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Friday, August 10, 2018


This is about the rumor that is out about Iraqi dinar going global. This rumor started from an article on the ISX. ...There is no question that that the ISX did go global and this was effective on Wednesday Aug 1st. ...

they already told us months ago that they planned to do this...The part of this article that really got the... rumors flowing was the list of rates of the currencies and their exchange equivalents to buy into the ISX. The ISX DOES NOT TRADE currencies. ...So this is not a revaluation or a reinstatement announcement of the Iraqi dinar.

 This article is showing us that Iraq is exposing their ISX to the world and that they are now finally drawing foreign investors to Iraq. This will slowly expose the Iraqi economy to the rest of the world. This is the FIRST time we have seen Iraq publicly show their rates of the currency to the world. It is like telling the world “here is our currency, it is viable, no more restrictions”. This is all VERY good news and now we have to just let the process take place. Let’s wait for the articles on the “project to delete the zeros”.

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