Saturday, September 22, 2018

"Intel Craziness at it's Best" by Truthseeker , 22 SEPT

9/21/2018 11:21:00 AM  

After reading the Big Call notes I once again felt the need to inject a dose of common sense back into Dinarland. So let's start off with the information that Bruce shared with the Dinar Community last night. According to Bruce and I quote, "Today Sept. 20 Iraq was given an ultimatum to have their new Dinar rate out by Mon. Sept. 24. It was expected to be published in the Iraqi Gazette on Sat. Sept. 22".

Please understand I'm not here to bash or trash any Intel provider, or their Intel, but ALL Intel MUST be considered hearsay or rumor-tel until it can be confirmed, verified or it becomes actual!

The comments above that Bruce shared with the Dinar Community if I am not mistaken had been shared many times before, in fact I recall Bruce stating the exact information many, many years ago, yet his sources continue to feed him the S.O.S.

I don't understand and probably never will, why any Currency Holder would cling to the words of any Intel provider, especially when no one has been correct in years.

There are lots of Currency Holders struggling financially, but when Intel providers decide to carelessly spew non-vetted, non confirmed Intel, that doesn't help anyone anywhere.

I'm asking Intel providers to please take the time to confirm your information prior to posting it into Dinarland, whether you believe this or not, you're doing way more damage than good!

So with all that being said let's look at the information that we can confirm;

1. Most global communities are bankrupt, struggling just to stay afloat (just look at the actual debt Vs GDP per country) http://www.usdebtclock.org/world-debt-clock.html

2. The U.S. fiat dollar is being manipulated (pumped up) higher

3. The stock market is also being manipulated (pumped up) higher

4. U.S. Debt is increasing at a rate never seen before (in U.S. history)

5. The price of Gold & silver continues to be suppressed like never before

6. The Gold & Silver paper market has grown exponentially, if these contracts were ever "called for delivery" the sh*t would hit the fan! There isn't enough physical gold in the world just to cover the paper contracts that exist.

7. Fake news continues to infiltrate with regards to Iraqi, Zimbabwe and other countries regarding the possibility of revaluation and or devaluation of their currencies.

8. The GCR (global currency reset) is the only realistic fix-all solution for the bankrupt global community.

The question is; what direction will the PTB take? Will they rollout the GCR or will they allow the global communities to implode one by one? Truthfully, no one knows the answer to that, and it makes no difference where they're getting their Intel from, NO ONE can guarantee the outcome until it's over!

So in conclusion; my advice to Currency Holders is to move forward with things under your control, such as prepping. By doing a little prepping, i.e., buying some food, water, medical supplies, personal hygiene products, obtaining some gold & silver (if possible) and having a means to protect yourself and your family, you will be in a much better position than the majority of the masses if civil unrest were to occur.

Please don't be scared by my thoughts, all I'm trying to do is prepare the Dinar Community for the worst possible outcome, while hoping and praying things turn out the way we want. If nothing happens you'll have some extra food, water and supplies, but if chaos strikes, you'll have a way better chance of survival.

Let's all hope and pray . . . . GO RV!

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