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Friday, August 3, 2018



Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. I want to give you heads up what we been getting since Tuesday’s call. Let’s see if we can construct this. I am going to initially put this from what is going on with Iraq, the Iraqi dinar. We have contacts in Fallujah, Baghdad, some of those locations, and what we were getting yesterday since 6:30am, Wednesday morning Iraq time, the Iraqi dinar was being exchanged globally. We had that coming out of Fallujah. We know that was happening. I am not saying the rate is out where we in the US can see it because it isn’t. I have told you guys I do not know how many times we are not going to see an Iraqi dinar rate until we are ready to start, when we get our toll free numbers, when we are setting our appointments, when we are going in, that is probably the soonest we are going to see a rate published here. So do not be looking for that anytime real soon unless we are ready to go now.

Bruce: What is cool is we know, well we do not have exactly what the Iraqi dinar rate is. Sometimes we get rates. I told you on Tuesday I knew what the rate was on the dong, and it was really good, but the dinar will be better than the dong which is really good. So I know it will be really good. We know people from two different banks that were represented and flew to Hong Kong to do exchanges using the Iraqi dinar to exchange. We know that actually because of the oil for credits situation that we have here and that China has it was a good deal to go and have the dinar exchanged to be used for oil credits and so on. So that happened. We know two people from PNC Bank went. We know two people from Chase Bank went, and there are probably others from other banks that I just do not know about that went and did exchanges yesterday in Hong Kong. 

Bruce: We know of people that are there in Hong Kong for Zim Platform too that sent back word that they expected something at 7:15am. I do not know what that means exactly. I do not know if that means that is when the platform is complete. That may be what it refers to. I do not know what else it might refer to. We get little bits of pieces, little snippets about things that are in progress, things that are happening. For example, we know the Zimbabwe election was on Monday. We know there was a congratulatory call that the President made with Zimbabwe, China, and Russia on the line talking about that I believe that was on Tuesday that was made on Monday. We believe that the results of the election, supposedly they had 5 days to announce the results of the election. We heard something today the possibility of those results be made publicly today or made known today. I haven’t heard officially what has happened, but I believe I know what the result will be. That is just another indicator of the sovereignty of Zimbabwe, the fact they do have a gold back dollar which on Tuesday we said was on par with the USD. Both of which are gold back. In fact I believe we have our USN as a gold back currency, back on the gold standard I believe was signed off yesterday morning at 7:30am by our President in an Executive Order which is a really good thing. That was August 1st, yesterday. What comes from that I think only good things can come from the fact we have our USN signed off on officially. That is really good.

Bruce: We have heard that HSBC is about to begin to pay out certain of their clients from probably about now. That is a very positive thing paying them out of Hong Kong, and I think that is a really positive thing. There are so many pieces, parts to this action that is taking off. We see what is happening out west. We see things with groups. We see Paymasters being hydrated. We see attempts to be made to complete the process to release everything and get us underway. We are kind of on the edge of that to take place, but what is so strange like I mentioned earlier, people have told us in the banks that they have said we have been told a number of times this is going at a certain time like today or tomorrow, and yet it goes by and apparently there is one more thing or something else or whatever. It appears to be almost a constant. I do not want us to get discouraged by that. It shows us movement. It shows us that we are making progress that we are moving forward. 

Bruce: We know the Tier 3s are wrapped up finally. We know we are next as Tier 4. Think back a year or two ago when even Tier 1s weren’t even paid out, when Tier 2s weren’t paid out, or Tier 3s weren’t paid out. Finally that is the case where we know we are next and our liquidity comes fairly quickly. We have access to over $14,000 in cash at the time of our redemption. I use redemption because of the Zim. We have $100,000 coming immediately on our card, I am calling it our temporary debit card because that is what you will get at the time of your exchange and then you will get your permanent card if they FedEx it two days later. I think most of them use FedEx or UPS to get it almost overnight maybe two days. That is a very positive thing. Then I mentioned last time the idea of getting additional accounts set up for LLC or other structures taking another $100,000 that you could have immediately availability to what I am talking about at the time of your exchange, redemption based on those accounts that were set up. There are a lot of good things that will be coming.

