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Friday, August 10, 2018


Friday UPDATE for August 10, 2018
Iraqi TV is announcing the expectation of a newly formed and seated government by the EID holiday, August 21, 2018

Spagetti:  Eid means festival or holiday. We have got lazy, and have been using it just for Ramadan.

Ukgalone: Remember TNT Family Tony says to watch what they do not what they say…The RV will happen like a thief in the nigh!!!!

Diva817:  Are we coming in like a thief in the daytime

Ukgalone:  we could because it is going to happen when we least expect it.... nobody is expecting to be robbed and even Ray & Tony don't know the hour and day this is going to happen

Diva817:  Expect the unexpected

NetGlobal:  I did read this morning that the sanctions on Iran will influence Iraq to move quickly to RV because Iraq will not trade with Iran in US dollars but it will trade in Dinar.


FullSail:  Since we are NOT part of the rv process, obviously, and given NO insight into what is required to complete this process from THEIR (the ptb) checklist to make this happen...

....it's a reminder, this rv is NOT about us, nor understand all the pieces fo the puzzle before the puzzle picture reveals itself (though we do have an idea of what the finished puzzle picture looks like)..... ..

I feel very privilged to even be a part of the reward that 'is to be' after the rv, and even more Blessed to be a part of this forum and its' family of fellow members.

Crusty:  Question ??? Did not Iraq say they had 90 days to ratify and get gov. in place after election ?? Aug. 12 is 90 days - Yes ?

Steadfast:  crusty I hope you are right, or is it 90 days after the recount? Hmmm

RVAlready:  I thought parliament getting sworn in started the clock. Then Abadi has 90 days to get the new COM approved…. I hope Abadi has new COM members that are easily approved.

Briona:   They certainly have had enough time to figure out who they want in the government, but this is Iraq, and I wouldn't put it past them to take the full 90 days. Fortunately, the RV does not have to wait for the government to be seated.

Harambe: AP News: Zimbabwe's opposition challenges election results in court https://apnews.com/cff50fe11b674f83974126826cfcab6d

Harambe:  Bloomberg: Vietnam Feels the Ripples of the Yuan Rout https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2018-08-09/vietnamese-dong-fee​ls-the-ripples-of-china-s-yuan-rout

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