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Sunday, August 5, 2018


Yada:  what is clear, their seating of the new government is not the contingent of the RV being released,,,they just have to reveal the results of the election and the Monetary Reforms are "completely released'",,Im of the mind that the info from Iraq's Thursday morning is an indicator that the international release has started and the old value of the currency is about to be released,,,Iraq has leveraged their position to the world and still are,,

SusanaC:  We're almost there... the iqd is global just wait for the rate

Harambe:  Reuters Exclusive: Iraq election commission ignored warnings over voting machines - document https://reut.rs/2LSaan2

Dutchie:  Forex market clock, opening in New Zealand in about 6 hours https://market24hclock.com

SwampyJack:  Remember that Forex does not open until 1715 (5:15 est) so we should not expect to see any changes for several hours

Cyndysaintsfan:  Jouney .. Don't Stop Believing...

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