Bruce: I think we are just at the point where we are ready for some of this activity to complete. Now the Executive Order that was signed by the President yesterday, there may be a certain time frame tied to that, that needs to be completed before something happens. We are not exactly sure about that. We think there may be something to that. To the fact it was signed off yesterday is a very positive move for us, extremely good. We just know our time is drawing closer and closer. We have heard the analogy we are on the door step. We heard we are next. We have heard just hold on it is here, it is coming. All of those things giving us the impression it is very close. You know if I have tried to call it the last three or four months we had felt it was ready and we were told it was going. Just like the banker that was told this has happened 37 times to him. He kept track how many times it was close and it was going according to what they had received as information and here it didn’t go. So had I tried to call it, I would have been wrong every single time. 

Bruce: I get a lot of good information that talks about groups, that talks about what the banks are seeing, what is happening with the rates on the screens. All that information I know and I trust and I know it is real. People doing Zim swaps. People doing Platfroms in various parts. There was one more signature that we needed evidently from an Elder and that signature was generated and sent over on a document to New York and I think it then moved to out west. That is all good and the procedure is moving along exactly where it needed to be, but I know these things are going on, these things are happening. Sometimes it is pretty quiet, and yet today we got a lot of different pieces together.

Bruce: Now I am trying to paint a picture to you of hope and of proximity. I heard some people talk about the weekend. I heard couple of people point towards this being right there. I think that could be the case. I been told they want it done this week. It is just something I can’t call because it is too involved. There are so many parts to this whole game, so many pieces to this puzzle that we can’t nail it down, and they do not want us to know when this is going to go. They do not want me to know and I am supposed to be the one bringing it to all of you, 6 to 6.5 million people on Tier 4, the Internet Group. I am honored to be getting that toll free number. I understand there is one master number for the United States. We had been told two before. Now I am being told No, there is one which of course is great. It makes it easier for us. Whatever time that is when it happens, it doesn’t matter what time. Obviously I rather be up and running and had my coffee, but whenever it happens it happens. We will get it out very quickly. It will go like gang busters. It really will. It will go quickly.

Bruce: Let’s do this. Let’s just use the faith. Use the courage that Sue talked about. Use the faith that Pastor Steven talked about. Let’s continue to be strong all the way to the finish line on this. Do not fad in that last half mile that we are in on this marathon. Do not fad out. Finish the race that is set before you. You have been chosen for this opportunity or you wouldn’t be here and you wouldn’t be on the Big Call. Sue mentioned 6000, 7000 to 10,000 people that are listening live. Then we have 10s of thousands of people that maybe more, 100s of thousands of people that are catching the call on the replay and on the links because the links get posted in various places. People can listen that way. Then a lot of people just do not want to hear what I have to say, but they will read the call notes. Thank you again Wildroses ( I think he meant Pinkroses, you are welcome if so) for your transcription of my call. I really appreciate it. Maybe there is somebody else that is doing it as well. I understand there is. I just think that is fantastic, because as a community I appreciate that, and I know there are other calls that go out that sometimes play my replay on their call. I appreciate that. That is very kind. Or some people I think even read the transcript on a call, and I appreciate that, because ultimately we are all on the same boat. 

Bruce: We are all here together to take this world to a new place to essentially like Sue said we are here to help people and to save the world in a sense to allow a lot of positive things, projects to take place that will change lives starting first in the US and then go beyond all around in this globe. We have tremendous projects in mind, and I know you have some projects. I have some few things to bring. We have Rebuild America, The Veterans Retreat Network, the new projects even related to those things that I haven’t even brought up yet. I am excited very much. I am a little disappointed from time to time when it doesn’t happen when I have been told it will, but I know like Sue said, we need to take the long view. We need to take the long view and see this to the very end and realize that we have been chosen for it. Let’s just not faint and not be wary in well doing. Let’s see this all the way to the very end of the ride. With that I am going to thank everybody for tuning in so faithfully. Thank you Sue, Pastor Steven, Bob, and Big Call audience all over this globe everywhere. Everybody that is reading by transcript, everybody that is listening to the replay or listening live, thank you for your faithfulness and thank you for your prayers. Thank you and I appreciate you Pastor Steven, Sue, and Bob and everybody.


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